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Chapter 219: Rely on This Man

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After leaving the hospital, Chen Yichen took Yun Xi to a nearby restaurant for dinner.

He was so considerate and caring toward her that it was as if he was her boyfriend.

Yun Xi didnt like to receive favors from others for no reason, so after ordering food, she looked at the man sitting across from her with a serious expression on her face.

“Did you come looking for me today just to invite me to dinner Please tell me if theres something else you want to ask me.

Im all ears.”

Chen Yichen seemed a little confused by her serious attitude.

“I cant just invite you for dinner because I suddenly missed seeing you”

“Its not that… I just think that since youre so busy, you probably dont have time to waste on such trivial matters.”

Yun Xi purposely turned her head away to discreetly steer the conversation away from any romantic undertones.

“No matter how busy I am, I am a human being.

I have to eat and sleep.”

Chen Yichen smiled helplessly.

“Look at you.

Are you so reluctant to see me”

“No, youre overthinking it.”

“Which friend of yours is going to have this operation Are you going to want to be the surgeon I can ask the hospital to arrange it.”

“You must be kidding.

How can I perform surgery Heart bypass surgery must be performed by experienced experts.

I dont know anything about it.”

“You had the nerve to perform an emergency operation on me on the train.

I thought…”

“You overestimate me.

That was a fairly simple procedure that any ordinary doctor could do.

Heart bypass surgery is different.

My medical skills are fairly simple and cant be compared with those experts.”

“Okay, then just act like I didnt say anything.”

Not wanting to continue this topic, Yun Xi started talking about Chen Yichens work.

After reading all the information provided by Mu Feichi, she now knew all the interests of the major families and companies in the Jingdu business world and how they were involved with each other.

Chen Yichens company was recently preparing to go public and needed a large amount of investment funds to stabilize its capital chain.

Therefore, she wasnt about to ask his mother for the surgery fee.

The words had been at the tip of her tongue, but in the end she refrained from asking.

Originally, shed thought that she wouldnt have anything that she needed to ask Mu Feichi for help with during his absence, and, here she was, having to go up the mountain within just a few days.

Halfway up the mountain, she was looking at the sentry post and suddenly realizing that she seemed to be relying more and more on this man recently.

This wasnt a good sign.

Stopping dead in her tracks, Yun Xi stood there feeling anxious and conflicted about her dependence on him.

After starting her new life, she was fearful of trusting others and depending on others.

Mu Feichi was the first one shed started to rely on.

She wanted to become strong, and apparently he was the only way she was going to get there.

There were undoubtedly ulterior motives behind Mu Feichis willingness to teach her.

But what his purpose was, she dared not think about it.

Qi Yuan happened to be checking the guard at the sentry post.

Catching sight of the figure approaching from a distance, he walked toward her.

“Yun Xi,” Qi Yuan called out to her from a distance.

Upon hearing the sound, Yun Xi raised her head, took a deep breath, and suppressed the anxiety she was feeling inside.

“Why havent you come up Young Marshal Mu told me that while hes not here, you can come to me if you need help.”

Young Marshal Mu had expected her to come, so hed kept Qi Yuan nearby.

Usually, he and Feng Rui would accompany Mu Feichi on foreign business affairs.

Yun Xi hesitated, but finally she relayed her intentions.

After all, apart from Mu Feichi, there was no one around who could help her.

She knew 60,000 yuan was not a small amount, and she also wanted to ask Mu Feichi to recommend Xiang Yuanjiu to serve as a soldier, so she voiced both her intentions together.

“Okay, I see.

As for the hospital, we will arrange the matter for you.

Dont worry about the cost.

As for the recruitment, I will report to Young Marshal Mu when I speak to him tonight, and I will give you the news after he confirms it.”

“Okay, thank you!”

Xiang Yuanjiu was an important bargaining chip in this game.

If Mu Feichi helped her, she would have to find a way to pay back this favor.

She felt annoyed when she thought of Han Wanling and the others.

It seemed that she had to find a way for a quick resolution of these problems.

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