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The second elder was originally aggressive and wanted to cause trouble for Lin Mo.

If possible, he even planned to use strong methods to force Lin Mo to make a move.

Then, he would be able to find an excuse to give a bad name to the Lin clan.

If he could get Lin Yixuan to participate in it, it would be better to drag him down with him.

This way, he would definitely be accused of colluding with outsiders.

However, he did not expect that the owner of the auction house was Lin Mo.

The second elders people were stunned by the shock and asked nervously, “Second elder, what should we do now”

The second elder was uncertain.

It took him a long time to calm down and said through gritted teeth, “Lets go!”

He had a premonition that Lin Mos return might cause a huge wave in the Lin clan.

It might even destroy everything that he had painstakingly set up.

Soon, the Lin clan received the news, and everyones expressions were the same.

They could not believe what Lin Yixuan said.

“What! That auction house that suddenly appeared is Lin Mos”

“Whats going on Hes already a cripple abandoned by the clan and exiled to a remote mountain village.

And now hes back”

“Where did he get those high-level pills and treasures Could it be that he had some kind of fortuitous encounter, or did he enter a secret realm by mistake and reap a huge harvest”

Everyone was discussing animatedly, but only when they saw Lin Mo did they realize that Lin Yixuan was telling the truth.

The leader sat in the head seat, his expression complicated.

He did not know how to face this genius from the past who was abandoned by the clan but in the end, returned with a strong attitude.

“Its good that hes back.”

The second elder was still not giving up.

He knew that Lin Mos return was definitely not a good thing.

Furthermore, from his previous actions, it could be seen that he was intentionally targeting him.

He had to strike first to prevent himself from falling into a passive position.

He wanted to put on a show in front of everyone and purposely questioned, “Lin Mo, you came back without being summoned by the clan leader.

What exactly are your intentions!”

One had to know that when Lin Mo was exiled, the Lin clan had never thought that Lin Mo would come back, so they had never sent people to inquire or investigate how he was.

Logically speaking, Lin Mo should not be able to come back on his own, otherwise, he would be disobeying the clan leaders orders for leaving his post without permission.

Lin Mo was already prepared for this, so he smiled and said, “Theres a reason for this.

I hope the clan leader can forgive me.

I received an invitation from Imperial City.

Thats why I came back to the Lin clan.”

Everyones expressions were as if they were dreaming.

“You received an invitation from the Imperial City Dont joke with us.”

Lin Mo took out an invitation letter from the Imperial City.

“Please take a look at it, clan leader, and youll know if what I said is true.”

The invitation letter was incomparably exquisite.

It had a seal from the Imperial City on it, and it also emitted a powerful aura.

There was absolutely no possibility of it being fake, and it was the same as the one they had received previously.

The most important thing was that Lin Mos invitation letter was gold in color.

Even though there were some color differences, everyone knew that the Imperial Citys invitation letters were divided into several colors, representing several classes.

Gold was a color that was specially given to people with special identities in the Imperial City, which was even more difficult to obtain.

Even the Lin clan members were only white in color, and they looked slightly more ordinary.

The clan leader examined it carefully.

“Its indeed not fake.”

The invitation letter might be fake, but the unique seal and aura on it could not be faked.

Everyones expressions became increasingly mysterious.

Lin Mo had only left the Lin clan for a few short months.

What exactly happened in this period that he received a gold invitation letter from the capital One had to know that when he left, he was still a cripple.

Those who were able to receive an invitation from the capital were all talents.

They were also carefully selected disciples from every clan.

It could be said that the requirements were stringent, and it was not just a casual invitation.

This was enough to prove how powerful Lin Mo was.

“What else does the second elder have to say at this moment”

Looking at the ridicule on Lin Mos face, the second elder clenched his fist so tightly that it made creaking sounds.

It must have been during his time in Qingyang City, where the royal family auction house was located, that Lin Mo had struck gold.

“Congratulations, Lin Mo.

Youve finally come to the end of your bitter journey.

Not everyone can have such an opportunity with an invitation from the capital.

You have to make good use of it.”

“Its been a few months since we last saw each other, so we have to look at you in a new light.

I didnt expect that youd give us such a big surprise upon your return.

Hows your cultivation now However, have you encountered something special along the way Otherwise, how could you have improved so quickly”

The clan leaders expression was very gratified.

There was a hint of probing in his words.

Lin Mo definitely would not tell him everything in detail, so he still held back.

He only gave a brief summary, and even his cultivation base was only at the initial dragon transformation realm.

Even so, it still made everyone draw in a breath of cold air.

One had to know that when Lin Mo left, he had not even reached the foundation establishment realm.

In just a few short months, he had successfully crossed several great realms.

“There were indeed some fortuitous encounters along the way.

I guess I was lucky.”

To be able to improve so quickly was definitely not something that could be summarized with a simple sentence.

There must be something else but Lin Mo did not want to say it, so he could not force him.

Lin Mo did not mention the second elder sending people to kill him.

After all, he did not have any evidence.

Even if he said it, it would not be enough to make the second elder submit to the law.

The surrounding people and the elders congratulated Lin Mo one after another.

There was a hint of flattery in their words, but Lin Mos expression remained indifferent.

Only when he faced Lin Yixuan and the others did he feel some warmth.


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