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Trial (3)

(tl/ed note: right, so, it seems that sir talin was a female knight all along, so! we’re changing pronouns accordingly, sorry for the confusion.)

The bedroom was bustling.

Lily’s eyes slowly opened to the noise coming through the canopy curtains.

It also seemed to smell like food.

The bedding was soft and it felt like being wrapped in clouds.

Maybe it had dried well in the sun, as it smelled fresh and clean.

She was drowsy but refreshed thanks to a good night’s sleep without a single dream, but the room was empty.


The bed next to her is white and empty like a wide field of snow.

Does that mean that it was a scene that would upset her every time In her previous marriage, she had never cared, which was strange.


What would the lord’s actions be like after being absent for one season He couldn’t sleep for a few days and he had to do what he was supposed to.

Even though she knew it for sure, her narrow-minded self was not completely satisfied.

Was she really such a childish girl

She still didn’t know.

A small anticipation bloomed, wondering if he would have left even a short letter like before.

Lily, who was about to get her body up, groaned and fell back to the bed.

“…I can’t move today…”

Her body throbbed in every corner.

She deserved it.

She blushed alone.


Are you okay”

Only then did she realize that Talin was standing behind the translucent curtain.

Short-cut red hair and tall stature.

Her silhouette in a black uniform was reflected.

“Sir Talin.

It’s been a while!”

She tried to get up again, but to no avail.

Talin rolled her canopy curtain from the side.

She continued, “His Excellency left a message that he will be back soon.

He told us to prepare a brief breakfast in the bedroom as the lady would be tired…” Talin paused, grabbing the curtains and staring at her lady.

“It seems like you are.

The chefs will come in, and so will the servants.”

She unconsciously lowered her gaze, wondering if there was something that embarrassed her, since Lily’s face was set on fire.

Fortunately, her sleeves were long, and her chest was covered.

Traces left like rose petals on snow.

Lily went back inside the quilt.

Vlad was coming soon.

Until then, she shouldn’t get out of bed.

“It’s a natural thing to be tired!”

She pulled her blanket to the end of her head in embarrassment, but quickly noticed something.

Lily pulled down the blanket and sat back on the bed.

Her fine silver hair was messed up here and there.

She brushed the strands of her hair away from her face.

The bedroom was quiet as the table setting was finished.

Lily reached out her hand and rolled up the curtains.

“Sir Talin, I want to ask you something.”

Even though the room was so quiet that she could even hear the dust rolling, she lowered her voice habitually.

Although Vlad had been teaching her personally over the past few days that what she had believed was a lie.

Her faith, which had become her habit, could not be lost so easily.

She has been married three times.

She felt like a thunderbolt of senses she had never felt before.

Only because of Vlad.

Talin looked a little nervous.

It is said she had witnessed the kidnapping of women from the Isles.

Is she finally…

“About… Marital relationships… I have a question.

W-who may I ask…”

“…” Talin paused for a moment.

In response to that reaction, Lily remained silent.

Since she never heard of Sir Talin getting married.

What can I ask from an unmarried woman

“What are you curious about With the honor of a knight, I will answer in as much detail as possible!” Talin clenched her fists, thinking that the future inside and outside the duchy might rest on her own shoulders.

* * *

“…Did something happen Lily” Vlad, standing tall by the bedroom door, frowned slightly.

He looked the same as always.

Neatly brushed black hair and thick eyebrows.

From his features that looked like they were cut with a sharp carving knife and the uniform that looked tailored to every groove of his form.

Despite running around day and night, there was no sign of exhaustion.

Lily was buried in her spacious, velvet-finished chair.

Her legs were still trembling.

“N-nothing happened.

Your work… Are you done” Her slender fingers were fiddling with her robe over her pajamas.

It was difficult to face him, so she turned her attention to the round wooden table brought in by the servants.

The table was full of plates with domed tin lids.

For breakfast for two, it just looked too much.

“Because the servants come and go throughout the meal, it’s bustling.

They told me they’ll come once but…” Vlad paused as he was washing his hands on the silver tray that the servant had prepared for him at the doorstep.

He pulled his handkerchief out of his inner pocket and turned his head slightly.

“If you don’t like it, I’ll ask them to make it again.”

The dishes just kept piling up.

He might think it was not proper for a lady…


It isn’t that.” Lily fiddled with her hair, braided to one side.

She glanced into his eyes and then turned her gaze back to the table.

Vlad frowned.

It’s a strange reaction…


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