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Chapter 83 Whos Behind This

It made sense.

The auction was about to start, but not many people came.

If word got out, the Lin clan would seem like a joke.

If they did not figure it out, it was impossible to start the auction.

“Go out and find out whats going on!”

Soon, his subordinates sent a message.

“Second elder, weve found out that theres a new auction house in the city.

Today is also their auction day, so everyone has gone there.”

The second elder could not believe what he heard.

“A new auction house How could they steal our customers!”

After all, the Lin clans auction house had a deep foundation that no one in the city could compare to.

After hearing the news, they found it hard to believe.

“People said that the newly-opened auction house not only had a large number of fourth or fifth-level artifacts, but the starting price was also very low.

In the end, the final price was at most a few thousand spirit stones.”

If this were the Lin clans auction house, it would be impossible to make a deal without six or seven thousand or even tens of thousands of spirit stones.

No wonder those people were attracted to the new auction house.

“A few thousand spirit stones! Is there such a good deal”

The second elder blurted out, and then his expression turned gloomy.

Was this not clearly going against the Lin clan “Have you found out the background of this auction house”

Was it the Song clan The Zhao clan Or the Bai clan

Several names popped up in the second elders mind.

An auction house was not something that could be opened casually.

Moreover, treasures were being auctioned at such a low price.

It was simply price undercutting.

If it was not for some ulterior motive, who would be willing to conduct such a loss-making business

It was even being held on this day.

No matter how one looked at it, it seemed like they were deliberately going against the Lin clan.

The people in the city were not fools.

With such a good opportunity in front of them, there was no reason for them not to go.

Naturally, they would run over to the new auction house.

On the other hand, no one was interested in the Lin clan.

The subordinates shook their heads.

“We only know that it suddenly appeared a few days ago.

The owner is also very mysterious.

No one has ever seen him before.

Theres a person called Miao Qing whos in charge of managing it.

However, he looks very unfamiliar.

He should be from another city.”

Miao clan!

Hearing this surname, the second elders heart skipped a beat.

He recalled the Miao clan of Qingyang City.

It was probably just a coincidence.

“Second elder, what should we do now”

The second elder looked at the scattered people in the hall.

A wave of hostility immediately surged in his heart.

“What else can we do Lets go and see whos the real deal!”

He wanted to know who was so bold to oppose him.

At this moment, the news of the closure of the auction had reached the ears of the first elder, Lin Yixuan, and the others.

“The sun has risen from the west.

The second elder is actually willing to let go of such an opportunity to show off in front of the leader Isnt he afraid of being blamed by the leader”

Lin Wan smiled faintly.

“Father, you may not know, but the second elder is helpless.

Who has ever seen an auction with less than ten people If word gets out, wouldnt it be a disgrace to our Lin clan If its really held on time, the clan leader will probably blame us even more.”.

Lin Yixuan showed a puzzled expression.

“Why do you say that”

Lin Wan told him everything he had gathered, and Lin Yixuan laughed.

“No wonder the second elder couldnt sit still.

If it were me, Id close the shop.”

“The second elder shot himself in the foot this time.

He went to great lengths to get this opportunity, but it was ruined by an unknown auction house.”

Although this auction house was suspected of deliberately targeting the Lin clan, it had indirectly helped Lin Wan and Lin Yixuan instead.

The second elder and the others already had the upper hand and even gained the authority to manage the auction house.

If they let him show off in front of the entire city, the clan leader might favor them even more.

Such a situation would be extremely disadvantageous for Lin Yixuan.

Lin Wans eyes revealed some curiosity.

“Its just that the owner of the auction house is extremely mysterious.

I havent found any relevant information, so I dont know who he


Lin Yixuan pondered for a moment before saying, “Lets make a trip there as well, and see what kind of background this auction house has.”

If they really did not have good intentions toward the Lin clan, then they would need to make preparations.

If it was just an accident, Lin Yixuan would definitely try to rope them in.

To be able to spend so much, they must be extremely powerful.

After saying that, Lin Yixuan and the rest were prepared to leave.

However, the second elder and the rest had already arrived at the entrance.

As they looked at the small auction house in front of them, the look of disdain on their faces was obvious.

“Just this It cant even be compared to a single finger of our Lin clan.”

After they entered, they realized that it was already packed with people.

There was almost no place for them to stand.

The second elders expression was as dark as ink.

Originally, these people should be sitting in the Lin clans auction house.

It was this small auction house that suddenly appeared and used an extremely low price to attract everyone over.

“I heard that the fourth and fifth-level treasures auctioned here are extremely cheap.

I wonder if its true.”

“Of course, its true.

The goods are genuine.

The fifth-level medicinal pills that I purchased here the day before yesterday have greatly increased my strength.

Now that Im here again, I wonder if Ill be able to pick up a treasure again.” “Oh, good for you! But there are a lot of competitors today.” Many people rushed over when they heard the news.

The discussions of the crowd fell into the ears of the second elder and the others.

Many people present recognized them.

“Isnt it the second elder of the Lin clan If I remember correctly, today is also the day that the Lin clan is holding an auction.

Why are they here”


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