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Chapter 78 Lin Mos Breakthrough Shocks Everyone

The spiritual energy within the medicinal pills was absorbed by Lin Mo, turning into specks of light that entered his body, healing his injuries.

In this small space, the spiritual energy was so abundant that it was able to form a physical substance.

All sorts of divine lights surrounded Lin Mo.

At this moment, it was as if he was soaking in a hot spring.

Every pore on his body opened as he absorbed all of this energy.

To an ordinary person, refining a top sixth level medicinal pill would require at least half a month.

However, to Lin Mo who possessed the God Devouring Body, he had already refined all of these top level medicinal pills within 10 days.

The green life essence crazily surged into the various acupoints in his body, washing over and over again.

Lin Mo could feel a certain shackle within his body loosening.

Lin Mo concentrated his spirit and gathered his qi, giving off an indomitable aura.

It was as if nothing could stop his advance.


A vast spiritual pressure surged over.

In front of him, the shackle appeared incomparably weak, and cracks quickly appeared.

Lin Mo seemed to have been enlightened.

His spiritual pedestal was unprecedentedly empty.

He seemed to have entered a mysterious world.

It was difficult to describe his feelings.

All in all, his body was extremely comfortable as if he had released some sort of existence.

Boundless energy rushed out from the depths of the ruins, and very quickly, it was sensed by the people outside the Miao clans residence.

“Whats going on Could it be that Lin Mo is about to wake up”

“That shouldnt be.

The elder of the clan said that it would take at least a month, but now…”

“Quickly inform the clan head!”

Immediately, there was a flurry of soldiers and horses.

Soon, Du Nanfeng, Wang Zhong, and the others arrived at the scene.

Looking at the huge pillar of light in front of them that shot straight into the sky as if a miracle had descended, the few clan heads said in disbelief, “What on earth is going on Could it be that someone has entered”

The guards shook their heads.

“Weve been guarding this place day and night.

No one dares to come near here.

It suddenly turned out like this just now.”

Du Nanfeng stretched out his spiritual sense.

A powerful pressure came at him.

The power of the instant rebound made his face turn pale.

Fortunately, Wang Zhong stretched out his hand to support him.

“Brother Du, are you okay”

Du Nanfeng only managed to recover after recuperating for a while.

His expression was a little surprised and complicated.

He shook his head and said, “Im fine.

Lin Mo is about to break through…”

This answer once again surprised everyone.

“Hes breaking through How long has it been!

They did not expect that there would be someone who managed to recover from his injuries and break through.

Perhaps Lin Mo was the only person in the world.

One had to know that everyone had witnessed Lin Mos condition back then.

His wounds were deep to the bone, and golden blood was flowing non-stop.

After all, that was the power of a dragon transformation realm experts self-destruction.

According to Du Nanfeng and Wang Zhongs estimations, it would take at least a few months for Lin Mo to recover.

Now, in such a short period, not only had Lin Mo completely recovered but he had even broken through!

However, the bigger shock was yet to come.

Surging spiritual energy rushed toward them.

Even from a distance, they could still feel the pressure from it.

With Du Nanfengs example, no one dared to come forward.

Just by sending their spiritual senses over, Du Nanfeng was almost hit.

Wang Zhong could not help but exclaim, “Such pure qi and power.”


Everyone heard a dragons roar.

In the air, the phantom of a true dragon slowly took shape.

Its scales sparkled under the sunlight, and it was filled with supreme majesty and divinity.

Its dragon eyes were bright and full of spirit, looking down on everyone.

The divine dragon waved its tail and immediately set off a wave of spiritual power, surging toward everyone.

As everyone knew, this was a phenomenon that only appeared when one stepped into the dragon transformation realm.

“Could it be that he has just broken through to the dragon transformation realm!”

A heavy piece of news came crashing down.

They had never expected that Lin Mo, who had destroyed the Miao clan, had not even reached the dragon transformation realm.

Previously, everyone had made guesses about his strength.

However, they had never expected that it would be such a situation.

What was surprising was that there was still more to come.

The Golden Dragon rose into the sky.

At the same time, the pressure grew stronger.

Even Du Nanfeng and Wang Zhong could feel the intense pressure and could only avoid it.

A divine bridge was erected in the sky.

One could faintly see all sorts of strange phenomena in the nine-layered immortal palaces.

It was clear that Lin Mos advancement was not limited to this.

“Could it be that he wants to break through again!”

Dragon transformation realm tier one!

Dragon transformation realm tier two!

Dragon transformation realm tier three!

Toward the end, everyone was already numb.

It was not until the dragon transformation realm tier five that the aura gradually weakened.

The Golden Dragons figure slowly dissipated and entered Lin Mos body.

At the same time, he opened his eyes.

It was as if two radiant suns had fallen into his pupils.

The golden light disappeared in an instant and returned to the appearance of his black eyes.

Lin Mo, who had broken through to dragon transformation realm tier six, was holding back his aura.However, the more it was like this, the more people did not dare to underestimate him.

When he walked out of the ruins, everyones hearts trembled.

Even Du Nanfeng and Wang Zhong did not dare to look him in the eye.

After a moment, Du Nanfeng took a step forward and said with an extremely respectful tone, “Congratulations, Mr.


If it was in the past, Du Nanfeng would at most feel that Lin Mo was a talented and promising junior, and he would admire him.

However, with his current attitude, it was clear that Lin Mo was the superior and he was the subordinate.

Wang Zhong, who was watching from the side, could not help but curse inwardly at the old fox.

He quickly went forward to congratulate him.

The others were the same, and they respected Lin Mo.


Lin, what are your plans next Do you want to rebuild the auction house”

Who would have thought that Lin Mo would shake his head “Im preparing to leave.”

When these words were said, everyone was a little surprised.

“Why is that”

Right now, Lin Mos strength had already far surpassed that of the second elder who wanted to kill him.

Hence, even if he wanted to plot against him, he would not have the chance.

In front of absolute strength, all schemes were like floating clouds.


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