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Chapter 70 Could It Be That Lin Mo Has Gone Mad Due to a Huge Shock

Lin Mo could understand.

After all, although he was on good terms with Du Nanfeng, they had not reached the point where they were on life and death terms.

At most, it would be a transaction, a mutually beneficial relationship.

Naturally, Du Nanfeng did not need to sacrifice the future of the entire Du clan to help him.

“However, the Miao clan has already made a move.

They are ruthless.

Theyll definitely not let you off.

Do you want to come to my Du clan to temporarily hide from the limelight”

Although Du Nanfeng was unable to directly interfere in this matter, it was not a problem for him to protect Lin Mo.

“Even if the Miao clan knows that youre with me, I believe that they wont dare to act rashly for the time being.

When the time comes, Ill think of a way to send you out of the city.”

This was not a bad plan.

Du Nanfeng was willing to lend a helping hand but who would have thought that Lin Mo would refuse

“Thank you for your kind intentions, clan head Du.

Ill settle my own matters myself.”

Du Nanfeng asked somewhat curiously, “What are you going to do next Are you planning to leave Qingyang City and head somewhere else”

Lin Mo sneered.

His eyes were as dark as ink.

“Leave” He said casually, “Of course, Im going to pay with blood and destroy the Miao clan.”

It was an understatement as if it was as simple as saying what they were going to eat today.

However, it was like a heavy bomb in the ears of Du Nanfeng and Du Wan.


Lin, arent you a little too traumatized”

Du Wan almost said whether Lin Mo was crazy or not.

Even their Du clan did not have a foolproof plan.

Even if the relationship between the two clans had deteriorated to such an extent, they did not dare to make a move against the Miao clan lightly.

However, Lin Mo actually said that he wanted to take revenge and destroy the Miao clan.

It was easier said than done to do that by himself.

So what if Lin Mo was powerful

“Its said that Miao Jian has already reached the fifth level of the dragon transformation stage, not to mention the other elders of the Miao clan.

They arent people to be trifled with.


Lin, you should think twice.”

“Im sorry for your loss.

A dead man cannot be resurrected.

Besides, its not too late for a gentleman to take revenge.

If you act rashly and lose yourself in the process, it wont be worth it.”

“Thats right.

If I had to say it, you might as well just leave Qingyang City and lay low for a while.

When you become stronger, its not impossible for you to come back and take revenge.”

Du Nanfeng and Du Wan advised him, afraid that Lin Mo would act rashly and do something stupid.

It was only then that they realized that since the tragedy, Lin Mo had been extremely calm and his emotions had not fluctuated at all.

However, that was how he was able to make peoples hair stand on end.

His own auction house had clearly been destroyed by someone and his blood and sweat had been burnt to the ground.

As long as one was human, one would feel joy, anger, and sorrow.

Even if there was no sorrow, there would still be anger or fear.

However, these emotions were not seen on Lin Mos face.

He was like a god without any emotions.

“Ive made up my mind.

Theres no longer a need for the Miao clan to exist in this world.” They were truly arrogant to the extreme!

Hearing these words, Du Nanfeng looked at Lin Mo in disbelief.

He really suspected that he was traumatized and had lost his mind.

However, that pair of black eyes were incomparably deep.

It was as if a mysterious universe had been birthed within them, yet it was also like an abyss that could not be directly looked at.

A cold aura instantly spread throughout his entire body.

At the same time, there was also an indescribable pressure.

In an instant, he had a feeling that he could not wait to escape.

It was as if he was walking on a tightrope on a cliff.

If he was slightly careless, he would be in danger of being smashed into pieces.

By the time Du Nanfeng recovered his senses, Lin Mos figure had already disappeared.

“Father, what are you daydreaming about Why didnt you try to persuade him”

Du Wan looked at Du Nanfeng in puzzlement.

He did not understand why after a short while, his forehead was covered in sweat, and he stood rooted to the spot without saying a word.

Du Wans cultivation had not reached that realm yet, so he could not sense the pressure around him.

He was like a frog at the bottom of a well, not knowing what the birds in the sky were thinking.

“He doesnt show his emotions.

This kind of persons character is really hard to compare to.”

Du Wan was completely confused by this sentence.

“Father, what are you talking about”

Looking at his ignorant son, Du Nanfeng smiled bitterly.

“Perhaps Lin Mos strength is even more powerful than weve imagined.

Perhaps he can really make the Miao clan pay the price.”

Du Wan did not believe it.

“Thats impossible.

No matter how powerful he is, hes still a person.

He was blinded by hatred.

If the Miao clan was really that easy to deal with, Father, wouldnt you have made your move long ago Why did you let them be so arrogant for so


Du Nanfeng did not know how to explain the reason to Du Wan.

He only said, “Now that everyone has left, theres no point in talking anymore.

Send someone to keep an eye on the Miao clan.

If theres any movement, report back to me.”

At this moment, Miao Yan had also rushed back to the Miao clan with his men.

“How is it, Yaner Did your trip go smoothly”

Miao Yan was very pleased.

“Dont worry, Father.

Dont worry about me.

Everything went smoothly.”

The black-robed man heard this and quickly asked, “Did you bring back top-grade elixirs and cultivation techniques”

Miao Yan shook his head and said, “Lin Mo is very cunning.

I searched the entire auction house, but I still couldnt find the place where he stored his treasures.

The storage room was filled with worthless items such as third or fourth level elixirs.

The highest was around fifth level.”

These items were simply not worth mentioning compared to what Lin Mo had auctioned earlier.

The Miao clan had originally wanted to take advantage of Lin Mos absence to wantonly plunder the treasures.

However, they did not know that these items were all hidden in the system space.

Other people would not be able to detect them at all.

Therefore, Miao Yan returned empty-handed.


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