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Chapter 1180: Mu Feichis Advice

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Yun Xi frowned after shed heard what Mu Feichi had said.

She felt as if he had thrown a bucket of cold water over her, waking her up.

Mu Feichi was right.

This problem had crossed Yun Xis mind before, but she was still more inclined to promote the Zhao family first.

When it came to the Qiao family, Yun Xi couldnt stand Qiao Ximin.

So even if Yun Xi used her as a pawn in her plan, she would eventually abandon Qiao Ximin.

But it was different for Yumo.

Yun Xi had truly wanted to open a promising future for Yumo.

Yun Xi wanted to do that so that when Yumo inherited her position as the head of the Zhao family, she would be successful and there would be fewer obstacles and problems for her.

Mu Feichis reminder was appropriate.

As someone who was not involved in all the planning, he definitely could see and read the situation better than she could.

Mu Feichi was keeping quiet and letting her run the show because he probably wanted to see how everything was going to develop.

Yun Xi realized that Mu Feichi wouldnt have intervened right then if he hadnt seen a need to remind her about something.

This man always seemed to play it cool, yet he cared so much for her.

He wouldnt be able to see her fail after all.

“I understand your point.

I wanted to put Yumo through some tests in order for her to grow faster.

But I have forgotten that rushing someones growth could do more harm than good.”

Yumo was different than Yun Xi.

Yun Xi had come back to this life with an accumulation of experiences from two lifetimes.

Although she wasnt that much more intelligent than Yumo, the tricks that she had learned in her previous life were crafty enough to deal with anyone.

But as for Yumo, she was just a young girl who had recently come of age.

She had also just started to learn how to deal with all the schemes, plots, and competitions in the world of adulthood.

So, she was definitely not experienced enough to deal with a plot that involved supplanting one of the big four wealthiest families.

If Yun Xi were to push her down this route, there might be serious accidents or they might be caught off guard, even though they were always on the lookout.

Looking at the man sitting next to her, the anxious and annoyed expression on Yun Xis face faded away.

She calmed down slowly, and the look in her eyes became a little clearer and more relaxed.

Yun Xi took a deep breath.

She then flashed a bright, confident smile at Mu Feichi.

“I know what to do now.

Thank you for the advice.”

As she finished speaking, she went forward and kissed him on the lips.

After that, she couldnt hide her curiosity.

“You didnt say anything previously, so why are you telling me this now If you were just going to let me fail, and then help me up, wouldnt I be more grateful to you”

There was a lingering fragrance from Yun Xi wafting around him, and Mu Feichi couldnt help but smile.

“Why would I need to do that for you to fall head over heels in love with me I can just dig a few holes and let you fail, then help you out of them.

The effect would be the same.”

Yun Xi would always seek advice and learn from her failures and shortcomings.

Mu Feichi really knew her well.

Yun Xi gritted her teeth and pushed his handsome face away from her.

HMPH! “You are such a bad boy!”

“You still like me though, dont you” Mu Feichi chuckled as he patted her head.

“Since Qiao Ximin is going to be the pawn in your game, then you should make full use of it.

If you let the Qiao family move up in the ranks first, the situation will pan out differently.

The other three big clans are under my control, but the Qiao family reports directly to the Prime Minister.

Once they become one of the big four wealthiest families, the Prime Minister will naturally get reports of any moves made by the others.”

“I got it.” Yun Xi bit her lip.

“Since I can promote the Qiao family, I will be able to pull them down as well.

And dont forget, theres still a branch of the Qiao family on our side.”

“Babe, you are so smart.” Mu Feichi smiled, with his eyes full of tenderness.

This branch of the Qiao family had been keeping a low profile and biding its time all these years.

All they needed to stand out would be an opportunity and a strong backer.

While these chaotic changes were happening in Jingdu, everyone would want to use the opportunity to benefit from them.

So, it would be the best time for the branch of the Qiao family to rise up while no one was paying attention..

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