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Xiao Jinglin was confident in his ability to read a person, and he could tell that the lady in front of him was unlike other ladies of her age.

She was proud, but she knew how to keep a low profile.

She was completely different from the ladies of prestigious families.

He couldnt help but recall the video he had seen where Yun Xi personally performed surgery on the First Lady.

Despite being young, there was no hesitation in her movements, a sign that she was confident in her own skill.

Even when she was wearing a face mask, he could see the confidence in her eyes.

Yun Xi was completely different than Si Wenxuan with her arrogant attitude, especially her gentle but beautiful smile.

“Nice to meet you, Mr.


Im the host of this charity, Yun Xi.”

Yun Xi did her best to suppress her excitement and extended her hand to shake his.

It was as if she was a young lady finally meeting her idol.

Xiao Jinglin smiled and shook her hand.

Despite being a generation older than Yun Xi, he didnt act like it.

Instead, he laughed and asked, “Judging from Ms.

Yuns reaction, it seems as if you know who I am.”

Hed seen the surprised expression on Yun Xis face when Gu Baifan had introduced him, but that expression had quickly switched to a modest and respectful one.

He was intrigued as to what she thought about him.

Mu Feichi, who was standing next to Yun Xi, did not notice her expression.

When Xiao Jinglin asked Yun Xi if they had met before, the Young Commander finally turned around and saw the changes in Yun Xis eyes.

He had never told Yun Xi about Xiao Jinglin as Jingdu rarely had any dealings with the Middle East.

Even if they did, they would never trouble the Xiao family.

That was why hed never told her about the Xiao family.

However, judging from her expression, it seemed as if she knew who Xiao Jinglin was.

This puzzled Mu Feichi.

It had been years since Xiao Jinglin had returned and Yun Xi had grown up in Muyang.

It would have been almost impossible for Yun Xi to know who the head of the Xiao family was.

It wasnt until Yun Xi noticed Mu Feichis stare that she realized her reaction had sold her out.

After a few seconds of silence, she finally said, “I…I saw you on TV.

It was at the Economic Forum held last month.”

Xiao Jinglin preferred to keep a low profile, which was why he rarely showed himself in public.

Fortunately, Yun Xi had managed to catch a glimpse of him on TV, and she was sure that the man shed seen was him.

She had to be more careful and not mention things in the future that had not happened yet.

“Oh” Xiao Jinglin laughed as he raised a brow.

“I had no idea that Ms.

Yun was interested in me.

Then, can I get a special invitation to the auction tomorrow”

“It will be our honor to have you there, Mr.


Youll be treated as our special VIP.

Ill let Baifan see that you have your invitation tomorrow.”

“Thank you.” Xiao Jinglin nodded and finally turned to Mu Feichi, whom he had ignored for a while.

“Its been a long time since we last met.

Hows your grandfather”

“It sure has been.

My grandfather is doing well.”

“Ill be in the country for some time.

Ill visit him when I have the time.

Im sorry, but Ill have to trouble you to make an arrangement for me to meet with him since Ill be attracting attention everywhere I go.”

“Ill have my people handle it.”

As Xiao Jinglin was a special individual who would catch all sorts of attention whenever he left his home, he had to be well-prepared, not only for his own safety but for others as well.

Mu Feichi carefully asked, “Where will you be staying in the meantime”

“The public thinks that Im staying here, at the Jingdu Grand Hotel.

But, I would prefer to stay at your Mu Mansion.”

Mu Feichi nodded.

He would never have allowed it if it had been anyone else, but he had a high respect for Xiao Jinglin.

As a respectable man and the younger brother of the First Lady, and also a man of many identities, Xiao Jinglin would be safer if he stayed at Mu Feichis home.

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