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Chapter 646: If She Makes A Move, It Means That This Good Show Has Just Begun

“Teacher Lu, we werent bitten by a snake.

So now were working together to catch the culprit who released the snakes in our dormitory last night.”

As the head of the dorm, Zhang Peipei was the first to stand up at the critical moment.

“We caught the three snakes last night and put them in Zhou Chengzhes bag this morning while he was brushing his teeth.

He placed the bag next to the water basin and he didnt even notice the snakes.

When he went back, he kept the bag under his bed.

We were just returning his things to him! The figure that flashed past our window last night was clearly a man!”

Zhou Chengzhes eyes sank.

“You have no proof, no evidence! So how dare you say that it was me!”

The appearance of Zhang Peipei and Jian Junling disrupted Zhou Chengzhes plan and made him nervous.

“We didnt say that the figure was you, Zhou Chengzhe.

Youre the one thats acting so suspicious by being too anxious.

Come on, just look at your aggressive behavior today.

Isnt it obvious how much you want to pin the crime on Yun Xi Youre the first one who jumped up to frame her.

The other students werent as desperate as you!” Zhao Yumo stood up and fired back.

“You! Its clear that you all joined forces to frame me! I didnt do anything! You thieves shouting catch the thief are taking advantage of your numbers, so naturally, you guys can say whatever you all want!”

In a disadvantaged position, Zhou Chengzhe was afraid that this would be the final nail on his coffin, so he could only turn his head and turn to Lu Zhiwei for help.

“Teacher Lu, you can see that theyre working together to frame me! I was framed and falsely incriminated.

I didnt do anything at all!”

Lu Zhiwei looked at Yun Xi, but before he could say anything, Yun Xi spoke.

“Since what everyone said seems to make sense, lets do an experiment! After all, were in this camp to work on biology, and in biology, we sometimes carry out experiments.

So lets do an experiment so we can find out who brought those snakes in.”

Lu Zhiwei slightly narrowed his eyes.

This talented girl had remained silent and aloof all this time and now, shes ready to take action.

If she makes a move, it means that this good show has just begun!

“The laboratory is not far from here, so I asked the teacher to bring some C acid over.

The schools sewer is connected to the canteen.

The water must contain insoluble oil components.

C acid can cause oil to condense and change color through a chemical reaction.

Washing hands removes the smell and traces, but the superficial oils remaining on the surface of the skin can stay for a while.

If you put your hands in a solution of C acid and your hands turn brown, it means you have come into contact with something in the sewer.

Lets try it out on the teacher who carried the cage contaminated with the dirty sewage water.”

“Okay! Ill let someone go and dilute the C acid solution,” the teacher said.

As soon as the teacher carrying the cage left, Zhou Chengzhe became extremely nervous.

He put his hands in his pockets and clenched them into tight fists.

He trembled slightly in anticipation.

He didnt expect this to happen, and he didnt expect Yun Xi, that wretched girl, to come up with such a way to detect it!

His hand touched the snake cage last night.

Although he wore gloves, the gloves were made of cotton and werent waterproof!

Now what Once he puts his hand into C acid, he will definitely be exposed!

How should he worm his way out of the lie

Yun Xi looked at Zhou Chengzhes restless demeanor.

She sneered and positioned herself in front of the black cage, just in case.

Soon, the teacher returned with the diluted solution of C acid.

The teacher who carried the cage did the experiment first.

After a while, the palm of his right hand became dark brown.

Teacher Xu then volunteered to try the experiment on himself.

He reached out for the basin and placed his hand in the solution.

His hand did not change color.

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows.

“Teacher Xu, teachers, and professors.

Zhou Chengzhe claimed that I left these gloves outside the window.

The gloves are still wet, which means that the snake catchers hand must have been contaminated by the water from the sewer.

If thats the case, lets do the experiment on myself!”

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