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Chapter 726: Her Performance Impressed Them

Mu Feichi secretly squeezed Yun Xis hand.

His face was calm and composed, and he did not hesitate to introduce Yun Xi to his family.

There was a matter-of-fact expression on his face, as if he would marry her immediately and give her that title tomorrow.

Yun Xi couldnt help but turn to glance at him.

This person really dared to say anything!

She was mentally prepared for Commander Mu to throw an ashtray at her.

She was ready for anything that came her way ever since Mu Feichi made up his mind to take her to see his parents.

Old Master Mu looked at Old Madam Mu next to him.

The precious grandson of the Mu family seemed to have brought back his future wife so unexpectedly.

They were really taken by surprise!

Mu Feichis sudden introduction of his future wife was like having an atomic bomb dropped in the middle of the Mu familys house, and the atmosphere in the living room changed instantly.

A dozen pairs of eyes in the living room looked over at Yun Xi.

As soon as she had stepped into the Mu familys house, Yun Xi had thought this matter through.

Even if she accepted her fate, the Mu family might not deem her worthy of marrying into their family.

Because of that, she didnt dare to have too much hope.

The more indifferent she was, the less nervous she felt at the moment.

Especially when so many people were staring at her, she didnt even know whether to cry or laugh.

Even so, Yun Xi still maintained a dignified yet indifferent facial expression in front of everyone.

No matter how they looked down on her, she couldnt make Mu Feichi lose face!

Old Master Mu had always cherished his oldest grandson, and Mu Feichi was outstanding enough that the elders never had to worry about him.

However, there was one major issue left, and that was marriage.

The elders wanted to get involved, but now they could not.

They had always thought that Mu Feichi enjoyed being alone and was indifferent towards thoughts of marriage.

They were even worried that he had been on the battlefield for such a long time that he was no longer interested in women!

They didnt expect that the first time he was interested in a girl, she turned out to be a little girl!

Facing the awkward atmosphere in the living room, Yun Xi smiled indifferently, then said politely, “Greetings Old Chief! Greetings Old Madam! Greetings Commander Mu!”

She was polite but not obsequious, neither arrogant nor deliberately flattering.

She was gentle and composed without losing the gracefulness of a lady.

She made sure the Mu family would hold her in higher regard.

The Mu family seated in the living room were used to seeing all sorts of people, including many heiresses and socialites.

The little girl in front of them had clear and pure eyes that seemed to refresh the soul.

Without a trace of opportunistic greed or ambition, she appeared pure-hearted and innocent.

Although she was standing with the person in charge of the Mu family, she didnt seem to show even the slightest bit of stage fright.

Like a jewel shining in the dark that catches everyones eyes, her face was full of confidence and calmness.

The Yun family wasnt a blue-blood family, but this little girls performance today surprised them.

Yun Xi retracted her gaze, then turned her head and her eyes fell on Commander Mus serious face.

She raised her handcuffed wrist, and proceeded to throw Mu Feichi under the bus.

“Commander Mu, I was abducted here and brought against my will.”

How could Mu Chongli not understand his son The girls performance in Area A last time wasnt bad, and it can even be said to impress him!

She was indeed qualified to be the Madam of his Mu family, but she wasnt strong enough.

It would take more time, experience and nurturing.

During New Years, Mu Feichi suddenly abducted her to see his parents.

He really knew how to choose the time!

“Mu Feichi, what are you doing First you abandoned the guests at the Weiya Banquet.

And now this.

What do you mean by abducting her over here now”

Mu Feichi glanced at Mu Chongli aloofly, then tightened the hand holding Yun Xi.

“As you can see, I brought your future daughter-in-law to meet my parents!”

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