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Chapter 852: Invisible Hand of Power

The countdown number that was on the blackboard behind the principals office dwindled day by day, like a clock reminding everyone of the preciousness of time.

The fact that Yun Xi had received two prestigious awards was a great honor for Jingdu High School.

Even the local television station in Jingdu had reported this great achievement on the local news.

Yun Xis name was well known by everyone at all of the top schools in Jingdu.

Even experts and professors at Jingdu University started paying attention to this young girl who had won two international accolades in a row.

Yun Xi became the center of attention in the school, and her form teacher, Mr.

Xu, looked as if he was walking on clouds everywhere he went.

What made Yun Xi feel most at ease was that the idiot Zhou Chengzhe had stopped bugging her.

He was no longer constantly challenging her over and over again.

Now that the whole school knew her name, if he tried to challenge her and he had some chance of winning, it would be somewhat forgivable.

However, he had finally come to realize that he didnt stand a chance at all, and he knew he would just be making a fool of himself in front of all of the other students and teachers.

No matter how dumb Zhou Chengzhe was, he had finally learned his lesson after failing so many times.

But she did hear from Zhao Yumo that Zhou Chengzhe was now studying as if his life depended on it, probably still thinking about challenging Yun Xi in the high school leaving exams.

Yun Xi didnt really care, even if Zhou Chengzhe did manage to obtain first place in the exams, getting the universities to admit him would still be an issue.

In many cases, power was like an invisible hand in Jingdu.

It could effortlessly control the fate of many people.

Yun Xi knew that even her own fate was controlled by this hand.

She couldnt run away, yet she didnt want to be its puppet.

So she had to squeeze out a world for herself through the narrowest of gaps.

Every day was spent on revision and practice papers, and the days went by like flowing water in a river.

Finally, it was the day of Yun Yuanfengs election.

Yun Yuanfeng needed votes and other connections in order to succeed in his election, but Yun Xi wasnt worried.

Mu Feichi had already ordered Jin Lei to make all the arrangements to make sure that Yun Yuanfeng won.

Mu Feichis vote would surely go to Yun Yuanfeng as well.

As for the Qiao family branch faction, that was what Yun Xi needed to worry about.

If she wanted the branch faction to take over the Qiao family, then they must be in a position where they could be equal to the main family faction.

After thinking about this for a long time, she circled one of the positions on the paper and passed it to Jin Lei.

“Theres much to gain from this position.

It all will depend on whether the current leader of the Qiao family branch faction is clever enough to be worthy of my support.”

“Well, I think you shouldnt underestimate the leader of the branch faction.

If he was really foolish, wouldnt he have been destroyed by the main family by now”

Jin Lei pointed at the name on the paper and tapped on it, his gaze deep and dark.

He said, “Qiao Jinrong is no ordinary man.

After he took over the branch faction, it grew several times larger than its original self.

If he hadnt started seeming like a threat, the leader of the main faction, Qiao Herong, wouldnt be seeing him now as a thorn in his side.

He has made an attempt to eliminate him on several occasions.”


“In that case, I will look forward to his methods after he takes over.”

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows and looked at the words Qiao family on the piece of paper with half-closed eyes.

She said to Jin Lei, “When the election ends, we need to find ways to pull the branch faction people over to our side.

Can you get people to do that”

“Of course.

We cant send a young girl to do this.

Even if you were able to meet with him, he wouldnt believe that you represented the Young Commander.”

Jin Lei stood up and put all the documents back into the file.

At the same time, his gaze looked down at Yun Xi, and the corners of his lips lifted slightly as he hid away the deeper thoughts that could be seen in his eyes.

He had witnessed her play such a massive game and make full use of every piece and its connections.

This girl was really making him look at her in a new light.

He was very excited about the development of the situation in Jingdu, affected by the tsunami of changes that Yun Xi was trying to bring about.

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