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Lin Junyan hit the nail on the head, leaving the second elder and the others speechless.

The second elder stuttered, beads of sweat formed on his forehead.

He could not say a word for a long time.

Even the leader and the other elders were curious.

They could not help but ask, “Whats going on Why did Junyan suddenly wake up”

The second elder was sure that Lin Yixuan had the help of an expert.

He wanted to see who dared to ruin his plan.

Lin Yixuan looked at the second elder and said slowly, “I have to thank someone.

Although the owner of the auction house auctioned the Extreme Mystic Pill, he gave me an eighth-level Heaven and Earth Infinite Pill after the auction.”

Hearing this, the second elders eyes darkened and he almost fainted.

He gritted his teeth and squeezed out a sentence.

“What did you say”

Lin Yixuan repeated it with a smile.

The second elder stumbled.

If it was not for the people beside him supporting him, he would have lost face in public.

His 120,000 spiritual stones!

The second elders eyes were so red that they were about to bleed.

No wonder Lin Yixuan did not follow up with the bid.

No wonder Lin Yixuan was so calm after the auction.

He did not even come to him after the auction.

So, this was it.

It explained everything!

The people around saw that Lin Junyan had woken up and his breathing was stable.

His cultivation level was even more advanced than before.

They all came forward to congratulate him.

The second elders eyes almost popped out of their sockets when he saw this scene.

Lin Junyan was a genius after Lin Mo.

Although he could not be compared to Lin Mo back then, he was one of the best among the younger generation.

Ever since he was heavily injured, everyone thought that he was going to become a cripple.

The first elders line was also at a disadvantage against the clan leaders successor.

From this, it could be seen how important he was.

However, not only had he recovered, but his cultivation had also become more profound.

Although the second elder still had the advantage, it was hard to guarantee that there would not be any other changes in the future.

“Its you! You mustve colluded with that auction house! Lin Yixuan, what a vicious man you are! How dare you conspire with outsiders to harm our Lin clan!”

He quickly changed his expression and complained to the leader, “Leader, please stand up for me.

The first elder colluded with outsiders for his own interests.”

Lin Wan could not help but say, “Youre slandering me!”

Lin Yixuan showed a mocking expression.

“Second elder, youre not the one who spent 120,000 spiritual stones to buy that pill.

Why are you suddenly so anxious that you even slander me”


The second elder was choked by his words and his face turned green and red like a color palette.

Although he did not make an official appearance, everyone knew that he was the one who instigated that person to raise the price with Lin Yixuan so that Lin Yixuan would not get the Extreme Mystic Pill.

Even if he got it in the end, he would have to pay a huge sum of money.



.” The second elder was speechless and said angrily, “You mustve colluded with the auction house.

Otherwise, why would he give you such a precious pill!”

The second elder was so regretful that his intestines churned.

120,000 spiritual stones were almost half of his wealth.

It would have been fine if it could be used.

However, Lin Yixuan no longer needed it and Lin Junyan had already recovered.

Now that the pill was in his hands and had no use for it, how could he not hate it

“Previously, the auction house went against our Lin clan and purposely stole our customers on the same day of our auction.

First elder, you have a close relationship with them.

You really have ulterior motives.”

Seeing that the second elder was acting like a mad dog and would not stop until he bit off a piece of Lin Yixuans flesh, Lin Yixuan and the others were not afraid at all.

They even had the urge to laugh.

“This is like shooting yourself in the foot.”

“If it wasnt for you guys having ulterior motives and wanting to create trouble for us by not letting us bid for the pills, you wouldnt have let others find an opportunity to take advantage of you.

Now you still have the nerve to say that we framed you.

“After all, if you dont have such thoughts in the beginning, then nothing will happen after that.”

Lin Wan and Lin Jun Yan both chimed in, almost causing the second elders face to turn red.

It was unknown whether he was angry or embarrassed, but his facial features were distorted.

“No matter what, the sudden appearance of the auction house is very suspicious.

First, the owner deliberately targeted me, and then he used this opportunity to bribe the first elder.

Its difficult to know what his motive is.”

Lin Yixuan frowned as he looked at the leader who remained silent.

If he really believed the second elders nonsense, he would not be able to clear his name even if he jumped into the river.

“Leader, its the second elder who has ulterior motives.

Everything he said was a false accusation.

I definitely didnt collude with outsiders.” After saying that, Lin Yixuan stared at the second elder coldly.

“You have to take note of evidence when you speak and act.

Youre clearly the one who used dirty and despicable methods to frame others.

This is karma.”

The second elder was so angry that his whole body was trembling.

Facing Lin Yixuans sharp eyes, he felt guilty.

However, he would not let it go so easily.

“Alright, you want evidence, right Ill go to the auction house and confront the owner.”

After saying that, the second elder said to the leader, “Please give me some time, leader.

Ill definitely investigate the truth.”

His expression was extremely respectful, but his eyes were dark.

The second elder swore that no matter what price he had to pay, Lin Yixuan would definitely bear the crime of colluding with outsiders!

120,000 spiritual stones! The owner of this auction hall would be forced to spit it out the same way he swallowed it!

If Lin Yixuan dared to set him up, the second elder would not let any of these people off.


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