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Chapter 165: Foolish and Ignorant

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“You b*stard!” Old man Jiang shouted out.

It was bad enough that his grandson was foolish and ignorant, but now hed also embarrassed them in front of the Chen family.

Old man Jiang really wanted to beat up this rascal.

“Yun Xi is kindhearted and has great medical skills.

How can you say that she is venomous.

You ignorant little rascal!”

Old man Chen had just been trying to snatch her away, and now his grandson was pushing her away himself.

He was truly livid.

“Grandpa! She is deceiving you! She even framed her own sister, so how can she not be vicious.”

“Your grandpa isnt that demented yet.

I can still tell good from bad, right from wrong.”

“You cant be biased toward her because of that silly engagement made when we were babies.

She grew up in the countryside and is so vulgar, and she isnt good enough to be my wife.

Moreover, shes jinxed six of her relatives, so perhaps you want your grandson to be jinxed to death as well”

Jiang Henglin hadnt known how bad Yun Xi was and had simply taken a dislike toward her at first glance.

Liang Xiuqin and Yun Ziling had come to see him a few days ago, and, after their brainwashing, hed found out that this girl was actually terrible.

His grandpa must be truly demented to actually like her.

This wretched girl was truly a scourge.

“You! You b*stard!”

Old man Jiang was truly infuriated by his words, and his old face flushed with anger.

He picked up a plate from the table and was about to hit Jiang Henglin on the head…

“Dad! Dont be impulsive, Dad!” Jiang Wanyun rushed up to stop the old man.

Jiang Wanyun kicked Jiang Henglin under the table, and her eyes sent him a warning to watch his mouth.

“Henglin, shut up.

How can you talk to Grandpa like this!”

Jiang Henglin suppressed his anger with a resentful look on his face, and he glared at Yun Xi viciously.

His glare was so vicious that it was almost as if he wanted to burn a hole through her.

Yun Xi met his fiery eyes coldly and smirked mockingly.

In this life, shed met Jiang Henglin earlier than in her previous life.

To her, Jiang Henglin was just an immature boy.

He neither knew how to control his own emotions nor knew how to understand other peoples emotions.

Perhaps because of his age, his mannerisms seemed brazenly reckless and immature, as if he could care less about the consequences of his actions.

However, in her last life, Jiang Henglin had already entered society, and he was much more observant and slick as a person.

He was slick and slimy.

Knowing that the old man was fond of her, he had acted in a way that he thought was going to please everyone.

He was smooth and played his role so well that if hed been an actor he wouldve won an Oscar.

In private, hed threatened and seduced her.

In the end, in the name of keeping up their marriage contract, theyd decided not to interfere with each other.

He could be a pretentious womanizer, and she would keep her position as the Jiang familys future young bride.

Hed wanted freedom, while shed wanted fame and fortune, so each had gotten what they wanted.

But the current Jiang Henglins behavior really wasnt slick at all, so it would be easy for her to deal with him.

She hadnt even said a word, and the old man had become extremely angry, and everyone was on her side.

“Aunt! Im telling the truth.

Cant you see how smug that wretched girl is Shes rejoicing over other peoples misfortunes.

Do you really think shes a good person Dont be fooled by her too!”

“Shut up! You are not allowed to say those things about Yun Xi.”

Jiang Wanyun didnt know what was wrong with her nephew or why he despised Yun Xi so much.

It really seemed that fate was capricious.

Without fate two people couldnt be brought together no matter what.

But that was in their favor, because if she couldnt marry into the Jiang family, she could still marry into the Chen family.

When Jiang Henglin saw that his last trump card was on Yun Xis side, his entire face suddenly became gloomy.

Clenching his fists, he tried to suppress his boiling rage inside.

At this moment, the man who had been sitting in the main seat stood up, walked up to Jiang Henglin arrogantly, and stopped.

Jiang Henglin looked at the person in front of him, and the anger he had been feeling moments before suddenly turned into respect.

Nodding to Jiang Henglin, Young Master Mu tried to conceal his hostility.

His deep, mellow voice resounded throughout the dining room, “This man from the Jiang family doesnt even have the most basic manners of a gentleman or the etiquette of a distinguished familys upbringing.

You have really allowed me to see you in a different light.”

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