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Chapter 1315: Revenge

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Yun Xi understood what Liang Xiugin was planning.

There was no way she would let her mother get the videos without giving something in return.

“believe there are still two days before the police come and take you away Ill give you two days to consider my offer then.

You better take your time and think about it carefully.

Rather than protecting a daughter who has betrayed you, why not protect your title as the Directors wife Which, I might add,

is not easy to get.

Think of all the riches you will get in the future.

Plus, she isnt your only daughter.

Shes just a girl with a heart problem who has little chance to succeed in the future.

Yun Chuhan is way better than she is.

Not only does Chuhan have better grades, but shes also obedient.

If you treat her

well now, she will take care of you until you die.”

“No…1 cant do it… If I ruin her face, I will ruin her whole life.”

With no other choices left for her, Liang Xiugin lost the power of her legs and stayed sitting on the floor mumbling something to herself.

No matter how selfishly Yun Ziling had acted, she was still her daughter who Liang Xiugin had raised for so many years.

The mother just couldnt bring herself to ruin her daughters future like that.

However, if Liang Xiugin chose not to do it, then she would get thrown into prison.

And after she was released, she would be left with nothing.

It had taken her a lot of effort to leave poor Muyang Town behind and become rich.

For her to return to a state of nothingness at her age, she would never be able to handle it.

Especially if she chose to give up a solution to her problem.

Liang Xiugin knew that she would regret her decision if she gave up.

Yun Xi looked at her mother from above and scoffed again.

“Yun Ziling has been plagued with a weak heart ever since she was a child.

Do you think shell ever be able to marry someone successful with that body of hers What difference is it going to make You are the one whos being stupid here.


turned her into a selfish person.

Are you really going to give up your future and money for a daughter whos not going to bring you anything in the future Do you really think that is worth it”

After coming back in this life and planning her revenge for so long, Yun Xi had finally pushed her mother and sister to the verge of jumping off a cliff and cutting off any chance for them to redeem themselves.

She wasnt the kind-hearted person she had been before.

Yun Xi was determined to take revenge for what they did to her in her past life.

Even if Yun Xi wasnt the one who did it herself, she would still be glad to see Liang Xiugin destroy Yun Ziling.

“How can you be so cruel Shes your sister…” Liang Xiugin raised her head and looked at Yun Xi with angry eyes.

It looked as if she wanted to chop Yun Xi into pieces and feed her to the dogs.

The more her mother hated her, the more fulfilled Yun Xi felt.

“Well, Ill leave this with you.

You can make your own decision.” Yun Xi then put the glass bottle in her mothers hand and reminded her, “Everything you want is in this bottle.

Dont drop it.”

Liang Xiugin looked at the bottle in her hand and felt completely terrified.

Yet, she was reluctant to dispose of it, as she was afraid if she did that, she would destroy her own future with it.

However, the bottle felt like a hot potato, and she was having trouble holding it in her hands.

It was as if Yun Xi did not care what Liang Xiugin would eventually choose.

She coldly looked at her dejected mother before turning to leave.

She had already cast the net to catch two fishes in one go.

All she had to do now was patiently wait.

‘When Liang Xiugin returned to the ward, Yun Yuanfeng anxiously looked behind her and asked, “Wheres Yun Xi Why didnt she come back with you What did you two talk about”

The only emotion Liang Xiugin had left toward Yun Xi was hatred.

After being humiliated by her daughter, she couldnt bear watching Yun Yuanfengs shameless face any longer and exploded.

“Yun Yuanfeng! Get the h*ll out of here.

Drop your act.

Ill never sign the divorce papers.”

Seeing his wifes extreme reaction, it seemed to Yun Yuanfeng that she hadnt gotten what she wanted from Yun Xi.

The man let out a sigh of relief.

“Fine! If you dont sign it in two days, all thats waiting for you is a life behind bars..”

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