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Hearing how worried, anxious, and overwhelmed Xiao Jinglin sounded, Yun Xi suddenly felt like crying.

She always thought that she just wasnt fated to have a loving family.

It had also never crossed her mind that she wasnt the biological daughter of her parents in the Yun Family.

But, thinking about it now, maybe she just didnt have an affinity with them.

But this distinguished man was never stingy with the care he was supposed to give her as a loving father.

Compared to Yun Yuanfeng, who had been using her and scheming against her, Xiao Jinglin was an excellent and responsible father.

In particular, Xiao Jinglins love and affection for her biological mother remained unchanged for twenty years.

“Im alright.

It was just a small injury, so dont worry about it.”

Yun Xi could tell that Xiaoer wasnt exaggerating by listening to his voice.

Xiao Jinglin sounded like he didnt get enough rest the night before.

Yun Xi couldnt help but feel guilty when she thought of how Xiao Jinglin couldnt sleep the night before.

“Thats great… Im glad that youre alright…” Even though Xiao Jinglin had already heard from Mu Feichi that she was alright, he only felt relieved after personally talking to her.

“I am sorry to have made you worry…” With a change in their relationship, Yun Xi suddenly didnt know how to interact with the man whom she had just found out to be her biological father.

So, she was feeling a little nervous and hesitant.


Yun Xi had never felt such love and care before, so she didnt even know how to accept or express it.

“By the way, I have found the auntie who sent me to the countryside that year, but shes not in Jingdu.

I intend to meet her to ask what happened that year.”

“Well go together when I am back in Jingdu.

Were at the airport now.”

When Xiao Jinglin heard that Yun Xi was injured, he got anxious and couldnt stay put in Country M any longer.

So he immediately decided to arrange for a private plane to fly back to Jingdu.

The feeling of regret he had for what happened to Rong Rong back then—he didnt want it happening again to his only daughter!

“Are you already coming back” It was so sudden, and she hadnt prepared herself for it.


Little girl, your grandfather is coming back with me.

He wants to meet you.”

“What Do you mean my grandfather I…” Yun Xis mind went blank when she heard that Old Master Xiao would be arriving with Xiao Jinglin.

“Dont worry! Your grandfather is an easy-going man.

There arent many young people in the family and you are his only granddaughter.

He has waited so long for this day, so he just wanted to meet you.”

“Alright… then do I need to do anything”

“We are already at the airport waiting for our plane, so you just need to pick us up from the airport at 6:00 p.m.

I have already told Jinzhi about it.

He will bring you along, and then we will have dinner with the Si Family.”

“Alright…” Yun Xi hung up after Xiao Jinglin was done talking and passed the mobile phone to Xiaoer.

“Dont disturb your boss over a small injury in the future so that he wouldnt be so worried.”

“Okay…” Xiaoer nodded, although he knew that his boss would eventually find out about everything he needed to know.

When it came to Yun Xis well-being, the more he wouldnt be relaxed or careless about it.

The housekeeper brought out breakfast from the kitchen and served it to Yun Xi.

She then began eating as she talked to Xiaoer and Xiaosi about her plans for the day.

Since Han Hongbin planned and made a direct move on her, it wouldnt be nice if she didnt do the same in return.

She will have him know that she wasnt a silly little girl who would forgive and forget everything.

“After hearing what happened last night, our boss moved the bodyguards from all over Jingdu to Mount Tianyu.

Now, they are all stationed at the foot of the mountains, awaiting further instructions.”

Yun Xi was stunned for a moment, and she frowned.

“Let them go back to where they came from first.

Since Mu Feichi sent his men over too, we will attract too much attention having so many people around.

I am not afraid of the enemies I know of, but I am more worried about those Im not aware of.

Do you understand what I mean”

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“I understand!” Both Xiaoer and Xiaosi nodded in response.

While they were here, they had already figured out what was going on in Jingdu.

They knew and could see those who were openly against them.

However, many people would want to stay behind the scenes and take advantage of the situation.

Therefore, no one could guarantee that there would not be any backstabbing in the future.

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