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Chapter 74 A Funeral for the Entire Miao Clan

The members of the Miao clan could not believe their eyes as they looked at the corpses scattered all over the ground.

It was difficult to piece them together.

Miao Jians eyes were bloodshot as he shouted, “Yaner!” He howled toward the sky as his grief and anger grew.

The way he looked at Lin Mo was as if he wanted to swallow him alive.

“I wont let you off!”

Lin Mo did not take his vicious words to heart.

“What a coincidence, I wont let you off either.”

Miao Jian gritted his teeth and said, “Everyone from the Miao clan, attack together.

We must tear this kid into pieces! Whoever can kill him will be the next head of the Miao clan!”

He only had one son, Miao Yan.

Now that Miao Yan had died, it did not matter who the head of the Miao clan was in the future.

The most important thing was that Lin Mo had to die!

As soon as these words were said, everyone took action.

Even though Lin Mo was powerful and had displayed extraordinary strength in the battle with Miao Yan, he must have expended quite a bit of energy after the battle.

With so many of them, how could they not be able to deal with a mere Lin Mo

With this thought in mind, the members of the Miao clan could not care less about their morals.

All of them swarmed forward in an open and aboveboard manner.

“This brat is arrogant.

First, he has humiliated our Miao clan many times.

Then, he schemed to harm us.

Now, he has come to provoke us and even killed our young master.

We must exterminate him to console our young masters spirit!”

These words were spoken in a dignified manner.

Many members of the Miao clan felt their blood boil when they heard this.

Those who did not know better would think that Lin Mo was the biggest villain in the city.

“I have to say that your Miao clans ability to distort black and white is really top-notch.”

Lin Mo sneered and said, “From now on, the Miao clan will no longer exist.

Who would want the position of the head clan of the Miao clan”

me even

When everyone heard this, they became even angrier.

The palm of the first elder of the Miao clan emittedviolent spiritual energy.

“How dare you!”

Both of his hands turned into palms and struck out a sky-turning seal.

At the same time, the power of fire elements surrounded Miao Jians body and interweaved into a raging sea of fire.

Even the sky was burning red, and the temperature was clearly rising.

It was to the extent that it melted the icicles around Lin Mo.

The aura of these two people shook the people around them to retreat.

Their qi and blood surged, interweaving into countless strange phenomena.

One of them was at the eighth level spirit gathering realm, and the other was at the ninth level spirit gathering realm.

Especially Miao Jian, who was just a step away from stepping into the dragon transformation realm.

It could be said that his combat strength was very powerful.

The aura and spiritual energy on his body were extremely dense.

A sea of fire pounced over, and even the ice soul sword in his hand seemed to become incomparably hot.

He faced the encirclement and interception of two great experts.

Not including the other members of the Miao clan, those other disciples also had the strength of the initial stage of the spirit condensation realm.

It was enough to show that the Miao clan had a deep foundation, as expected of the most powerful family among the four great clans of Qingyang City.

Just the strength of the first and second stage of the spirit condensation realm alone was close to a hundred people.

Faced with so many people besieging him, Lin Mo did not show any fear.

He relaxed his muscles and bones.

“Its good to attack together.

Its really troublesome if we do it one by one.”

When the crowd heard his arrogant tone, they became even more furious.

The first elders heaven flipping seal came menacingly.

Even the ground around Lin Mo caved in, causing countless cracks to appear.

The ground not too far away started to bulge slightly as if an earth dragon was turning its body over.

Countless bricks and tiles were shattered by the qi, forming a huge storm that swept over.

Miao Jian was furious, and he wanted to avenge his son.

He cultivated fire elements and was able to counter Lin Mos ice soul sword.

Fueled by his hatred, monstrous flames spread out for a radius of ten miles, pouncing toward Lin Mo.

These two people were almost at the peak of the Miao clan, one on the left and the other on the right.

Under their pincer attack, Lin Mo exerted a little strength in his legs, and his entire body emitted a golden glow as the Golden Shield Art rapidly circulated within his body.

It was as if he was a god made out of pure gold.

Behind him, a divine statue had also condensed, and its aspect was solemn and awe-inspiring

Lin Mo stretched out his hand, and the aspect behind him also did the same thing.

The two combined and managed to forcefully withstand the great elders heaven flipping seal.

When everyone saw this, they could not help but suck in a breath of cold air.

The first elders heaven flipping seal was practically a famous ultimate skill, yet Lin Mo effortlessly withstood it with his bare hands.

“Just how powerful is this kids physical body to be able to receive the heaven flipping seal!”

Not only was the first elder shocked but even Miao Jian was also stunned.

Lin Mos strength was even stronger than they had imagined! Just what kind of realm was he in that he could fight with his physical body

“You guys only have this little bit of strength Its not even enough to scratch my itch.”

In the face of Lin Mos ridicule, Miao Jian stepped on the sea of fire and came over.

Everywhere he went, there was scorched earth.

It seemed like he also knew how powerful Lin Mos ice attribute was, so he avoided its sharp edge.

What they did not know was that Lin Mo had made use of the special characteristics of a spirit gathering realm expert, coupled with his God Devouring Body, to be able to complete a cross-level battle.

At the same time, he also possessed powerful body refining martial arts, so it was not difficult for him to take on more than one person.

“Brat, dont be too arrogant!”

At the same time, the first elder followed closely behind, and countless amounts of spiritual energy gathered in the center of his


Lin Mo also waved his palm, and several waves of energy collided at the same time.

It was as if the entire universe had collided, and as a result, the surrounding air was distorted.


In an instant, the earth and mountain shook, and countless sparks flew in all directions, causing quite a number of people in the surroundings to suffer.

Miserable cries rang out incessantly, and those with lower cultivation levels were even swept into it, unable to put up any resistance at all.

Meanwhile, the three people in the center of the storm were all forced to retreat.

Lin Mos face was pale, and he was only forced to retreat by half a step.

As for the first elder and Miao Jian, they were even more miserable.

Not only were they forced to retreat by dozens of steps, but they also spat out large mouthfuls of blood.


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