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Chapter 220: Drag Them into the Water in One Fell Swoop

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Qi Yuan truthfully reported to Mu Feichi everything that Yun Xi had asked him to do for her.

Far away in a foreign country, Mu Feichi sat in front of the computer, playing with a small bag of lavender.

The bag gave off a slight medicinal scent that made him think of Yun Xi, and he had trouble falling asleep at night.

“Whatever she wants to do, no matter what it is, you have to do it for her.

Keep an eye on Han Wanling for me.

If she dares to lay hands on that girl, you do what you have to do.”

“Yes, sir, your subordinate understands.”

Telling him to do what he had to do usually only meant one thing.

Either let the other person die, or make the other persons life a living h*ll.

Qi Yuan believed that since the girl had asked him to monitor the school first, it meant that she had the ability to deal with Han Wanlings schemes.

“As for that kid…” Mu Feichi narrowed his eyes slightly.

It was rare for the girl to ask him to help out a man.

“Well talk later when I come back.”

“Yes, sir.”

On Saturday morning, as Yun Xi walked down the road toward the school buildings, she noticed that all the places shed wanted watched were being surveilled.

Feeling reassured, she went to her classroom and prepared her textbooks for the advanced prep class.

However, unexpectedly, she found that Liang Xinyi had also come to school.

Many students who wanted to get good grades went to school on Saturday and Sunday to study by themselves, and teachers would occasionally come to the classrooms to help students solve problems.

As soon as Yun Xi entered the classroom, Liang Xinyi looked at her with a haughty, gloating expression in her eyes.

Since she was acting so high and mighty, shed probably done something or had something planned against Yun Xi again.

Sneering, Yun Xi went back to her seat to prepare for the advanced prep class.

After her second class had finished, Yang Lu suddenly came to the advanced prep class to find her.

She nervously pulled her out into the hallway and, leaning in close to her, she whispered, “Yun Xi, I just saw the woman who asked me to spy on you before.”

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows.

She had expected this.

“Huh Here again”

“Yeah! I also just saw the principal respectfully invite her into the principals office.

I heard from a teacher that she was here to donate some devices and laptops to the school.”

Yun Xi smiled.

It seemed that Han Wanling just couldnt sit still.

“Was she alone”

“No, there were several people with her.

The man who drove the sports car who came to pick up your sister and your cousin the other day is here.

And it seems as if there are a few wealthy old women with them.

I didnt know any of them, but it seems as if everyone who has come is rich.”

“Really, then, it seems as if there must be a good show coming.”

Since even Jiang Henglin had been invited here, Han Wanling must be planning some blockbuster event to finish her off.

Very good, now that they were all here, she could drag them all into the water in one fell swoop.

“What good show”

“If you want to watch a good show, you have to do me a favor today.”

“What favor”

“Help me keep an eye on our homeroom teacher today.

No matter when I ask you, you have to tell me where he is in real time.”

“Okay, thats fine.”

Li Sinuo was also in the advanced prep class, but she seemed to be absent today.

Yun Xi hadnt seen her all day.

During the break after the second class, Yun Xi ran to the school gates and made a phone call, then quickly ran back to the special training classroom to prepare for class.

Then, unexpectedly, Li Sinuo showed up.

She stopped Yun Xi before shed gotten to the classroom.

She paused and raised her eyebrows.

“Whats the matter, Li Sinuo”

“Our homeroom teacher is looking for you.

Come with me.”

“Okay, wait a minute, I want to put my book back in the classroom.

Tell me where the homeroom teacher is, and I can go find him.”

“Hes on the fifth floor of the new multimedia teaching building.

He asked me to bring you with me.”

“Okay, I get it.Then wait for me.”

Yun Xi quickly ran back to the classroom to put down her textbooks and then followed Li Sinuo to the multimedia teaching building.

Passing by the academic building, Yun Xi glanced at the surveillance camera that wasnt that far away and deliberately walked in its blind spot by walking under a tree.

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