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Chapter 700: Get It By Any Means Necessary

The crystal chandelier glimmered with a bright and luxurious light.

In the huge banquet room, classical music played while the smell of delicious food wafted through the air.

Yun Xi stood behind a corner pillar, silently looking at a figure not that far away from her.

From her point of view, she could clearly see every emotion on the other partys face.

As well as the focus of her attention.

Qiao Ximins appearance at this banquet was a surprise to Yun Xi.

It was impossible that the Qiao family was involved with the three prominent clans.

The three prominent clans were too high in status and wouldnt even bother to associate with the Qiao family.

Therefore, she must have come here today as the guest of someone from the four distinguished families.

Currently, the Qiao family was starting to rise up in Jingdu.

They were working hard to establish connections.

Todays banquet was undoubtedly the best opportunity for them to climb up the social ranks.

Whether its military, politics or business, the three prominent clans and the four distinguished families held the best connections in the entire Jingdu, and even the country.

This was especially true for the Mu family.

Today, they were prominent military, business, and political figures.

Even the other families, including the Qiao family, wanted to take the opportunity to social climb despite having yet to establish a firm foothold.

Despite all this, Yun Xi wasnt expecting that Qiao Ximin, who had just turned 18 this year, hadnt set her sights on Han Yaotian.

Han Yaotian was finishing his opening speech as the host of the banquet.

When he was done, and then the three leaders of the prominent clans went up on the stage to give speeches.

This was an annual practice, and it had always been a tradition of Weiya Banquets.

According to seniority, Huo Tingxiao would be the first, Jiang Chenghuan would be the second, and Mu Feichi would be the third.

Huo Tingxiaos speech was simple and straightforward as usual.

He stepped down from the stage after speaking a single sentence.

It happened so fast that people didnt even have time to discern his emotions clearly.

However, Yun Xi noticed that many members of the Huo family seemed to be somewhat disdainful of Huo Tingxiaos cool and arrogant temperament.

It seems that the Huo family wasnt as united as she imagined.

When Jiang Chenghuan came to the stage, the vibe suddenly changed.

The solemnity from Huo Tingxiaos speech dissipated, and the speakers humorous way of speaking captured the hearts of the socialites and heiresses in the audience!

At this moment, Second Master Jiang had attracted all the attention of the heiresses who hadnt recovered from Huo Tingxiaos cold arrogance from moments before.

Sure enough, the smiling tiger was more popular, and easily hid his true abilities.

His charm wouldnt let others see through him.

After pondering for a while, Yun Xi found that from beginning to end, Qiao Ximin hadnt looked away from Mu Feichi.

She lacked interest in Han Yaotian, as well as the leaders of the Huo family and Jiang family.

She didnt expect that the first person Qiao Ximin wanted to approach wasnt Han Yaotian, but the Young Marshal Mu Feichi.

Her goal was so clear and she appeared so unwavering.

It really matched the M.O.

of Qiao Ximin back then.

Once she had identified a person or a goal, she had to get it by any means necessary.

From across the room, Yun Xi coldly watched Qiao Ximins adoring eyes follow Mu Feichi as he finally stepped up to the stage.

She couldnt help but sneer.

Qiao Ximins taste was as unique as ever.

Her goal was as lofty as ever, and her first target was the most outstanding man in the military.

Other wealthy heiresses dared not to lust after him, but she had the courage!

The man on the stage stood there with an air of confidence.

His noble yet cold aura seemed to affect everyone present.

Even the elders in the crowd were looking intently at the outstanding junior on stage.

They couldnt help but lament: This youth was to be regarded with awe despite his age!

Standing on the stage, Mu Feichis gaze swept over the many guests; his deep black eyes gleamed with sharpness.

When he saw the figure hiding in the corner again, his thin lips curled slightly hooked, and his mellow voice slowly spoke into the microphone:

“Welcome to the annual Weiya Banquet.

The old year has passed and the new year will begin.

May the seven families…”

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