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The entire place was silent.

For a moment, they did not know whether to call it Lin Yixuan or second elders pride.

“Is there a need for that 120,000 spiritual stones for the Extreme Mystic Pill How many can you buy at that price”

“It seems like the first elder really has no other choice.

Otherwise, he wouldnt be in such a situation.”

“If you ask me, the second elder is still the most ruthless.

So what if the first elder is able to bid for this pill in the end With such a high price, Im afraid that hell have to pay with all his wealth.”

“Even if Lin Junyan is saved in the end, the first elders strength has been greatly depleted.

It should be difficult for him to recover in a short period.

Its destined that the second elder will rise in the ranks.”

The people who had the advantage could tell the situation at a glance.

Surprisingly, the first elder did not bid at the first moment, which caused a small commotion in the crowd.

According to their guess, Lin Yixuan should fight the second elder to the death.

The second elder was not worried about this at all.

Lin Yixuan would not bid because he knew that the effect of the Extreme Mystic Pill on Lin Yixuan was too great.

Moreover, he would not be able to find the second seventh-level Extreme Mystic Pill in a short period.

However, Lin Junyans injury had dragged on for too long.

If this continued, it would be useless even if they were able to find another pill.

Just as everyone was waiting for Lin Yixuan to bid, his expression changed.

In the end, everything returned to normal.

He was completely different from the person who was in a hurry to bid for the pill.

Lin Wan, who was beside him, was also angry.

However, he calmed down after that.

He could control his emotions as he pleased.

It was a little too deliberate.

The second elder felt a little uneasy after seeing Lin Yixuans reaction.

He could not have stopped bidding, right

Lin Yixuan was expressionless.

No one could guess what he was thinking.

Even the onlookers could not figure out what he was thinking.

In the end, they did not hear his bid but Miao Qings voice.

“120,000 spiritual stones going once!”

“120,000 spiritual stones going twice!”

Lin Yixuan did not make a sound when the final bid was made.

The face of the person who made the bid turned extremely ugly as he looked at the second elder in panic.

The second elders face did not look any better as well.

His eyes were filled with shock and then became extremely distorted.

He had calculated everything but he did not expect Lin Yixuan to stop bidding!

In the end, he became the sucker who paid the 120,000 spiritual stones to buy a pill that was useless to him.

“What should we do now I cant take out that many spiritual stones…”

The second elders expression was distorted.

An unknown fire surged in his heart, and he used a lot of strength to suppress it.

Even if it was him, taking out so many spiritual stones would be difficult.

“Forget it.

Lin Yixuan probably doesnt have so many spiritual stones.

Now that the pills are with me, Lin Junyan will be a cripple in the end.

If Lin Yixuan asks me for them…”

The second elder snorted coldly.

He had already thought of how he would humiliate Lin Yixuan later.

The Lin clans high and mighty first elder wanted to beg for mercy from him He had a secret feeling of joy and excitement as if he had already trampled Lin Yixuan under his feet.

Under such comfort, the anger in his heart dissipated.

However, he did not know that there was an even bigger pit waiting for him to step into.

[ Ding! Host has successfully auctioned a seventh-level Extreme Mystic Pill.


[ Successfully triggered 5000 times return.


[ Obtained eight-level Heaven and Earth Infinite Pill! ]

At the same time, the system notification sounded in Lin Mos mind.

He had obtained this seventh-level Extreme Mystic Pill from the Miao clan.

The Miao clans foundation was not bad and they even had this kind of pill.

Just as he had guessed, the eighth-level Heaven and Earth Infinite Pill was even more powerful and its effects would be even better!

The second elder came in front of Lin Yixuan and the others like a victor.

He revealed a regretful expression and said, “Its such a pity.

Why didnt the first elder bid for this pill I heard that my nephews injuries are serious and we cant delay any longer.”

Lin Yixuan only looked at him coldly and did not say anything.

The second elder smiled.

Although Lin Yixuan was too calm, he believed that when that time came, Lin Yixuan would be in an extremely sorry state.

As he watched the second elder leave, Lin Yixuan did not leave immediately.

After everyone left, he finally could not help but look for Miao Qing.

Without waiting for him to speak, Miao Qing said, “Please follow me.”

He led Lin Yixuan and the rest into the guest room.

“Please keep this pill well.”

Lin Yixuan could not wait to open it and take a look.

He froze on the spot and said in disbelief, “This pill is…”

“Heaven and Earth Infinite Pill.”

Lin Yixuans hands started to tremble as he stammered, “This, this is for me”

Miao Qing nodded.

“Master learned about Young Master Lins injuries and it has been too long.

Although the Extreme Mystic Pill can help him recover, there may be some side effects.

However, the Heaven and Earth Infinite Pill will not have such a situation.

You can rest assured.”

When Lin Yixuan hired someone to treat Lin Junyans injuries, he mentioned the Heaven and Earth Infinite Pill.

However, this kind of pill was more troublesome and precious to refine, so it was extremely rarely seen on the market.

Even obtaining the Extreme Mystic Pill was so difficult, not to mention the Heaven and Earth Infinite Pill.

Therefore, Lin Yixuan did not harbor any hope of obtaining it.

He just did not expect that the Heaven and Earth Infinite Pill was right in front of him now.

Lin Yixuan asked uneasily, “How many spiritual stones does this need”

Who would have thought that Miao Qing would shake his head “My master said that this is a gift to Elder Lin.

Consider it a kind gesture.”


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