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Chapter 145: You Are My Idol!

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After giving the old Madame a massage, Yun Xi refused Chen Yichens kind offer to take her home and stayed there stalling until Chen Yichen had left to go to work.

Finally she got up and left.

After getting in the car, Yun Xi looked at Young Marshal Mu, who had been waiting outside for several hours, and she felt a little embarrassed.

After all, sitting doing nothing in a closed car for a few hours was indeed asking a lot from him.

“Young Marshal Mu, you didnt actually need to bring me here yourself…”

“Why, is it that after seeing the eldest son inside, seeing me is now an eyesore to you”

Mu Feichi frowned a little, and his calm eyes were fixed on her delicate face.

The sunlight outside the car window reflected her face, making it seem as if it had fuzzy edges.

They were all men, so there was no way he didnt understand Chen Yichens intentions.

Yun Xi blinked.

What was this all about How could they even be compared

One had been born with a silver spoon in his mouth, while the other was the high and mighty Young Marshal Mu.

It was clear that they werent even on the same level.

“Young Marshal Mu, in truth, you shouldnt lower your worth and compare yourself with ordinary plebeians.”

He was the head of the Mu family of Country C, and the prosperity and the future of the entire family rested on his shoulders alone.

He was a mythical character in Country C, in regard to both his previous life and in this life.

This man that all women fawned over was not only as unattainable as the moon, but also his existence was enough to make people go crazy.

He was out of reach, but he was also like an irresistible mystery.

Every girl had such an idol in her heart, the one who motivated them, and she was no exception.

He was the moon for everyone, so when she stood in front of him, she needed to look up to him too.

“Am I unworthy” His face emitted an forthcoming vibe, but sitting there, his demeanor appeared calm and composed.

“No! Its just that theres no need.

You are already at the highest point, and no one can compare to you.

Every girl has a hero in her mind, and you are our hero.”

To be precise, in her mind, this man was the moon and her idol.

Whether it was his unpredictable ways or his method of dealing with things, he was an admirable and powerful man.

“Then what about you” Mu Feichi gazed at her deeply, and her bright figure seemed to be imprinted on the dark abyss of his eyes.

“Me” Yun Xi was caught off guard, as if she didnt expect him to ask her that, and she cocked her head as she stared at him with a faint smile on her lips.

“You are my idol!”

Mu Feichi pursed his lips lightly with a mirthful look in his eyes.

Then he reached out and squeezed her tender face.

He felt a little bit amused at how she kept a straight face as she said stuff she obviously didnt mean.

“Dont use me to escape reality.

At the moment, you dont know what kind of person can become your idol.

Idols are just a concept in your mind.

Because you havent met one that you can truly admire and look up to.”

Feeling as if he had read her mind, Yun Xi smiled a little awkwardly.

He was right.

In her mind, an idol was just a concept.

This man was an idol who motivated her to work hard.

Becoming a doctor was also the goal she was striving for.

But this was not the answer hed asked for.

What hed asked was about the faith and light in her heart.

She had no idea who the true idol in her heart was.

Because she had not met a person who could conquer her.

“Since you havent met one yet, I dont mind becoming your idol.”

This was what made him feel the most happy and proud.

Once he became her faith and light, then he would be a unique existence in her heart.

This was what he wanted the most!

“Young Marshal Mu, then you will have to come up with something that will make me surrender!”

Mu Feichi sneered a little and paid no attention to her prickly words.

“You are not strong enough now.

You cant even beat Li Zilan, yet you want to challenge me”

“Then just wait! I wont lose to you.”

His words had ignited the passionate spirit of battle running through her veins.

He squeezed her tender face and chuckled.

“Dont make me wait for too long.”

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