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Just as the father and son were discussing, the lights on the stage suddenly dimmed.

Miao Qing walked out as well.

Countless gazes fell on him, but Miao Qings expression was calm as if he did not care.

Lin Wan was a little puzzled as he asked, “Our Lin clan has many professional auctioneers.

Father also has a few outstanding ones.

Why did Brother Lin Mo choose him”

He could tell that Miao Qing was a newbie and had only been in the auction house for a short period.

It would be difficult for him to take charge of the situation and stir up the emotions of the audience.

Furthermore, mistakes were bound to happen.

Lin Yixuan shook his head, indicating that he did not understand.

“Maybe he wants to cultivate his own power.”

Although he did not know Miao Qings exact cultivation level, from the aura that he occasionally emitted, it was definitely not easy to underestimate him.

He should be an expert as well.

Even though Miao Qing was not experienced in this aspect, he was able to exploit his strengths and hide his weaknesses.

Furthermore, Lin Mo had just returned to the Lin clan, and he did not want to use other people to prevent people with ulterior motives from sneaking in.

After nurturing Miao Qing, Lin Mo would be able to save himself a lot of trouble.

“Welcome, everyone, to the Lin clans auction house.

The first treasure to be auctioned is a mid fifth-level Divine Fire Barrier.

The starting price is 5,000 spirit stones.”

Lin Mos price was neither too high nor too low, and he happened to be stuck in the middle.

After all, he no longer needed to rely on lowly methods to attract attention.

Divine Fire Barrier was a defensive type of magical artifact.

It was invulnerable to blades and spears, and it could isolate all flames, allowing it to move freely in the sea of flames.

Of course, if the level of the flames was too high, it would not be able to withstand it.

All in all, it could be considered a decent treasure.

“6,000 spirit stones!”

“7,000 spirit stones!”

Someone immediately called out the price, and it was quickly sold at the price of 9,000 spirit stones.

[ Ding! Host has successfully auctioned the fifth-level Divine Fire Barrier.


[ Successfully triggered the three thousand fold return.


[ Acquired the seventh-grade nine dragons divine fire barrier! ]

“The second auction item, the low sixth-level Wind Stabilizing Pearl.

The starting price is 8,000 spirit stones!”

A gray bead appeared in Miao Qings hand.

It looked ordinary, but upon closer inspection, it seemed to have countless small whirlpools as if some mysterious force had fixed it inside.

Even time seemed to have stopped.

Perhaps it was an illusion, but the venue, which had a cool breeze passing through the hall, was now completely devoid of wind.

One had to know that the hall was wide, and the wind was incessant.

There had never been such a phenomenon before.

It must have been caused by the calming wind bead in Miao Qings hand.

Although it was an extremely rare sixth-level item, the crowd was obviously not interested.

After all, the calming wind bead sounded very powerful, but it was actually not very useful.

No one had the leisure time to buy a bead that could stabilize the wind.

It had no attacking or defensive features.

After a while, someone called out the price, and the final price was not high.

[ Ding! Host has successfully auctioned sixth-level Wind Stabilizing Bead.


[ Triggered 4,000 times return.


[ Obtained seventh-level Wind Stabilizing Bead! ]

Upon hearing this name, Lin Mo could not help but thought,Wind Stabilizing Bead is very powerful just from its name.

To be able to control the wind, it should have a wider range of uses.

Its worth studying it properly.

It was probably because the items from before were rather ordinary and did not have much utility.

Everyone could not help but feel a little disappointed.

Furthermore, the rumors about Lin Mo spread like wildfire.

All of the items auctioned in the nameless auction house were top-quality items.

In comparison, the first few items auctioned in the Lin clan auction house were all very ordinary and unattractive.

“Sigh, I thought there would be some good stuff.

Looks like its just so-so.

Theyre all ordinary items that can be seen in ordinary auction houses.”

“Thats right, Lin Mos previous auction house isnt like this.

Some items were of the fifth to sixth-level.”

“The Divine Fire Barrier and Wind Stabilizing Pearl that are being auctioned now arent of much use.

Could it be that theyre trying to fool us I think the rumors about Lin Mo from before are all lies!”

There were gradually some strange sounds in the auction house, and among them, there was no lack of the second elder and the others adding fuel to the fire.

Lin Wan could not help but look worried as he said, “Father…”

However, Lin Yixuan seemed to know what he was going to say as he shook his head.

“Do you know the principle of keeping a low profile”

Both Lin Mo and Lin Yixuan looked at each other calmly, and Lin Wan was relieved.

“The third item is a top sixth-level Fire Fan.

The starting price is 9,000 spirit stones.”

On the red tray, there was a glowing fan.

The red light was faintly discernible, and the handle of the fan was surrounded by the patterns of flames.

The flames were vivid as if they would come to life in the next second.

Even the tail of the fan was hung with a flame-shaped pendant.

The dense fire elemental energy within seemed to raise the temperature significantly.

Those who were close to it could even feel the scorching heat.

“This fan contains fire from the air, stone, wood, purgatory, and the human world.

With the five flames combined, its also known as the five-fire fan.

People without cultivation base can use it.

The higher their cultivation base is, the more powerful the flames will be.

However, it will also cost a lot of spiritual power, so everyone should try their best.”

Everyone did not listen to what Miao Qing said at the end, and placed all their focus on the front.

In other words, the Fire Fan could unleash greater power according to the users own abilities.

It was a growth-type artifact, and even people without cultivation could use its powerful flames to defend or attack.

It was probably because it required a lot of spiritual energy to unleash its full power, which was why it was ranked sixth-level.

Otherwise, it might even be eighth-level.

“10,000 spirit stones!”

“15,000 spirit stones!”

“20,000 spirit stones!”

Even though the price had soared to such a high level, the crowds enthusiasm did not decrease in the slightest.


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