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Chapter 1182: Jiang Henglin Got What He Wanted

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Even though Yun Xi is fairly inexperienced in her relations with men, she can see that Jiang Henglin still likes her in some bizarre fashion because of his obsessive attitude toward her.

Its a pity that he is so immature and his emotional intelligence is so badly developed even after having experienced two lifetimes.

Just as she had taken it for granted that as long as Grandpa Jiang had stepped forward, Jiang Henglin would not be able to make anymore fuss and would finally give up, Jiang Henglin, persistently immature as he was, suddenly appeared at the entrance of Jingdu University.

Driving a flashy sports car, he stopped right in front of Yun Xi, who was just leaving school.

It happened at the end of the school day when there were many students in front of the school, and his sports car parked across from the school entrance stuck out like a sore thumb.

Yun Xi was speechless as she looked at this man who had gotten out of his car and blocked her path.

His harassment of her seemed to be never-ending.

Jiang Henglin stopped Yun Xi in a domineering manner, blocking her way.

“Get in, I have something to say to you.”

“Jiang Henglin, I have nothing to say to you.

These are the school gates, not your private parking lot.

Go back to wherever you came from, and dont get in the way of the students.”

“If you dont get in the car, Ill stay here blocking your way.

I dont believe anyone will dare to kick me out.”

Yun Xi looked at him speechlessly.

She had no intention of getting into his car and asked him, “What on earth do you want”

“Just a few words with you… Are you afraid to get into my car”

Yun Xi looked around at all the students who had stopped to watch the show.

Her forehead was now throbbing with pain.

“If you have something to say, say it here and now.

I have to go home.”

“What Are you so anxious to go back to Tianyu Mountain to see the Young Commander I didnt realize that you were so charming that you could even hook up with the Young Commander.”

What does that mean for Commander Mu to be interested in her Everyone is dumbfounded.

Never would he have thought that this ordinary-looking girl, with no family lineage and no background, would be able to hook up with the Young Commander.

Everybody knows what kind of person that man is.

He has always been above the world.

Even heiresses from prestigious families could not catch his attention.

How can he possibly be interested in a young girl like her who comes from nothing

He had originally thought that she was going to be teased and abandoned by the Young Commander, and then he would be able to ridicule her, but instead, Grandpa Mu had personally stepped in and ruthlessly slapped the Jiang familys face.

This had made him think that the Young Commander might really be interested in her for real this time.

But he still felt indignant.

She had been engaged to him since childhood.

Why should he just agree to break off the engagement because she wanted to

Previously, when shed been using the Jiang family, shed been rushing over to see them, but now that shes climbed to a higher branch, shes kicking them out.

What kind of a person does she take him to be

“Jiang Henglin! What do you mean by that From the beginning to the end, you have had no say in the matter of the engagement, and now that the engagement has been called off, Grandpa Jiang has also given his consent.

So what are you so upset about Besides, didnt you hate me from the very beginning and want to be free of this engagement Now that the engagement is called off, shouldnt you be the one who should be the most happy”


Jiang Henglin had originally wanted to say something else, but Yun Xi coldly raised her hand and interrupted him, “You dont have to say anything.

Even if you are indignant, its useless to come looking for me.

Both of our families have agreed to call off the engagement, and it will be announced in a few days.

If you continue to make trouble for me, dont blame me for not being polite.”

For Grandpa Jiangs sake, she had always been very polite to Jiang Henglin, but if he continues to act in this way, she will really go after him and make him suffer.

“Yun Xi, you havent heard my last words.” Jiang Henglin saw that she was about to leave and hurriedly reached out to pull her back..

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