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Chapter 662: If You Dream of Me Next Time, You Can Shout Louder

She felt as if she had had a long dream.

Many scenes had played out in her mind like the movies.

There was Liang Xiuqins harsh, mean face, Yun Ziling making difficulties, Han Yaotians smug ridicule, Qiao Ximans lofty slandering…

All kinds of hateful people appeared in her mind over and over again.

There was no warmth and only cold-hearted cruelty and harm.

Everyone wanted to push her into desperation and even to kill her.

Those hideous faces, all of a sudden all of them had rushed up…

In her sleep, Yun Xi suddenly woke in panic.

When she opened her eyes, the surrounding area where she found herself was dim.

The light of the bedside lamp shone softly in the dark night.

Hearing the sound, the man standing by the window turned around.

As soon as he turned around, he met the eyes of the person on the bed.

Her dark eyes had a dazzling radiance.

Under the dim light, her eyes appeared like ink that had been purified with water and emanated a sense of purity.

“Youre awake” Mu Feichi walked over and saw her struggling to get up, so he reached out and fished her out of bed.

“Why are you back” Yun Xi stared at the man in front of her in a daze.

Thinking that she had made a mistake, she took a closer look to make sure it was him.

“You were injured.

How could I not come back” Mu Feichi turned on the bedside lamp, fluffed up the pillows so that she could sit up in bed, and wiped away the sweat from her nightmares with a tissue.

“I…I just had a nightmare.

Did I blabber any nonsense”

She was used to living alone, so even if she had nightmares and blabbered nonsense, only she would know.

But this time, she didnt have any idea how long Mu Feichi had stayed here.

She still remembered the dreams so clearly that she was afraid that she had accidentally said something.

Mu Feichis dark eyes radiated light and his cold profile appeared especially chiseled under the light.

When he looked into her eyes, there was indescribable tenderness.

“You spoke so quietly that I couldnt hear anything.

If you dream of me next time, you can shout louder.”

“…” At a loss for words, Yun Xi rolled her eyes at him.

“How long have I slept Yumo and the winter camp…”

“Less than five hours…” Mu Feichi raised his hand and looked at his watch.

Ive already told your teacher, so you dont need to go to the training camp later.

Stay at Tianyu Mountain to recover.

“Where is Yumo”

“She was taken away by the second bro.

They have a clue as to what happened this time.

You dont have to worry about anything.

Just recuperate from your injuries.”

“Then the matter on your side is over”

“Yes, its over.

However, Crocodile is still at large.

Because hes in another country, we cant search there.

We had to come back first.”

“The people who came to kill me this time were mercenaries, probably the same people who tried to assassinate General Shen last time.

Did you guys get the remaining one to talk This guy says he was working for them only for the first time, but his hearing is unlike that of normal people.

He can differentiate between gunshot sounds.

If you can use him…”

“You dont need to worry about what to do with the prisoner.

The special team has a lot of people who know how to do that stuff.

You only need to take care of your injuries.”

He raised his hand to pour her a glass of water, then asked casually, “Do you know why they came at you this time”

“Isnt it because of what happened on Christmas Eve But even so they should have targeted you, not me!”

“No, someone hired them to target you.

The schedule of the winter camp was confidential, yet the other party knew which day you would participate in the winter camp.

Obviously, they know your courses well.

I asked people to investigate.

A public phone booth outside the schools boys dormitory once called your house.

When I say this, you should be able to guess who it is, right”

Yun Xi squinted and nodded lightly.

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