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The door to the house swung open, and Fenghuang Niao looked up at the person coming out of the door.

She had to admit that her boss certainly had superb taste.

This young girl was not only a stunner, but she seemed sophisticated too.

Compared with the other heiresses in their fancy dresses, she seemed a little more unique.

There were very few women in Jingdu who were both beautiful and who had the courage to fight side by side with the Young Commander.

And there were even fewer who could have gained Lord Yans admiration.

Her boss had been the first, while this girl was the second.

She really wanted to see just how capable this girl truly was.

Yun Xi walked out with her hands holding her skirt off the ground.

The moment she stepped out, she saw Mu Feichi standing next to a…black-clad enchantress.

She froze at the sight.

The woman in front of her was bewitching.

She had an indescribable allure standing there, under the dim lights.

Compared with Li Zilans refined and coquettish charm, this woman seemed even more feminine.

Seeing Yun Xi staring at her now, Fenghuang Niao raised her hand to greet her and introduced herself with a chuckle.

“Hi there, my name is Fenghuang Niao.

Im one of Young Master Mus people.”

Upon hearing this, Mu Feichis expression suddenly darkened.

He turned around and berated Fenghuang Niao, “What you mean youre one of my people Do you even know what youre saying The only person who belongs to me is her, not you!”

TCH! TCH! “I know youre protective of her, but youre being really unreasonable.

Im your cousin and I work for you, so how am I not one of your people”

Mu Feichis eyes looked like they were shooting daggers at her.

With a look promising impending doom hovering over his handsome face, he repeated through gritted teeth, “Say it properly.

What does being my people even mean”

“Geez, okay! Im one of the people here to help protect you.

Gosh, youre so eager to distance yourself from me… You act as if there really was something going on between us.”

“Shut up!” Mu Feichi grunted softly and reached out to hug the girl who was still standing frozen by the veranda.

“Just ignore her.

All you need to know is that she is your bodyguard.”

“I got it, and I didnt misunderstand anything.

Shes your cousin, right How could I regard your relative as a bodyguard I might end up having to protect her instead.”

If the bodyguards were his relatives, then she would not dare order them around, let alone have them take a bullet for her.

“You dont have to worry about that.

Shes stronger than Li Zilan and wont be reduced to asking for your protection.” Mu Feichi stepped out of the veranda with his arms around her, not wanting to debate any further with Fenghuang Niao.

“Really Is she that capable” Yun Xi curiously turned to look at the friendly woman walking up to her with a smile on her face.

She certainly could not tell that she was a member of the special forces.

Her ladylike demeanor was definitely a great disguise.

“Ill keep you safe, dont you worry.”

“Hey, wait a minute.

Why did you get me a bodyguard Dont we have Team Leader A for that”

“After we go public with our relationship, youll become everyones target.

With her by your side to protect you, it will relieve me of my worries.

She is my trump card.

I didnt even agree to using her when the madame asked for her assistance to protect Si Wenxuan.”

“The best steel is used only on the sharpest of blades.”

“… ” Okay, now she certainly understood how much he cared for her, watching this elaborate display of love for her.

Between her and Si Wenxuan, she was far more important.

The banquet was held in the grand hall of the villa.

As it was almost time, the majority of the guests had already arrived.

Even the Prime Minister, Qi Linzhou, who hardly ever made appearances due to his notable status, had also arrived.

As the host, Qi Fengzhou arrived early to receive the honored guests.

The number of guests at the evening banquet was one-third more than at the noon banquet.

All of them were distinguished figures with prominent family backgrounds, with a few high-ranking officials among the crowd.

Walking along the corridor, Mu Feichi casually looked at the bright lights around him, and, every now and then, he would turn his head to look at the person beside him holding onto his arm.

“How are you feeling Are you nervous Theres no turning back once you enter the venue.

Its not too late to change your mind now.”

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