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Chapter 85 The Appearance of the Clan Leader

“It seems that the owner of this auction house is extremely mysterious.”

The second elder could not sit still.

He was about to take the initiative to attack.

Seeing the person sent by the second elder, a flash of understanding appeared in Miao Qings eyes.

It was just as Lin Mo had guessed.

“Im sorry, my master doesnt allow outsiders.” “Do you know who he is The second elder of the Lin clan is here.

How dare he be so impudent here!”

Hearing this, Miao Qing revealed a mocking smile.

“Even if the heavenly king is here, its still the same.

Furthermore, its just the second elder of the Lin clan, not the clan leader.

Whats the point of putting on airs here”

Lin Mo and the second elder were already fighting to the death, so there was no need for Miao Qing not to offend him even more ruthlessly.

The second elders face turned dark.



He had always been high and mighty and had rarely heard such disrespectful words.

As he held most of the power in the Lin clan, other than the incident with Lin Mo, his journey had been smooth sailing.

“Very good.”

As soon as he finished speaking, an invisible pressure was released in all directions with the second elder as the center.

It was like a towering mountain, crushing down on Miao Qing.

If it was the previous Miao Qing, he would not have been able to resist the second elders pressure.

Now that he had absorbed many top level elixirs from Lin Mo, he had long been reborn.

Miao Qings expression remained unchanged as he said, “Second elder, is there anything else If no, please leave.”

The second elder looked at Miao Qing who remained calm.

One had to know that he had used at least sixty percent of his cultivation earlier but the man in front of him had no reaction at all.

He looked like a servant of the auction house, but he had such a high cultivation level.

What if he was the owner of the auction house The second elder could not help but feel a little afraid.

“Lets go!”

When the second elder and the others returned to the Lin clan, they saw Lin Yixuan and the other elders waiting for him.

“Second elder has forgotten the rules of the clan.

The clan leader sets a date every month.

Usually, today is the day of the auction.

It has been going on for a hundred years.

Why is there a change today”.

The second elder knew that Lin Yixuan would not let go of such a good opportunity but he did not expect Lin Yixuan would attack so soon.

He urged the other elders in the clan to find trouble with him.

Before the second elder could speak, Lin Yixuan said, “Maybe he just took over the auction house and was a little flustered, so he forgot about the date.”

Hearing this, the other elders expressions turned a little strange.

They looked at Lin Yixuan and then looked at the second elder.

There was no other reason.

In this competition for the next heir, the second elder undoubtedly had the upper hand.

Other than being on good terms with Lin Yixuan, most of the people on his side were neutral and did not dare to take the risk.

Otherwise, if they stood on the wrong side, no matter which side became the next leader, they would not have a good ending.

The second elder smiled coldly.

“How could I forget what the first elder said Its just that theres a reason for what happened today.”

He told the whole story of how an auction house suddenly appeared today as if he was hinting at something.

“Its also a coincidence.

I wanted to find out who it was, but I didnt expect to run into the first elder.

Those who dont know would think that the first elder had received the news long ago, so he rushed there to watch me make a fool of myself.”

His words implied that Lin Yixuan was colluding with an outsider.

Lin Yixuan wanted to make it difficult for the second elder to back down, but he did not expect him to distort the truth.

Lin Yixuans expression turned cold.

“The second elder can eat whatever he wants, but he has to be careful of the words he says!”

“After all, Im valued by the clan leader.

Its inevitable that some people will have bad intentions due to jealousy.

They might even set up a scheme secretly.”

The only thing missing was Lin Yixuans name.

The smell of gunpowder in the air was getting stronger.

Cough cough.

A series of coughs could be heard from the leader, Lin Hao.

“The auction house isnt open today.

What happened”

Even the leader was alarmed by this!

Lin Yixuan quickly went forward and said, “Leader, didnt you have to go into seclusion to recuperate Why are you out so soon”

The leader was expressionless.

“If I dont come out now, Im afraid you two will start fighting.”

Lin Yixuan and the second elder looked embarrassed.

“Leader, thats not what we meant.”

“Then, what do you mean”

Without waiting for Lin Yixuan to speak, the second elder struck first.

“I think youve heard, leader.

I think that auction house is very strange.

Maybe its coming for our Lin clan.

I closed the auction house because of this reason.

I want to investigate thoroughly so that our Lin clan wont be in danger.”

After saying that, he looked at Lin Yixuan.

“Unlike a certain person who can disregard the clan for his own interests.”

Lin Hao looked at Lin Yixuan.

His expression could not tell whether he was happy or angry.

No one could guess his current mood.

Lin Yixuan frowned.

Just as he was about to open his mouth to explain, Lin Hao said, “Alright, I understand this matter.

Second elder, you should investigate it thoroughly.

However, the auction house still has to be held.

After all, its a rule passed down for generations.

Even if youre doing it for the good of the clan, lets not change the tradition.”

There was not any information related to the first elder and the rest in between Lin Haos words.

Lin Yixuan and Lin Wans faces were not looking too good.

From the message that was sent out, it could be seen that the leader was getting more dissatisfied with them.

After dealing with these matters, Lin Hao left again.

Only Lin Yixuan, the second elder, and the others remained where they were.


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