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After getting out of the shower, Yun Xi looked at the man sitting on the bed with his laptop.

She stood by the door hesitantly and did not dare to move.

Yun Xi did not forget that when they were at the abandoned factory earlier on, someone had said that he would punish her.

Since she was injured, she wouldnt be any match for him no matter what.

“Why are you just standing there Are you going to sleep there tonight” Mu Feichi looked up from his laptop, and his sharp eyes fell on the hesitating Yun Xi.

The cautious expression on her face really got to him.

“Im afraid that you are going to punish me…”

Mu Feichi softly snorted as he put his laptop away.

He then looked at her seriously and said, “So you are afraid now But when you rushed out to save some random person, why did you forget that I would be angry and worried if you had gotten injured”

“Ive already said that it was just an accident.

Mu Three-Years-Old, you are so petty.”

This jealous man was not going to let her off for saving Qi Yitan.

But if he had been there, he would definitely not have left that man to die either.

“He was provoking me right to my face.

So do you think I should continue to be considerate”

“Come here!” Mu Feichi beckoned Yun Xi over as he moved away from the area that he had kept warm for her.

“Lets sleep now.

I have to go to the military headquarters tomorrow and explain what happened tonight.”

“All right…” Hearing what hed said, Yun Xi immediately felt relieved.

She ran over and quickly slipped under the warm blankets.

Feeling the warmth of the bed and the blankets, Yun Xi felt so loved.

The caring actions of this man were so gentle and mesmerizing.

Yun Xi lay down on the bed, careful not to touch the wound on her arm.

She let Mu Feichi cover her with the warm blanket, and she asked, “How are you going to deal with Han Hongbin”

“Havent you been handling his affairs all this while You want me to do something about it now”

“…” Yun Xi gritted her teeth when she realized she had just asked something stupid.

Yun Xi had always wanted to deal with the Han family personally.

So when Mu Feichi said he wouldnt interfere, he had really kept his promise and only supported her from the sidelines.

He didnt even say anything when she kicked the Han family out of the big four wealthiest families.

Besides respecting her decision in whatever she wanted to do, he also gave her his full support.

“I dont know why you hate the Han family so much, to the point that you schemed to destroy them and even risked your life to break the balance of power in Jingdu.

But I will support you entirely, as long as its something you want to do.”

“Dont say that.

Theres no need for such formalities between us.

Lets sleep.

Dont think so much, as its not good for your health to have so much on your small little brain.”

“…” He sure didnt pick his words well.

Mu Feichi turned slightly and kissed Yun Xi on her forehead.

He then dimmed the bedside lamp after saying good night to her.

After a good nights sleep, Mu Feichi woke up to the vibration of his mobile phone on the bedside table.

Seeing that it was a private number, he walked out of the bedroom and answered the call.


Xiao, good morning!”

“Is the little girl all right Was she badly injured”

As soon as Mu Feichi picked up the phone, he could hear Xiao Jinglins anxious voice.

It was as if he couldnt wait any longer to speak.

“What did you promise me when I left”

“Uncle Jing!” Mu Feichi rubbed his forehead and said, “Shes all right.

She only has an abrasion.

I was in a meeting at the military headquarters when they made a sudden attack, and even I was caught off guard.

Its complicated, and I will personally apologize to you again when you are back in town.”

“Whats so complicated about it Isnt it just the Han family Cant you deal with such a small family If you cant do it, I will!”

“It was her wish to deal with the Han family personally, and I had promised to leave it up to her.

She would be angry with anyone who intervened.”

After a brief silence on the phone, Xiao Jinglin spoke again in a cold voice.

“My father and I are going to bring the plane back today.

Could you please bring Yun Xi along and pick us up from the airport in the evening.

Then we will have dinner with the Si family tonight.”

“Old Master Xiao is coming back” Mu Feichi was stunned for a moment.

If Old Master Xiao had decided to return to the country, it would be no small matter.

“He wanted to meet his only granddaughter, so please make proper arrangements for it.”

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