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Chapter 69 When Lin Mo is Angry, He Shall Avenge and Destroy the Miao Clan!

Miao Qing opened his eyes and grabbed tightly onto Lin Mos sleeve.

“Its the Miao clan! Its a ploy to lure you away.

After you left, Miao Yan and the others came in to kill.

Im not a match for them at all… Im sorry.”

Miao Qing spoke intermittently and coughed out quite a bit of fresh blood during the process.

It was obvious that his injuries were quite serious.

He was only holding on with his last breath to wait for Lin Mos return.

“Dont say anything else for now.

Ill treat your injuries.”

Lin Mos palm was channeling spiritual energy but was stopped by Miao Qing.

He revealed a bitter smile and said, “My tendons and veins are all broken and I dont have long to live.

Even if Im saved, Ill be a cripple.

Its best not to waste your spiritual energy.”

Lin Mos eyes darkened and he said in an extremely domineering manner, “Even the King of Hell wouldnt dare to accept someone that I want to keep alive!”

A divine light suddenly appeared and countless top-grade medicinal pills appeared in Lin Mos hands.

Just smelling the medicinal fragrance could alleviate the pain in his body, not to mention the effects of taking them.

All of these entered Miao Qings mouth as if they were free.

“You should recuperate properly first.

Leave the rest to me.

Dont worry.”


Miao Qing could feel a warm current flow through his entire body.

His limbs, which were originally incomparably painful, suddenly felt better.

Even his heavily injured meridians were healing.

He opened his mouth, wanting to say something.

However, he was too excited to say anything.


Lin Mo did not even blink his eyes when he used all of such precious medicinal pills on him.

Miao Qings eyes were filled with tears.

If he could survive this calamity, his life would belong to Lin Mo from now on.

He would not complain no matter what he ordered him to do.

“Be careful of the Miao clan!”

After saying that, Miao Qing seemed to have completed an important mission.

He finally closed his eyes and passed out.

His injuries were too serious.

Even if the effects of these divine pills had eased up and there were not any side effects, he still needed some time to absorb them.

Countless spiritual energies gathered, and green light floated in the air.

The supreme-grade medicinal pills healed Miao Qings injuries bit by bit, and he instantly recovered to his original state.

If anyone else saw this, they would definitely be shocked by such a miraculous effect.

He was now at least an eighth level existence!

With so many medicinal pills, it was more than enough to save a dozen people, let alone one person.

Yet, all of them were used by Lin Mo on Miao Qing.

He was afraid that when he woke up again, it would be a blessing in disguise.

Not only would his meridians be restored, but his cultivation and strength would also rise to a higher level.

Lin Mos eyes were filled with countless storms.

Looking at the mess around him as well as Wu Jins corpse, he sneered.

His tone was low and calm.

“The Miao clan… Miao Yan…”

Based on Miao Yans personality, how could he possibly leave anyone alive The reason why Miao Qing was still alive was to intimidate and provoke him.

Miao Qing was heavily injured and there was no way he could be saved.

He could only watch as the last person beside him died.

He wanted Lin Mo to live in fear and guilt forever.

However, Miao Yan did not expect that Lin Mo had the system in his hands and he did not lack elixirs.

As long as Miao Qing was still alive, he would be able to pull him back from the gates of hell.

Unfortunately, Wu Jins injuries were more difficult to treat.

His cultivation was too low and he could not withstand it.

Before Lin Mo returned, he was already dead.

Lin Mo enunciated said word by word, “Ill definitely not let you off.”

At this moment, Du Nanfeng and Du Wan, who had received the news, also rushed over.

Du Wan abhorred evil.

When he saw the miserable situation here, he could not contain his anger and said, “Who is it! How dare he be so ruthless!”

Du Nanfeng recalled the abnormal behavior of the Miao clan members and finally understood the reason behind it.

They were waiting here to ambush the auction house.

“Who else could it be other than those people from the Miao clan!”

Previously, they were worried that Lin Mo would attend the banquet alone, and the Miao clan would take this opportunity to set up a trap to harm Lin Mo.

However, they did not expect that the old foxs target was the auction house.

“The Miao clan is as vicious as ever.

If they were to directly attack Lin Mo, they wouldnt have much of a chance of winning.

However, if they were to attack the auction house, they could do so easily.”

Although Lin Mo was powerful and difficult to deal with, the cultivation of the people around him was not high.

The Miao clan was more than enough to deal with them.

Furthermore, most of them had already died, leaving behind only Miao Qing.

There was not much evidence left at the scene.

If Miao Qing were to testify, the Miao clan would instead bite back and say that Lin Mo had bribed him.

Otherwise, why would the Miao clan speak up for outsiders Without evidence, Lin Mo could only suck up to it.

Furthermore, he did not have any background.

He had no one to rely on in the auction house.

Even if he were to be robbed, so what if his subordinates were killed There was simply no way to reason with him.

It could be said that the Miao clan had planned everything well.

Lin Mo could only suffer this huge loss.

Du Wan was extremely angry.

“This is too much.

We cannot just sit idly by and do nothing.

Father…” Before he could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by Du Nanfeng.

As if he knew what he was going to say, Du Nanfeng sighed.

“Waner, youre thinking too simply.”

It was not appropriate for the Du clan to meddle in this matter.

Although they had a tense relationship with the Miao clan, it was not to the point where they had completely shed all pretense of cordiality.

“If the two clans officially declare war, Im afraid the implications will be very great.

As the saying goes, a single incident will affect the whole body.

It will also break the current situation in Qingyang City.”

As the head of a clan, Du Nanfeng had to consider all aspects.

He could not let his emotions affect the future of his clan.

Although he was on good terms with Lin Mo and sympathized with his suffering, Du Nanfeng was unable to help.

“Im sorry, Mr.


I might not be able to participate in this matter.

I hope you can understand my difficulties.”


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