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Lin Wan hurriedly asked, “What tricks are they up to this time”

“The clan leader had requested our presence.

I heard that its for the capitals dao conference.

It looks like the second elder has done something in secret.”

When Lin Yixuan and Lin Wan rushed to the living room, as expected, the second elder was also there.

A few other elders were there too.

When they saw that everyone was here, the leader announced, “I called you all here today to discuss something.

The second elder suggested to me that since Lin Junyan is heavily injured, we might as well give his spot to the other disciples in the clan.”

Lin Yixuans expression turned extremely ugly as he looked at the second elder coldly.

He was really looking for an opportunity to pick a fight all the time.

The Lin clan was originally invited by the royal family, but there were not many spots.

There were less than ten in total, and each elder only had one or two spots.

If Lin Junyan was eliminated, then no one from the first elders side could participate.

When that happened, it would not be beneficial for Lin Yixuan and the others, let alone fighting for the position of the clan leaders successor.

Lin Yixuan could not help but say, “How can the clan leader disqualify Junyan”

This kind of opportunity was extremely rare.

It was also a form of status to be able to receive an invitation to be trained in the capital.

This was because not everyone had this kind of qualification.

After all, the requirements were extremely stringent.

If they performed well and fought for the clans glory, the clan leader would think more highly of the performers and they would be given the priority to be chosen as the next successor.

It could be said that the first elder and the others had to participate in this trip to the capital, or else the second elder and the others would be in the limelight.

“First elder, what you said is wrong.

Now that my nephew is lying in bed, how can I participate in it Rather than wasting this spot, its better to give it to the other disciples in the clan so they could make a contribution to the Lin clan.”

The second elder spoke in a pretentious manner.

His words were dignified, but everyone knew of his intentions.

He wanted to use this to attack Lin Yixuan and the others.

“As long as we find the Extreme Mystic Pill, Junyan will be able to recover.

We still have time.

Whats the rush”

The second elder thought of something and smiled proudly.

He pretended to be surprised.

“Who doesnt know that the Extreme Mystic Pill is hard to get And as far as I know, the first elder didnt manage to get it at the auction either.”

“Even with the Extreme Mystic Pill, itd be difficult to recover in a short period.

It wouldnt be too good if people underestimated our Lin clans strength.

Its better to cultivate at home.

Theres still a chance next time.”

Although these words sounded nice, they were extremely hypocritical.

Who knew when the next time would be

Lin Yixuans expression gradually became calm.

Now that Lin Junyan was about to wake up, he naturally did not have any worries.

He said sarcastically, “So, the second elder is thinking for us.”

The second elder did not seem to hear the sarcasm in the first elders words and tried to persuade him, “First elder, I understand what youre thinking, but we have to think of the big picture first.”

Those who did not know would think that he was worried about the Lin clan and did not have any selfish motives.

“Then, I thank the second elder for his concern.”

The sudden male voice made everyone freeze on the spot.

Lin Yixuan looked at the young man who walked in with a joyful expression.

“Junyan, youre finally awake.”

Although he knew that Lin Junyan was about to wake up, he did not expect it to be so soon.

Lin Junyan bowed and said, “Thank you, Uncle, for worrying about my injury these few days.”

The others were also shocked.

They had gone to see Lin Junyans injuries and they were very serious.

All of his meridians were damaged and ruptured.

They needed the Extreme Mystic Pill to treat him.

Lin Yixuan had been running around these past few days to find the Extreme Mystic Pill, but he was not successful.

It was not easy to find information about the Extreme Mystic Pill, but in the end, it was successfully obtained by the second elder in an auction.

They had never heard of a second Extreme Mystic Pill before.

The second elder looked as if he had seen a ghost.


He clearly remembered that the extreme mystic pill was in his hands, and he had ordered people to keep a close watch on it to prevent Lin Yixuan from sending people to steal it.

Lin Junyan smiled faintly, a cold light flashing in his eyes.

“Shouldnt the second elder be happy to see me sober up Why would you look like that Could it be that youve seen a ghost”

“What nonsense are you talking about”

The second elder stared at Lin Junyan as if a hole would form on his face.

He was extremely flustered and could not figure out what was going on.

Even if Lin Yixuan could get the second Extreme Mystic Pill in such a short time, how could Lin Junyan recover so quickly and even get out of bed to walk

The person in front of him had a ruddy face and no signs of serious injuries could be seen at all.

Unless there was only one possibility, and that was that Lin Yixuan had someone impersonate him!

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that it was possible.

The second elder thought about it and said, “First elder, arent you a little too bold You actually asked someone to impersonate your son”

The second elder regretted his words.

Even if Lin Yixuan was out of his mind, he would not ask someone to do such a thing because it was easy for others to see through him.

Since they were from the Lin clan, there was naturally a way to tell if someone was impersonating another person.

No matter how stupid Lin Yixuan was, he would not be so brainless.

“Second are you unhappy when I wake up, or am I ruining your plan”

Even the others looked at the second elder speechlessly.


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