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Lin Yixuan and Lin Wan froze on the spot, almost thinking that they were hearing things.

This was an eighth-level pill.

If it was in the auction house, it could be auctioned off for tens of thousands of spiritual stones or higher.

Now, they were giving it away just like that.

“Giving it to us Are you kidding me”

Lin Yixuan and the owner of this auction house met by chance.

He even suspected that they were hostile toward the Lin clan because of what happened before.

“We wont accept rewards for nothing.

How can we accept such a big gift”

“Elder Lin, take it.

This is a small token of our masters appreciation and thanks for taking care of him.”

Hearing this, Lin Yixuan was even more confused.

He could not help but ask, “Do I know your master”

Miao Qing did not answer directly.

“When the time is right, youll know.

But now isnt the time yet.”

It was not that he was deliberately mystifying.

These were all Lin Mos orders.

“Ill remember this favor.

If theres anything I can help you with in the future, just let me know.”

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Lin Yixuan bowed deeply.

At the same time, he was even more confused.

Who was the owner of the auction house How could he take out the most precious pills on the market so easily

Moreover, from Miao Qings tone, they knew each other and that he had helped him before.

No matter what, the most important thing now was to go back and treat Lin Junyans injuries.

After Lin Yixuan bade farewell to Miao Qing, he brought Lin Wan home.

Along the way, Lin Wan was guessing the real identity of the owner of the auction house.

“Father, who do you think he is To be able to take out an eight-level pill so easily, he must have possessed an extraordinary identity.

But why did he have to be so mysterious”

To be honest, Lin Yixuan did not have any idea.

If he had such a relationship, he would have come to ask for the pill a long time ago.

“I dont know either, but I dont think he has any ill intentions toward the Lin clan.”

If that person had ill intentions, he would not have offered the pill.

However, Lin Yixuan was sure that they had a grudge against the second elder.

Lin Wan seemed to have thought of something and could not help but laugh out loud.

“I dont know how the second elder offended him.

If the second elder knew the truth, hed probably be so angry that hed vomit blood.”

When Lin Yixuan and the rest received the news and came to ask for the pill, Miao Qing said that the pill had to be auctioned and the second elder had to win it.

Lin Yixuan only needed to act and after the auction was over, he would get what he wanted.

As expected, Miao Qing did not go back on his word and Lin Yixuan even obtained the even more precious Heaven and Earth Infinite Pill.

“Father, if the second elder finds out that we teamed up with the auction house and cheated them of so many spiritual stones, I cant wait to see their expressions.”

Lin Wan was gloating over the second elders actions.

He could only say that they had brought this upon themselves.

After returning to the Lin family, Lin Yixuan was still worried and gave the pill to the alchemist to check.

“This is the Heaven and Earth Infinite Pill.

Where did you find it!”

The alchemist looked at the smooth pill in his hand and his face was full of praise.

“The quality is perfect.

Look at the patterns on the pill.

They are like waves of the sea.

This is of the highest quality.”

Lin Yixuans gaze fell on the bed.

A young man lying there.

His pale face could not hide his handsomeness.

If it was not for the injury on his chest, he would have looked like a dead man at this moment.

“Lets not waste any time treating his injuries.”

The alchemist quickly fed Lin Junyan the pill.

At the same time, warm spiritual energy flowed out from his palm like a trickle of water, dissolving all the life essence in the pill.

One after another, clouds of white mist seeped into Lin Junyans body and repaired his damaged meridians.

The unconscious man let out a muffled groan.

A faint white light enveloped his body.

His originally pale face was recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye.

His originally ice-cold limbs were also gradually warming up.

This miraculous transformation was truly breathtaking.

Even the alchemist was amazed by the efficacy of this pill.

“If it was the seventh-level Extreme Mystic Pill, it definitely wouldnt be able to achieve such a recovery.

If I want to repair the damaged meridians, Im afraid that it will still take some time.

Moreover, my foundation might even be affected.

If it were the Heaven and Earth Infinite Pill, itd be different.

“The effects of the pill would be quickly displayed.

In just a short while, his injuries would be healed.

Most importantly, there are no side effects.

The newly-grown meridians would be just as before or even more resilient.

If Young Master is able to wake up, his cultivation would advance by a level.”

Upon hearing the alchemists words, Lin Wan was overjoyed.

“This means that Brother Jun Yan has benefited from this misfortune! Not only has his cultivation not regressed, but it can increase”

The alchemist nodded his head.

“You can say that its all thanks to this top-grade medicinal pill.

I wonder who refined it as its effects are perfect.

Ive never seen something like this in my life.”

If Lin Mo was here, he would not be making a fuss.

After all, the systems product was definitely of the highest quality.

Although Lin Junyans eyes were still closed, he looked much better than before when he was half dead.

“When will he wake up”

“Half a day at most, a short while at least.”

Lin Yixuan and Lin Wans hearts that had been hanging over for the past few days could finally be at ease.

At this moment, a servant came in and whispered something into Lin Yixuans ear.

He looked angry.

“The second elder and the others are too much.”


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