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Trial (1)

He placed his teeth on the nape of her neck, as if the overwhelming sensation was too much for him to handle.

“Ugh…!” Her whole body jolted.

A chorus of exhilaration and pain mingled with her.

It was clear that teeth marks would remain.

He let up quickly and licked her tingling skin as if to apologize for the beastly behavior, then kissed her.

A white, gooey fluid stained her messy entrance one more time.

Her body trembled once more at the touch.

For a long time, the liquid dripped down to the floor.

A lukewarm, sticky feeling that was all over her inner thighs with.

Her head felt dizzy from their scent with every breath she took.

“Heung… hm…”

Like residual heat, the remaining pleasure did not go away.

What if this doesn’t end forever

It wasn’t a bad feeling.

Rather, it was good enough that the back of her head kept tingling, but it was still scary…

One leg was already on the floor, although it still trembled.

She completely lost strength.

“I-I can’t, stand….”

He carefully lowered her other leg, which was still draped in his arms.

Vlad supported her waist as they sank down.

Her stockinged knees touched the cold floor.

As she sat down with sticky thighs, she felt embarrassed.

I want to wipe…

She leaned on his back, and was startled without a moment to catch her breath.

This tight feeling on her ass…

It was terrifying.

She barely lifted her weak neck and she faced him in the mirror.

“Vlad, don’t tell me, again…”

He ruffled his bangs once with a large hand.

A forehead with a cold sweat was exposed.

Unlike Lily, who had melted, he was back to normal as if nothing had happened.

It was as if he had sucked something from her.

The red eyes were even more energetic than before entering the dressing room.

He tidied up Lily’s half-loosened hair, tucking the locks behind her ear.

Even that was a gentle touch, as if it was supremely affectionate.

“Wasn’t it three months” The hands that had been holding her ears came down from the nape of her neck, stroking her shoulders.

“I-I am now… Ah!”

His hand slipped under her thigh.

His other arm wrapped around her waist and lifted her body lightly.

He didn’t even notice the fluid dripping all over his hands and arms.

He put her down without a second to grab her attention.

She was now in a seated position with her back to the mirror.

He grabbed her ankles, spreading them apart.

“I found out that I didn’t know what a married couple was like…”

The core beneath was revealed in the air.

She flinched reflexively at her lewd posture.

He knelt between her legs, still holding her ankles.

Instead of hiding, she just ended up squeezing her buttocks.

“I will teach you everything from the beginning, my wife.” He leaned towards her, covering the light of the chandelier with his huge figure.

Lily was trapped between him and the mirror as his muscular arms stretched out.

It was as if a sharp line had been drawn.

His chest trembled with an excitement he couldn’t hide.

Sweat beaded on his abdomen and his manhood was erect up to his navel.

It was glistening with her bodily fluids.

Lily swallowed, thighs trembling.

Even though it was obvious that he was eager to thrust into her right away, he didn’t move.

“Open your mouth.

Lily.” A low whisper of seduction.

His body and the smell, which had thickened, made her pulse pound in her ears.

Again, she followed his orders.

Her rosy lips, moistened with saliva, parted slightly.

He lowered his head and swallowed those small lips in one mouthful.


Their tongues were deeply entangled.

Soft and persistent, the kiss flustered her even further.

A gentle kiss as if rewarding her uncompromising obedience.

It was such a sweet, yet dominant, kiss.

Ironically, in the end, the feeling of having no choice but to surrender was sweet.

He clasped her ass and lifted her up.


Her shoulders popped up, and she hurriedly wrapped her arms around his neck.

The mirror on her back and shoulder.

His forearms reached under her thighs.

Their lips fell apart and their bottoms pressed against each other.

He just touched it, but her ass tightened.

“Ha, Vlad, wait….”

He paused as he looked at her entrance.

She tilted her head slightly, and he raised his head.

His eyes, as he was holding back something persistently, became heated.


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