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Chapter 76 Qingyang City Is in Shock.

The Miao Clan Has Been Razed to the Ground.

Miao Jian was going to self-destruct!

At this moment, his hair was disheveled and he looked like a ghost.

The surging aura on his body forced Lin Mo to retreat by dozens of meters.

The ground around him was completely shattered.

Even the entire Miao clan was on the verge of collapsing.

Miao Jian was like a bottomless black hole, crazily swallowing and spitting out spiritual energy.

The remaining elders of the Miao clan were channeling spiritual energy to him.

The violent aura even distorted the space around him.

Lin Mo did not dare to underestimate him.

He did not expect that Miao Jian would be so bold by using the entire Miao clan as collateral damage to drag him down.

The Golden Shield Art automatically circulated, and golden light burst out around Lin Mos body, forming a formidable force with Miao Jian.

“Go to hell with me!” Miao Jian roared angrily and pounced toward Lin Mo.

Second elder, who was watching from the corner, was so shocked that he was speechless.

A barely noticeable trace of fear flashed across the depths of his gaze.

“Lin Mo managed to force the Miao clan to such an extent.

Its truly terrifying.

If he were to find out that everything was my doing…”

The second elder subconsciously shivered, but he did not know that Lin Mo had long known of his vicious scheme.

However, after a short while, his expression returned to normal, and his face was filled with a smile.

“Miao Jian is going to self-destruct.

His strength is at the peak of the dragon transformation realm.

In addition to the other elders, even if Lin Mo has the ability to reach the heavens, Im afraid that hed be blown to pieces.”

After removing the great worry in his heart, he could finally put an end to his worries.

“This wont do.

I have to leave as soon as possible, or else Ill be affected as well.”

Even if the second elders cultivation base was not ordinary, he did not dare to be arrogant.

With the self-destruction of several dragon transformation realm cultivators, it would be difficult for him to escape.

At this moment, he could not help but feel fortunate.

Fortunately, he did not face Lin Mo head-on at the beginning, which gave him a chance to slip away.

In the next second, the situation suddenly changed.


The two powerful forces collided, causing huge sparks to appear in the sky.

Those who did not know would have thought that the sun above their heads had exploded.

The blinding light almost attracted the attention of everyone within a radius of a hundred kilometers.

The aftershock swept over as if the mountains and seas had been overturned.

Aura of death and destruction filled the place.

Even though the second elder had long been prepared, he had never thought that the force would be so powerful.

He spat out a mouthful of blood and landed on the ground.

His bones and tendons seemed to have been crushed.

He would need at least ten days to half a month to recover.

The second elder was still in fear.

He did not dare to imagine what the people at the center of the storm would look like.

Most probably they were turned to ashes.

The second elder, who had fled in a hurry, did not realize that there was a faint golden light flashing in the center of the explosion.

At this moment, the others such as the Du clan, Huang clan, and Wang clan in Qingyang City also felt this unusual fluctuation.

“Whats going on Such powerful spiritual energy.

When did such a peerless expert appear in our Qingyang City”

Those who could cause such a huge commotion were at least breaking through to the peak of the dragon transformation realm.

Up until now, none of the elders of their four clans had broken through.

Wang Zhong, Du Nanfeng, and the rest rushed toward the place where the commotion had occurred, only to discover that it was actually the Miao clan!

Du Wan was shocked.

“Father! Could it be that Lin Mo and the Miao clan have already made a move He shouldnt be in any danger, right”

Du Nanfeng was also in disbelief.

“Could it be that Miao Jian lied to all of us that he has already made a breakthrough”

Du Wans heart instantly sank to the bottom.

“If thats the case, doesnt that mean that Lin Mo has no chance of winning”.

Du Nanfeng shook his head.

“Not necessarily.

Lets go and check out the situation first.”

The fluctuation of the spiritual power seemed to be somewhat similar to Miao Jian, but there was something different.

For a moment, Du Nanfeng pinpoint what it was.

When everyone arrived at the Miao residence, they were all stunned.

“This is…”

They could not believe what they were seeing.

They thought that they were hallucinating.

Du Wan rubbed his eyes.

There was no more Miao clan.

It was clearly a pile of ruins! The Miao clan no longer existed!

Even the ground was scorched and covered in black cracks.

These were traces left behind by powerful spiritual energy.

The lingering power had not dissipated yet, and it deeply shocked everyone.

One could imagine what kind of intense battle this place had gone through.

Du Nanfeng, Du Wan, and his son thought of what Lin Mo had once said.

They looked at each other and were incomparably shocked.

Lin Mo had actually done it!

Wang Zhong swallowed his saliva and could not help but say, “These were caused by Lin Mo”

“Who else could it be other than him…”

No matter how shocking it was, the truth was right before their eyes.

The Miao clan had a long history and a deep foundation.

They had always been the strongest among the four great clans, not to mention the strength of Miao Jian and the great elder.

They were only a few steps away from breaking through to the dragon transformation realm.

However, not a single person in the entire Miao clan survived.

The scene before their eyes was deeply imprinted in the hearts of everyone.

They could not regain their senses for a long time.

The air was extremely quiet, and no one dared to speak.

After a long while, someone finally asked, “Where are Miao Jian and the others Are they all dead”

“Go look for them in that pile of ashes.

They might be there.”

“What about Lin Mo”

No one answered.

Under such a terrifying battle, Lin Mo might have already died.

After all, he was facing many experts.

To be able to wipe out the entire Miao clan was already very good.

How could he still be alive

Du Nanfeng focused on sensing the fluctuations in the ruins and could not help but sigh.

“This should be the self-destruction of the Miao clan.

Thats why they were able to unleash such a powerful force.

Im afraid that no one can survive this.”

Even so, it was enough to shock everyone.

To be able to force a character like Miao Jian to self-destruct, he was a formidable figure of his generation.

One could imagine how powerful Lin Mo was.

Right at this moment, everyone discovered that there were specks of golden light seeping out from the depths of the ruins.

“Look! Whats that”

Only a cry of alarm could be heard as the others hurriedly rushed over.


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