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Mu Feichi had treated Si Wenxuan coldly for years, even when the President and the First Lady were present.

As long as the Young Commander didnt feel it, he would never show this young lady any respect.

“If thats all then, Ill be heading back now.” Mu Feichi didnt wait for the President to answer and left right away.

“Jinzhi…” Xiao Weijun sighed and wanted to stop the Young Commander, but he had already walked out of the door.

“Brother Feichi!” Si Wenxuan wasnt going to give up just yet and chased after Mu Feichi.

She was already accustomed to him treating her coldly, to the point where she didnt mind it.

Seeing her own daughter chasing after a man who did not even want to talk to her made Xiao Weijun let out another deep sigh.

The First Lady turned to look at her husband, who was sitting back in his chair, and both of them looked at each other helplessly.

The reason Xiao Weijun had brought snacks to the office was so that she could have a conversation with Mu Feichi.

However, she had not noticed her daughter sneaking in behind her.

The moment Si Wenxuan showed her face in front of the Young Commander, the man left right away as if either he had to leave the room or the young lady did.

The mother could clearly see that her daughter had feelings for Mu Feichi.

Perhaps because he was the Young Commander, he was used to doing things in a direct manner.

He had told the President and the First Lady right from the start that they shouldnt let Si Wenxuan have any hopes of him because he wasnt interested.

Mu Feichis cruel yet decisive attitude toward this relationship was respectful, but it was tough for the other party.

No matter how much Si Wenxuan liked him, he would never give her a chance.

Not even when her social status would have been a great match for him.

Si Jingting and his wife both understood where the Young Commander stood on that matter.

Yet, unfortunately for them, they had tried and failed to convince their daughter.

“Brother Feichi! Wait for me!”

Mu Feichi walked toward the exit with his huge paces, ignoring the young lady who was jogging to catch up with him.

It wasnt until they reached the garden that Si Wenxuan finally caught up and stopped Mu Feichi right in his tracks.

She gasped for air and raised her head to scowl at the man who had left the moment he saw her.

No matter how much the Presidents daughter wracked her brain, she couldnt find an explanation for why the Young Commander hated her so much.

She knew that she had never done anything wrong to him and was trying to find the reason why he had never fallen for her.

The only thing that came to Si Wenxuans mind was Yun Xi.

However, to the Presidents daughter, Yun Xi was no more than a peasant, the daughter of a director who had just arrived in the big city.

Thinking of Yun Xi gave Si Wenxuan flashbacks of the pain she had had to go through because of that peasant.

She hated Yun Xi so much that she wanted the daughter of the Yun family to suffer.

Mu Feichi stopped, turned, and coldly glared at Si Wenxuan.

His action was so sudden that she couldnt react fast enough to hide the hatred and anger in her eyes, and he saw everything.

The mans gaze turned even colder, to the point where the air was starting to feel chilly for the young lady despite the fact that she was standing in the sun.

The Young Commander looked at the childish lady in front of him.

She had been born into a prestigious family where her parents were more well born than normal people.

Despite that, she did not have the elegance or the dignity that the daughter of a President should have.

Not only that, but she also did not know how to read a situation or how to bear the responsibilities that shed been born with.

Si Wenxuan was ignorant, arrogant, willful, and even petty, the result of her having been spoiled by the President and his wife.

Even though Si Wenxuan was the same age as Yun Xi, the latter, who grew up in the countryside, was much more mature.

Yun Xis manners and wits were outstanding when compared to Si Wenxuans spoiled behavior.

Yun Xi was attentive, smart, and resourceful.

She could easily understand people and come up with intricate plans.

Even though she was cruel, she still kept a pure and innocent heart.

On the other hand, Si Wenxuan was narrowminded and short-sighted.

Other than being the Presidents daughter, there was nothing more to say about her.

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