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Chapter 1252: World at Peace

To destroy the Han family, to destroy everything that Han Yaotian had ever had, was the most important thing that she needed to succeed in after getting reincarnated.

The only unexpected thing that had happened was that Mu Feichi had given her his full support for her moves that could topple the whole of Jingdu.

This had given her the confidence to choose the Han family as her first target.

No matter what happened, destroying the Han family was something she was going to have to do.

It was only a matter of when.

“Once the Qiao family gets stronger, they will want to protect the fruits of their success and will also do anything to suppress the Han family.

When that time comes, I wont even need to do anything, and the Han family will suffer.

So I still have an ace up my sleeve in case anything happens that is beyond my expectations.”

“By ace, do you mean the bombing suspect whos locked up in prison”

“Of course not.

Ive never included him in my plans.

Even if the DNA result comes back showing that he really is Han Hongbins bastard child, I wont let him out.

If a terrorist like him is out in the world, he will only cause a lot of unforeseen problems.

I dont want to cause you any trouble.”

“Looks like youre still in your right mind.” Mu Feichi gently laughed.

“At least you havent been corrupted by your desire for revenge.”

“Theres no way I would do things that could end up biting me back.

I am not that impulsive.” Yun Xi turned to look at the patient man sitting beside her and asked, “Arent you a little too relaxed recently”

“Isnt that a good thing If Im feeling relaxed, then that means the world is at peace.”

Yun Xi looked at Mu Feichi, unable to find any fault with what hed said.

“Come on.

Lets go out for a change of pace.” Mu Feichi got up and pulled Yun Xi up.

He patted Great Whites head before heading toward the door.

“Where are we going” Yun Xi asked.

“Jiang Chenghuan and Huo Tingxiao want us to join their ball game.”

Han Hongbin had waited at the sentry post for hours.

No matter how many times he asked, the replies were always the same: the Young Commander was out on a mission.

Even though he had expected this kind of treatment before arriving, he still felt a little frustrated.

He had never thought that after having lived for so long, he would still have to suffer the humiliation of begging someone a lot younger than he was for help.

Not even did he not succeed in his begging, he didnt even get to meet with the young man.

Status meant everything in Jingdu.

That was the reason why Han Hongbin had to do everything he could to maintain the Han familys status.

The moment they lost their status as one of the big four wealthiest families, other people would come charging in to take their place.

After struggling for so many years to get to where he was, Han Hongbin wasnt going to let his family suffer such a humiliation.

“Sir,” Han Hongbins driver got out of the car and approached him, saying, “you have a call from an important person.”

“Important person Who” Han Hongbin asked curiously.

The driver shook his head.

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After letting out a sigh, the head of the Han family took the phone from his driver and said, “Hello”



This is Li Tingkun.”

“P…Prime Minister!” Han Hongbin subconsciously straightened his body the moment he realized who the caller was.

He then turned to glare at the guard in the sentry post.

If the Young Commander isnt going to help me, then Im going to his enemy!

Han Hongbin smirked.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

“Lets meet at the Xishan Club,” the Prime Minister said and hung up after they had arranged a time.

Han Hongbin then stared at the unknown number and spaced out for a while.

The only reason that he could think of for the Prime Minister to contact him at this time was because the Prime Minister had the intention of helping him.

If his guess was true, then the Han family would be able to survive this ordeal.

To the outside world, the balance of power in Jingdu seemed stable, but those who had inside information knew that the Young Commander and the Prime Minister were standing on different sides.

Each of them had a lot of soldiers under their command, but since their powers were evenly matched, neither of them had made a move on the other party.

The big four wealthiest families had always been loyal to the Young Commander since Mu Feichi was both the Commander of the nation and the leader of the Mu family.

The interests of the big four wealthiest families and the big three noble families had always been the same.

Seeing how the Young Commander wasnt going to help him, Han Hongbin had no choice but to turn to the Prime Minister for assistance..

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