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Chapter 80 The Clan Leader is ill and Has Returned to the Lin Clan Again

Looking at the backs of Lin Mo and Miao Qing, Du Nanfeng and Wang Zhong could not help but sigh.

“For Lin Mo to be able to destroy a clan, his strength has already far surpassed us old geezers.”

Wang Zhong silently added from the side, “Moreover, he had already destroyed the Miao clan before he had even advanced to the dragon transformation realm.

Now, even if the three of us join forces, we might not be his match.”

“It can be said that the younger generation surpasses us.

Looks like were really getting old.

In the future, it will be this juniors


As everyone lamented, Lin Mos thoughts also flew.

He had left the Lin clan for a period and experienced two cities, Chuxin Village and Qingyang City.

He had gotten to know some people who helped him a lot.

Of course, he also had enemies.

No matter how powerful his enemies were, Lin Mo had never been afraid of them.

He knew that he still had a long way to go in the future.

Perhaps he would never be able to stay in a certain place for long.

However, the most important thing right now was to return to the Lin clan and deal with the second elder and the others.

Even though they were no longer a threat to him, they would still show up in front of him from time to time and cause him trouble.

Furthermore, Lin Mo had always been a person who clearly distinguished between gratitude and grudges.

There were some things that needed to be settled properly.

Midway, Lin Mo even went to visit Uncle Wang in Chuxin Village.

When the people of Chuxin Village heard that Lin Mo had returned, they all came out to welcome him.

Every household said that they were going to hold a banquet for three days and three nights to celebrate Lin Mos return.

This caused him to not know whether to laugh or cry.

In the end, under Lin Mos strong rejection, the village chief did not make any arrangements.

Uncle Wangs gaze was benevolent as he looked at Lin Mo like he was a wanderer who had returned home from afar.

His hands held onto him tightly.

“How long do you plan to stay this time”

“Im just here to see you.

Ill be preparing to head back to the Lin clan soon.”

Hearing this news, Uncle Wang was instantly stunned.

He carefully sized up Lin Mo.

Even though Lin Mo had restrained his aura, Uncle Wang could feel that Lin Mo had changed and was different from usual.

As expected of someone who understood Lin Mo, Uncle Wang instantly knew the hidden meaning behind his words.

His gaze became worried once again.

“Then, you have to be careful.

The Lin clan members arent easy to deal with.

Dont let them talk you out of it.”

Lin Mo indicated that he would take note.

“Uncle Wang, dont worry.

Without a perfect plan, I wont act rashly.

Moreover, the current me isnt the person who was miserably banished by the clan back then.”

Uncle Wang looked at Lin Mos determined gaze and nodded his head with great gratification.

“I know that youre a promising child.

Sooner or later, youll be able to accomplish great things.”

He seemed to have thought of something.

“The Lin clan sent news earlier.

They heard that the clan leader is unwell, and theyre already considering the candidate for the next clan leader.”

“Then, I cant miss it.

I believe that the second elders bloodline is eyeing the position of the clan leader with covetous eyes.

I definitely cant let it fall into their hands.”

Seeing that Uncle Wang was living very well here, Lin Mo felt relieved.

However, Uncle Wang wanted to follow Lin Mo.

Now that the clan leader was ill, who knew what schemes the second elders group would use to fight for the position of the clan leader For Uncle Wangs safety, Lin Mo wanted to prevent something like what happened to Wu Jin from happening again.

In the end, Lin Mo still did not agree.

He left Uncle Wang with many top-grade pills, defensive magical artifacts, and the like.

He asked the village chief to take care of him before officially setting off for the Lin clan.

At this moment, the second elder had also returned to the Lin clan.

“Didnt the elder say that hed personally head to Qingyang City to discuss with the Miao clan how to deal with Lin Mo and obtain the treasures in his hands How could he be in such a sorry state!”

Seeing the second elders pale face and unstable breathing, it was obvious that he had suffered serious injuries.

The second elders people immediately turned pale with fright.

One had to know that the current clan heads health was not good, and it was the crucial period to select the next successor.

If anything happened to the second elder, their bloodlines strength would be greatly reduced.

The second elder said with incomparable depression, “We have all underestimated that brats strength.

Although we robbed his auction house, we didnt find anything.

However, its possible that the Miao clan took it all for themselves.”

“The Miao clan is really cunning.

Theyve gone too far!”

The second elder narrowed his eyes.

His expression was a little vicious and unwilling.

“However, the Miao clan is also a piece of trash.

Theyre only good-for-nothing.

With so many people working together, they werent able to deal with Lin Mo.

They were even forced to self-destruct.

At the cost of the entire Miao clan, Lin Mo died.”

After listening to the second elders description, everyone could not help but suck in a cold breath.

They did not expect Lin Mo to have the guts to go against the entire Miao clan.

The most shocking thing was that the head of the Miao clan paid such a painful price for the entire Miao clan to exchange for Lin Mos death.

Just listening to it was enough to make peoples hearts tremble.

Furthermore, they all knew about Lin Mos previous situation.

“Isnt that Lin Mo a cripple How did his cultivation advance by leaps and bounds, to the point that he even had many treasures in his hands”

The second elder shook his head, indicating that he was not too sure either.

He said with some regret, “Its probably all thanks to those treasures of his.

He might have obtained some fortuitous encounters along the way, but all of them have turned into ashes now.”

Under the self-destruction of the Miao clan, even he was severely injured by that powerful spiritual power, not to mention those people in the eye of the storm.

They were probably turned into ashes, along with those treasures and top-grade elixirs.

The second elder and the others felt that it was a pity.

“No matter how much trouble he has solved, with Lin Mos current strength, hell definitely come back to find trouble when he grows up.”

The second elder still did not know that not only was Lin Mo not dead, but he was also about to arrive at Lin City.


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