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Chapter 1316: Final Severance

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After coming out of the hospital, Yun Xi hopped into the car that Team Leader A had parked by the entrance.

Turning her head and looking at the street scene outside the window, she waited a while before she finally spoke, “Send a few men to follow Liang Xiugin.

Whether shes in the hospital or outside, I want eyes on her at all times.

Report back to me immediately the moment she makes a move.”


Ill make the arrangements right away.

Where would you like to go now”

Yun Xi thought for a while and then said, “The Mu Corporation headquarters, please.”

There was still something that she needed help with from Gu Baifan.

Now that Liang Xiugin had gone this far, there was going to be no way for her to back down, and Yun Xi was certainly not leaving her that option either.

These days, Yun Xi visited the Mu Corporation more often than she returned to the residences compound.

Under Mu Feichis instructions, Gu Baifan would now have his project discussions with his secretary and his assistant and keep Yun Xi in the loop.

Every now and then, he would casually ask for her

opinion, which made it pretty clear that they were trying to groom her to join the business.

Yun Xi was well aware of Gu Baifans intentions, but she didnt think too much about it and simply took it as an opportunity to expand her knowledge.

“Why are you here today Have your mothers troublesome affairs been resolved”

“Not yet.

My dad was hoping to use this opportunity to file for divorce, but my mom refuses to leave him, and shes dragging it out.

But fret not, itll all be resolved soon enough.”

Yun Xi briefly explained to him why she was here today, and Gu Baifan answered her almost immediately without mulling it over.

“Thats easy! Just leave it to me.

Ill just march up to her myself.

Im sure that will achieve much better results.”

“Yourself Is that even necessary We can just call her in.

Im not sure if its such a great idea for you to go over in person.”

“Whats wrong with that Me being there might just be a great distraction at a crucial moment.

After all, as the executive director of the Mu Corporation, I dare say I can be rather influential.

What if you found yourself in a moment of danger I cant just stand on the sidelines and not lend a hand, can I”

“You do have a point.” Yun Xi pondered for a while and finally nodded.

“Okay, you act as you see fit then.

Ill have someone inform you when the time comes.

In the meantime, you can just sit back and watch the show.”

“By the way, are you absolutely certain you want to go through with this Its all or nothing.

I worry you might end up getting implicated…”

“Its okay.

Once this is over and done with, there will be no next time.

If I dont do this now, Ill never be able to sever ties with her.

And besides, my father will be there.

He definitely wont allow my mother to make someone else take the fall and get away with it.”

“Since you seem to know what youre doing, then Ill handle the rest.”

“Great, thanks again.” After a moment of silence, she seemed to have suddenly thought of something and added, “Dont let the Young Commander know about this just yet.

I dont want him to worry.”

Gu Baifan did not know whether to laugh or cry at her request.

“Im just waiting in the dark myself, hoping for a good show.

What could I possibly tell him”

“Very well, then.”

She was not actually concerned about making Mu Feichi worry.

Her concern was that Mu Feichi might actually stab her in the back.

If she accidentally fell into a trap that he laid, wouldnt she end up getting punished by the man

‘Mu Feichi sat in the living room and watched Yi Qianmo, who was holding a stack of folders and waiting to go give a lecture at Beijing University.

Unable to resist, he raised his eyebrows and said mischievously, “I guess all professors do have a certain look after all.”

Yi Qianmo looked down at his camel hair coat, plaid scarf, khaki pants, and loafers.

He did indeed have the flair of an elegant young scholar, but he was certainly not some plain old professor.

After all, a good-looking, young professor like him was a rare species in Jun Country.

Nonetheless, he was a distinguished professor in the country.

No matter which school he visited, everyone would want to talk with Professor Yi and show him the utmost respect.

“Youre just jealous that the youngest professor in all of Jun Country happens to be this dashing, arent you”

Inall the years they had known each other, Yi Qianmo had never once lost to Mu Feichi when it came to exchanging snide remarks.

However, Mu Feichi was still the more diabolical one with his devilish ways.

“Tm still the youngest commander of Jun Country.

There are plenty of professors around, but there can only be one military commander in the entire country.”

Yi Qianmo pursed his lips in irritation.

His statement was simply irrefutable.

“Fine, you win!”

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