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Chapter 65 The Collusion Between the Lin and Miao Clans.

The Emergence of a Conspiracy

Even though Miao Jian was smiling, he still felt as if he was wearing a mask.

“Lets do it today.

Ill be honored by your presence.

Please dont miss the appointment, Mr.


When the Miao clan walked out of the auction house, Wu Jin was a little anxious.

He quickly said, “Why did Master agree to them Isnt this like a sheep entering the tigers den and never coming back Master is leaving anyway, so theres no need to create more trouble.”

Du Nanfeng had not left yet.

He was also very surprised to hear that Lin Mo had agreed to Miao Jians invitation.

Since they were acquainted and Lin Mo had been very helpful to them, he walked over and reminded him.

“Ive fought with Miao Jian for so many years, and I know his character very well.

He has always taken revenge.

Youve offended him quite a few times before, so this invitation definitely wont be so simple.

Perhaps hes looking for an opportunity to lay his hands on you.”

Clearly, Du Nanfeng and Wu Jin had the same thought.

Lin Mos eyes were cold.

“Since they want to invite me into their trap, why dont I go along with their wishes Its still unknown who will


He knew that the Miao clan and the Lin clans second elder were in collusion, and both sides had reached the point where they would not rest until one of them was dead.

Sooner or later, they would make a move on him.

Even if he refused this time, who knew what would happen next

“Its better to take the initiative and let the Miao clan misunderstand that I have let down my guard.

Lets see what kind of tricks they have up their sleeves.”

Hearing these words, Wu Jin finally felt at ease.

As long as Lin Mo was not fooled by the Miao clans sugar-coated words, it would be


Du Nanfeng and Du Wan also admired Lin Mos schemes and methods.

It turned out that he had seen through all of this thoroughly.

“Its just that Miao Jians cultivation is powerful, and along with the other members of the Miao clan, if you go to their mansion alone, Im afraid youll be in danger.”

If the members of the Miao clan really made a move, no matter how powerful Lin Mo was, he would probably end up in jail.

Lin Mo was not worried about this.

The current him was not the same as when he first came to Qingyang City.

He was 100% confident now.

Especially since he had previously trained in body refining martial arts.

Even if Miao Jian was at the peak of the ninth-level spirit gathering realm, Lin Mo was still able to use his powerful four limbs to face him head-on.

As for the others, they were not enough to be mentioned at all.

Lin Mo did not tell the Du father and son about this.

After all, this was his trump card.

He only said, “Since I dare to attend the banquet, Im sure that Ive made all the necessary preparations.

Theres no need for everyone to worry about me.”

When Du Nanfeng heard these words, he immediately understood that Lin Mo must have some unknown secrets and methods.

Otherwise, why would he dare to attend the banquet alone

After all, to be able to casually take out a fifth or sixth-level demonic beast, or even a seventh-level sword manual, Lin Mos true cultivation might be even more formidable than he had imagined.

Du Nanfeng looked at Du Wan and could not help but sigh.

“Why is the difference between humans so big”

Du Wan:

“You and Mr.

Lin are about the same age, but look at him.”

Du Wan:

It was not that you could not praise Lin Mo, why must you step on Du Wan

Du Wan said with a grievance, “Mr.

Lin is no longer an ordinary person.

How can I be compared to him However, Im still a little worried.

Even if Mr.

Lin is powerful, what if the Miao clan tries to pull some underhanded tricks”

Du Nanfeng shook his head.

His view was different from his.

“Waner, you have to remember one thing.

In the face of powerful strength, all plots arent valid.

Do you think that according to Lin Mos character, hes the kind of person who does things rashly”

Du Wan thought for a moment and shook his head.

He couldnt help but say, “But going alone is too…”

No matter what, Lin Mo had already made his decision.

The two outsiders had already said what they wanted to, and there was nothing they could do to change it.

The Du father and son walked out of the auction hall.

Du Nanfeng could be said to be extremely emotional this time.

“Looks like Ive underestimated Lin Mo in the past.

Im looking forward to the outcome of his trip to the Miao clan.”

On the other side, the entire Miao clan was busy preparing for Lin Mos arrival.

Other than that, there was also an unexpected guest.

However, he was dressed in a black robe and his entire body was wrapped up tightly.

No one knew his true identity.

However, looking at Miao Jian and Miao Yan, they seemed to be rather respectful toward him.

“How is your situation this time”

Without any outsiders present, Miao Jian finally need not hide anymore.

The anger that he had accumulated finally erupted at this moment.

A powerful airflow spread out in the surroundings, causing several chairs and tables to turn into dust.

“Lin Mo! Ill definitely tear you into pieces to vent the hatred in my heart.”

Seeing him so furious, the black-robed man was very curious.

“What exactly happened”

Miao Yao gritted his teeth and said, “I didnt expect that Lin Mo and the Du clan had colluded beforehand.

We were tricked into bidding for a top sixth-level Spirit Tempering Pill, but the Du clan managed to bid a seventh-level incomplete sword manual!”

The black-robed man was also shocked.

“Impossible! According to my understanding of Lin Mo, how could he possibly have a seventh-level incomplete sword manual”

From his tone, it seemed like he was acquainted with Lin Mo.

However, it was unknown why he would collude with Miao Jian and the others.

“Weve seen it with our own eyes.

How could it be fake Looks like Lin Mo is even more powerful than we thought.

However, he has also promised to come.”

When the black-robed man heard this, he nodded.

“As long as he agrees, then well have a chance to find out whats going on.”

“You have to know that he was banished by the Lin clan.

His cultivation isnt high either, and all he has on him are some broken things.

I can confirm that the things youre talking about arent from the Lin clan.”


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