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Chapter 147: A Whiff of His Prey

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After quickly taking care of the wound on one hand, Yun Xi raised her head and reached out to pull over his other hand.

Her eyes were clear, and there was a stubborn expression on her delicately featured youthful face.

Looking up at him, she resembled Bambi taking care of a hunter.

In his world, women were all promiscuous bitches.

They were obviously afraid of him, but lusted after him nonetheless.

For the sake of money and power, they used all means available to climb into his bed.

He always found their fearful and greedy faces both disgusting and dirty when he looked at them.

But the little girl in front of him seemed so pure that he felt his soul stir.

At the age of 17 or 18, she had the vivaciousness of a young girl, but she also had an intelligence that seemed beyond her years.

If it had been anyone else, just one look from him would have been enough to scare them away, but shed actually had the courage to approach him.

How interesting!

Moreover, this girl handled his wounds with skill and speed, so she obviously wasnt a novice.

Such a beautiful little thing had broken into his hunting range.

He only vaguely had gotten a whiff of his prey…

After bandaging the wound on his hand, she stood up and put a cartoon Band-Aid on his forehead.

As she stood up, she could clearly see the man glaring at the cartoon Band-Aid in her hand with disgust.

She didnt care whether he liked it or not, and she pressed it directly onto his forehead.

“Thats it.

Dont get any water on the wound for the next two days.”

Then she turned around and stuffed the remaining Band-Aids into the pocket on the chest of his shirt.

“These are for you.”

Feng Yang touched the stupid Band-Aid on his forehead, then cocked his head and stared at the figure of the girl who had returned to her own seat and was reading.

This girl didnt want to talk to him or ask him for thanks.

She seemed rather cold and proud.

The sunlight outside the bus window fell on her, and she seemed to glow with a faint golden light.

She appeared calm and quiet.

Her features were delicate and small, and her entire being exuded youthfulness.

Unlike his dark world, her world seemed bright.

That warm source of light gave him a sense of longing.

Soon, the bus stopped at the gate of Jinggao School.

He watched her pick up her books and rush off the bus.

In the air, there remained a faint pleasant scent of medicine.

As soon as Yun Xi arrived at the building, all the high school classmates she met along the way stared at her bizarrely and whispered among themselves.

She couldnt help but wonder who she had offended or who had stirred up trouble for her once again.

She ended up slowing down because their staring was making her feel nervous.

“Thats the girl who cheated in your class and got first place”

“I really couldnt tell how she resorted to such unscrupulous means in order to enter the advanced class.”

“Everyone is talking about it! How shameless for someone from the countryside.”


After hearing all this cr*p, Yun Xi tugged at her mouth in anger and quickly walked to her classroom.

It seemed as if someone was stirring up trouble for her again.

Very well then, she wanted to see who was trying to get her this time.

As soon as she entered the classroom, she saw her classmates were standing all crowded around.

Upon seeing her, their expressions were full of loathing.

Yun Xi glanced at these classmates indifferently, and her gaze finally fell on Liang Xinyi.

She watched her carefully for a moment, and Liang Xinyis smug expression indicated that she was waiting for a good show.

If she had done something against Yun Xi, she would have appeared guilty and kept a low profile at the moment.

It seemed that this time, it was not Liang Xinyi who was out to get her.

Inadvertently, she caught a glimpse of the class leader, Li Sinuo, and his friend, Yang Lu, together.

Upon seeing her glance at them, the two of them shot her a look then quickly turned their heads away and pretentiously took out their books from their desks.

The other students in the class were either gossiping or waiting for the good show.

Yun Xi couldnt help but curl her lips into a sneer.

Remembering that she had stolen first place from Li Sinuo, and embarrassed Yang Lu, she realized that these two people were out to get her.

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