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The second elder felt that this voice was somewhat familiar.

It was as if he had heard it before, but he could not recall when.

Immediately after, the voice said, “Im afraid that if I come out, the second elder would feel guilty and not dare to see me.”

The second elder laughed coldly.

“Dont play tricks on me.

Why wouldnt I dare to see you”

“Is that so”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lin Mos figure appeared in mid-air.

He looked at the second elder and the rest with a smile.

“Long time no see.”


For a moment, the second elder thought that he had encountered a ghost in broad daylight.

He stared fixedly at Lin Mo, unable to believe what he was seeing.

His face suddenly turned deathly pale as he stammered, “Hows this possible This is impossible…”

The second elder shook his head frantically.

His eyes were filled with shock and fear as if he had suffered a great blow.

The people around him did not understand why he would reveal such an expression the moment he saw Lin Mo.

Only a few of them knew.

Beads of sweat appeared on the second elders forehead as he panicked.

The cold sweat on his back drenched his clothes.

Back then, he had clearly witnessed with his own eyes just how powerful the self-destruction of the spiritual powers of Miao Yan and the others was, engulfing the entire Miao clan and everyone within.

Even he, who had been affected by the explosion, had yet to fully recover.

Under the impact of the explosion, Lin Mo was at the eye of the storm.

How could there be any possibility of him surviving

However, the person standing in front of him reminded him that everything was not an illusion.

In such a situation, even the great god would be helpless.

How could Lin Mo possibly escape He simply could not understand.

“Second elder must be very surprised to see me alive.

After all, he thought I was dead.”

Lin Mos casual words caused a chill to run down second elders spine.

The man in front of him was simply too terrifying.

Even the self-destruction of the top experts of the Miao clan could not do anything to him.

Instead, he would be allowed to return to the Lin clan!

If they continued to allow Lin Mo to cultivate further, he would definitely be a terrifying enemy.

Forget about obtaining the position of clan leader.

Even his life would be in jeopardy.

After all, the second elder had secretly harmed Lin Mo many times.

Once the matter was exposed, the two of them would definitely fight to the death.

The second elder forced out a smile.

“What are you saying”

Lin Mo, who could not even do anything to Miao Jian and the others even after they self-destructed, felt an unprecedented chill sweep through the second elders heart, causing him to stand rooted to the ground.

The person in front of him was simply too terrifying and unbelievable.

What would Lin Mos true strength be like Could it be that he had been hiding his true strength all this while

Lin Mo only smiled and did not say anything.

He knew the second elders character very well.

He did not even need to speak.

Just standing in front of him was enough for the second elder to imagine a lot of things.

Some things were better left unsaid than revealed as it was more effective.

At this moment, Lin Yixuan and the rest finally arrived.

“Second elder should take responsibility for his own actions.

You and I have a grudge.

Dont drag the innocents into it,” Lin Yixuan said, afraid that second elder would do something bad to the auction house.

However, the scene that he imagined did not appear.

Instead, the atmosphere became a little strange.

Lin Mos back was facing him, so Lin Yixuan did not see it clearly at first.

However, he was very familiar with that back view.

He believed that this must be the mysterious owner of the auction house.


Lin Wans reaction was faster than his.

He was in disbelief at first, then he was ecstatic.

“Brother Lin Mo!”

It was Lin Mo! Lin Mo was back!

Lin Yixuan did not expect that the mysterious owner of the auction house would be Lin Mo.

When Lin Mo left the Lin clan, he was still a cripple.

However, it seemed that the aura on his body was not to be underestimated.

Furthermore, he was able to casually give away an eighth-level pill.

He must be quite capable.

Could it be that Lin Mo had some fortuitous encounter

“Is the first elder doing well”

Lin Yixuan nodded.

“Everything is fine.”

He looked at Lin Mo with a surprised expression.

His divine sense could not detect his cultivation level.

There were only two situations.

Either Lin Mo used some special method to hide or he was wearing a concealing magic treasure.

No matter which one it was, it proved that the current Lin Mo was no longer the same person who was expelled by the Lin clan.

Back then, Lin Mos cultivation level had dropped drastically, and he had received a lot of ridicule and ostracism.

After all, there was no shortage of people who took pleasure in others misfortune.

Although Lin Mo was a direct descendant, his parents had disappeared in his early years, and rumors had it that they long since died.

Therefore, he did not have any blood relatives by his side, so naturally, no one could take care of him.

All this time, it was all thanks to Lin Yixuans protection and support that he was still alive.

It could be said that the first elder and the others took good care of Lin Mo.

Lin Wan had been childhood friends with Lin Mo since they were young and the two of them were very close.

It was also because of the first elders insistence that Lin Mo was not stripped of his surname and expelled from the Lin clan.

In the end, he was only sent to a remote mountain village.

“How did you leave and how did you come back all of a sudden” Lin Yixuan and Lin Wan had a lot of questions in their hearts.

They ignored the second elder completely like there was no one else around.

The second elders face turned even uglier.

“This isnt a place to talk.

Lets go back first.”

Lin Mo glanced at the second elder after he said that.

“Im too happy.

Lets go, Ill bring you back to see the leader.”

With that, they left the auction together, not taking the second elder seriously at all.


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