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Chapter 82 The Second Elders Shock

At the same time, the system notifications in Lin Mos mind kept ringing.

[ Ding! Host bids for the low fourth-level weapon meteor hammer.


(3,000 times return successfully triggered ]

[ Acquired low fifth-level meteor hammer! ]

( Host successfully auctioned mid fourth-level medicinal plant, Heavenly Mountain Snow Lotus.


[ Successfully triggered 5,000 times return.


[ Acquired mid fifth-level Ice Lotus! ]

By the time the auction ended, Lin Mo had also obtained a bunch of fourth and fifth-level medicinal pills and artifacts.

However, these items were not of much use to Lin Mo at the moment.

Seeing the expressions on everyones faces, Miao Qing announced, “The next auction will be held in three days.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

Anyone can participate unconditionally, but the prerequisite is to inform the people around you.”

There were actually more auctions!

Everyone was in disbelief.

After all, all of the items in todays auction were of the fourth or fifth-level.

However, the highest bid was only a few thousand spirit stones.

This was something that no other auction house would dare to offer.

Although they did not know what the owner of this auction house think, and whether or not he would incur losses, these were not within their considerations./ please keep reading on Myb0xn0vel(d0t)c0m.

“I didnt expect to purchase this fourth-level profound origin pill with only a thousand spirit stones.

I remember that the last time at the Lin clans auction house, it was sold for five thousand spirit stones.”

“Theres also this spirit gathering jade pendant.

All in all, Ive picked up a great treasure today.”

“What do you think the boss is after Is there any problem with it being so cheap Or is it something of unknown origin”

“Why do you care so much Whatever happens is the boss responsibility.

Well hand over the money and the goods are ours.”

Although everyone was curious, they did not mind the joy of picking up a treasure.

Soon, the news spread.

“Master, Ive already followed your instructions.

Im afraid most of the people in the city already know.”

Lin Mo nodded.

“You did well.”

Miao Qing said worriedly, “Last time, we auctioned nearly ten items, and the total transaction amount was less than 20,000 spirit stones.

If we do it a few more times, Im afraid we…”


Each item was sold at an incomparably low price.

If it were anyone else, Miao Qing would have scolded him for being a prodigal, but the person in front of him was Lin Mo.

Lin Mo knew what he was worried about.

“Its alright.

You dont have to worry.

I know what to do.”

After all, the items were all from the Miao clan.

Even if Lin Mo received compensation from them, he would not feel any heartache about spending them.

Furthermore, the items returned by the system could also be used for auction, therefore, Lin Mo could still afford to spend this much.

“Do you know why I set the next auction to be in three days”

Miao Qing shook his head, indicating that he did not know.

“Because the Lin clans auction will be in three days.”

Although the Lin clan dabbled in various businesses, the auction house was still the one that they invested in the most.

Moreover, the other properties were all used for the auction houses services, which were equivalent to their core assets.

Miao Qing immediately understood what Lin Mo meant as a look of sudden realization appeared on his face.

So, it turned out that Lin Mo was doing all of this to challenge the Lin clan.

By then, everyone would be attracted to them, so who would pay attention to the Lin clans auction house

“Oh right, Ive asked you to find out about the Lin clans situation recently.” “The Lin clans elder has indeed rarely appeared in front of everyone recently.

To the public, he said that he was in closed door cultivation and that the clans affairs would be handled by a few elders.”

Miao Qing seemed to have thought of something and added, “The second elder has temporarily taken over the auction house.”

Lin Mo fell into deep thought.

“Closed door cultivation is only an excuse to the public.

It seems that the clan leaders health isnt optimistic.

Right now, the Lin clan should have the upper hand over to the second elder.

Otherwise, the clan leader wouldnt have given such an important affair to him.”

Right now, the Lin clans public opinion should be wavering.

Their gazes were all fixed on the position of the next clan leader.

The corners of Lin Mos lips curled up slightly, revealing a hint of coldness.

He took this opportunity to send a huge gift to the second elder.

After all, the second elder had done so many things.

It would not make sense if he did not return the favor.

The second elder of the Lin clan did not know about all of this.

He was issuing orders to his subordinates.

“There cannot be any mistakes in the auction three days later.

The clan leader has high hopes for us.

If anyone screws up, dont blame me for being impolite!”

This was something that the second elder had spent a lot of effort to obtain from the clan leader.

It could be said that if he was in charge of the auction house, he would be in control of half of the Lin clans lifeblood.

It was only a matter of time before he took over the entire Lin clan.

Hence, he could not allow any mistakes.

Otherwise, if the clan leader was unsatisfied with his ability, and if he were to side with the first elder, then everything that he had done would have been in vain.

Finally, on the third day, everything was ready, but there were only a few people who came.

“Whats going on Normally at this time, there should be as many guests as the clouds, but why are there only so few people now”

Compared to the previous grand occasions, there were pitifully only a few people today.

Who didnt know that the Lin clans auction house was very powerful Every time, there would be a fourth or fifth-level for auction.

It could be said that every auction would be full of people.

However, there had never been such a tragic situation as this.

Faced with the second elders question, the others also looked at each other and said in puzzlement, “Reporting to the second elder, we dont know either.”

Hearing this, the second elder was furious.

“How can you say that you dont know about such a big thing!”

After calming himself down, he suppressed the anger in his heart.

“Has the news been


His subordinates nodded.

“Of course.

Everyone knows that our auction will be held at a fixed time every month.”


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