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The sounds of gunshots at the entrance of the street alerted the people in the car.

Fenghuang Niao suddenly stepped on the brakes and cautiously analyzed the direction of the gunshots.

“In front!” It was drizzling.

Looking at the dark and empty street ahead, there was barely any light at all, and only the headlights illuminated their vision a few yards ahead.

Clutching the steering wheel tightly, Fenghuang Niao listened intently for a while.

After figuring out how many people the other party had, she said nervously, “Check the electronic map and see if we can make a detour.”

“No, this is the main street.

The left side is the river, and the right side is too close to the temporary camp of the independent army.

I dont know if well run into trouble.”

Yun Xi quickly looked at the electronic map and nervously raised her head to look at the dark surroundings.

“Retreat 200 yards and find the road that forks off to the left.

We can hide there.

Lets go!”

Fenghuang Niao did not dare hesitate.

She turned the steering wheel and drove back.

The car retreated to a fork in the road.

After turning off the car lights, the three of them got out, lowering their bodies to hide behind the car door.

They quickly readied their weapons and aimed them at the main street.

The gunshots and the sound of cars were getting closer and closer.

Everyone held their breath.

There were only three of them.

Before they knew the strength of the other party, they could not act rashly.

Especially since they had a precious batch of vaccines with them.

No matter what, saving the vaccine was more important than their lives.

There was nothing else they could do besides that.

The car in front had just passed by, and Fenghuang Niaos sharp eyes saw the flag that was stuck on the front of the car through the dim light.

Her heart skipped a beat.

Then she looked at the drivers seat where the window had been shattered.

The profile of the persons face was familiar to her.

“Oh, no! Its Lie Huo and his team.

The Young Commander must be nearby!”

Fenghuang Niao put away the gun in her hand.

“You two stay in the car.

Ill go help them.

Dont come over.”

“No! There are too many of them, and you guys are outnumbered…”

“Stop worrying.

Ill follow them and lure them away.

You guys take the chance to locate the Young Commander.”

Without giving Yun Xi a chance to refuse, Fenghuang Niao ran into the night, rushing toward the two cars on the street.

Unable to stop her, Yun Xi had no choice but to hide in the car with Su Hang.

She hugged the box of precious vaccines tightly and felt like she had waited for an eternity, even though it was actually just a short period of time.

A shadow suddenly appeared on the dark street.

Lie Huo was stunned for a moment.

With the help of the headlights, he saw that it was Fenghuang Niao, but he did not stop the car.

He gestured to the person outside to let her get in.

Fenghuang Niao quickly jumped into the passenger seat.

Before she could catch her breath, she looked behind her.

Behind her was a car with Jun Countrys national flag.

There were only two of them, and there was probably a small group of independent army soldiers chasing after them.

“What happened Wheres the Young Commander”

“The Young Commander and the rest went into the residential area to hide.

San Qing and I lured the independent army away.

The independent army has been chasing after us closely.

We brought too many people with us, and we were too big of a target.

We were attacked several times, and the refugees were all injured.

Now, we can only hide temporarily.

When we find Li Zilan and the rest, well think of a way to break out.

Fenghuang Niao tightened her grip on the sniper rifle in her hands.

The situation was worse than they had expected.

It would not be easy for them to evacuate to the port safely.

With that girl following them, their boss might really start a massacre.

“Why are you here Didnt Boss ask you to protect our future Young Madame”

Lie Huo turned to look at her.

Seeing that she did not look well, he had a bad feeling.

“Dont tell me shes here too”

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