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Chapter 67 Luring the Tiger Away from the Mountain.

The Crisis of the Auction House

Miao Qing hurriedly caught Wu Jin and probed him with his spiritual energy.

It could be said that all the meridians in his body were exhausted.

This was truly a vicious attack.

Even if he were to be saved, Wu Jin would probably be a cripple and would never be able to cultivate again.

Miao Qing knew that this group of people did not come with good intentions.

He felt that they looked somewhat familiar as if he had seen them somewhere before.

“Who are you people Dont you know whose territory this


When the leader saw Miao Qing, a trace of surprise flashed across his eyes.

He then laughed out loud and said, “Miao Qing, I thought that you had died in the wilderness.

I didnt expect you to become Lin Mos dog.

You were lucky enough to have escaped death previously but this time, you wont be so lucky anymore.”

Miao Qing would never forget the familiar voice.

He said in disbelief, “Its you, Miao Yan!”

Miao Yan took off his mask and sneered.

“Thats right, its me.

I was wondering why no one could find you.

So, you were hiding here.”

Thinking about how Miao Qing and Lin Mo were together, Miao Yans anger grew.

Both of them liked to go against him.

He wished he could tear the two people into pieces.

“You guys are about to die.

If you know whats good for you, hurry up and tell me where Lin Mos treasures are.

Maybe I can let you guys die with a complete corpse.”

Miao Qing bit his lip.

“I dont know!”

In reality, Lin Mo handled those treasures himself.

He had never let others touch them, not even Wu Jin.

Therefore, Miao Qing really did not know where Lin Mo kept the treasures, but Miao Yan thought he was lying.

“What a loyal dog.

You dont even want your life.

When you were in the Miao clan, why didnt I see you being so loyal”

Whenever Miao Yan thought about how Miao Qing had once gone against him and how he was now hanging out with Lin Mo, he could not help but curse.

“You have the blood of a traitor and a lowly person! You actually colluded with Lin Mo.

Theres no one like you in our Miao clan!”

Miao Qing turned a deaf ear to Miao Yans curses.

Miao Yan and the others had come in full force, and they had brought so many experts with them.

It would be difficult for Miao Qing to escape alone, not to mention that Wu Jin was heavily injured.

It could be said that he had no way of surviving.

However, he definitely would not abandon Wu Jin and save himself.

“Leave quickly and dont bother about me.

Quickly go and inform Master…” Wu Jin spoke intermittently and feebly.

He would not be able to hold on for long.


Wu Jin revealed a bitter smile.

“There are no buts.

If this drags on, even you wont be able to leave!”

Miao Yan seemed to have seen through the thoughts of the two of them.

His eyes were filled with blood lust and ruthlessness.

“None of you will be able to walk out of this door alive today!”

The moment he finished speaking, his subordinates all pounced over.

Miao Qing was instantly entangled with them.

However, how could he possibly defeat these elites of the Miao clan Every single one of them had the strength of at least fifth stage spirit gathering realm.

Not long after, several wounds appeared on his body.

Miao Yan smiled coldly and looked at him as if he was a dead man.

“The rest of you, come with me.

Lets see just how many treasures there are here!”

Miao Qing wanted to stop them, but there was nothing he could do.

He could only watch as the group of people charged around like bandits.

Seeing that Miao Qing was trapped, Wu Jin struggled to get up from the ground.

He was clearly heavily injured and his internal organs had been crushed by the spiritual energy.

No one cared about this person who was about to die.

However, he seemed to have unlimited potential.

With a roar, he suddenly pounced over and hugged one of the people, trying to give Miao Qing a chance to escape.

“Miao Qing, leave quickly and inform Master!”

However, this kind of power was no doubt like a mantis trying to stop a chariot.

“Youre courting death.” With just a casual sentence, Wu Jin was once again pushed away.

A huge amount of spiritual power surged over and crushed his body.


This time, Wu Jin had been thrown to be a hundred meters away.

Then, he landed heavily on the ground, forming a dent.

A large pool of blood flowed out from under his body.

He twitched a few times, and then, there was no more movement.

When Miao Qing saw this scene, his eyes were red as he shouted, “Wu Jin!”

At this moment, he really hoped that a miracle could happen, similar to the last time when Lin Mo suddenly appeared and saved him.

“Ill definitely avenge you!”

The Miao clan members seemed to have heard the biggest joke in the world and once again surrounded him.

“You cant even protect yourself, yet you still want to avenge this trash”

The color of blood spread throughout the auction hall, but Lin Mo knew nothing about


The fragrance of the tea filled the air.

It seemed peaceful but it was just a test from both sides.

“Since Mr.

Lin is a straightforward person, then I wont beat around the bush.

I think youre a very capable person, and I believe that you wont be tied down to a small city like Qingyang City.”

Miao Jians tone paused, and he sized up Lin Mos expression.

“I have a top fifth level chaos origin pill here.

Ill gift it to you as a token of my appreciation.

If you dont accept it…”

Miao Jian took a sip of his tea.

His tone was calm, but the originally harmonious atmosphere had changed.

It was as if an undercurrent had suddenly surged, and the air was a little uneasy and oppressive.

It was as if a storm was about to come.

How could Lin Mo not understand the meaning behind his words He hoped that he could leave as soon as possible.

First, he had to be courteous before he attacked.

If he did not accept it, he was afraid that what he was waiting for would be a fight.

“Clap clap clap.”

Miao Jian clapped his hands and a servant walked up with a box made of hundred-year-old agarwood.

Just this box alone was worth a thousand gold coins, not to mention the items inside.


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