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Chapter 860: Thorn in the Side

Liang Xiuqin never thought things through before speaking, so Yun Yuanfeng just told her to shut up.

He then turned to look at Yun Xi.

“Yun Xi, you really have a VIP card to the Lin Xi Resort”

Yun Xi nodded.

She was both amused and embarrassed at seeing their surprised faces.

“If I didnt have it, I wouldnt say that I do.”

“How did you get this card”

“I have a good friend in school.

Her name is Zhao Yumo.

Shes a daughter of the Zhao family, and the Lin Xi Resort is a property of the Zhao family.

Of course its normal for her to have a VIP card.

The card was her gift to me.

She said when I was free I could take my friends and family there to enjoy ourselves.”

“Ah, I see!” It seemed to Yun Yuanfeng that having spent money and using connections to get her into Jingdu High School had been the right choice.

The friends that Yun Xi had made there came from wealthy, powerful backgrounds that could help their family.

This was the unseen network that she had developed over time by being there.

“So are we going If everyone wants to go, I can get a room reservation, since tomorrow is Saturday anyway.”

Yun Yuanfeng also wanted to take the chance to relax, not to mention that he usually wouldnt have the opportunity to enter a place like The Lin Xi Resort.

“No problem, then we shall go!”

Yun Xi nodded and turned to look at Liang Xinyi and Chen Lixue, whose faces were filled with excitement and anticipation.

“Aunt and cousin, you guys havent gone to a hot spring before, right How about we all go together!”

Before Chen Lixue could even answer, Liang Xinyi wasnt able to restrain her excitement and yelled, “Yes, yes, of course!”

Liang Xiuqin looked at the pair with disdain and sneered.

“All you know how to do is to take advantage.

Its our family celebration.

Whats it got to do with you”

Yun Xi glanced at her.

“Mom, so youre saying you dont want to go Thats fine as well, since the car cant fit this many people anyway.”

“Who said Im not going” The moment Liang Xiuqin heard that Yun Xi was trying to exclude her from the trip, she immediately stood up and glared at Yun Xi angrily.

Her mean, harsh side immediately showed up.

“You little brat, dont forget that Im your mother! How can you lean toward outsiders Is there even a brain inside your head”

Of course, she couldnt let Chen Lixue and Yun Yuanfeng go on a hot spring trip alone.

If their old love was rekindled, then she would have no place left in the Yun family.

With this old b*tch Chen Lixue so fervently eyeing her husband, it was like a thorn in her side that was constantly poking her.

How could she let down her guard

Yun Ziling saw that her dads expression was turning a little ugly, so she hurriedly tugged on the corner of Liang Xiuqins shirt and said, “Mom, stop it!”

Her dad was in a good mood right now, yet Liang Xiuqin was spoiling it.

Wasnt she just asking to be detested

Yun Xis status was really high in the family right now, and her dad saw her as his hope for showing off.

Before when Yun Yuanfeng had been alienated from Yun Xi, Liang Xiuqin could get away with being nasty to her.

Now, however, Liang Xiuqin shouldnt be taking things out on Yun Xi, as it would have an opposite effect.

It was such simple reasoning, yet her mother couldnt understand it.

Yun Yuanfeng was the head of the family and making Yun Xi unhappy was equivalent to making her dad unhappy, yet her mother was doing exactly that.

She seriously had no brain.

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows and didnt say anything, but Yun Yuanfeng had already stood up, his sullen, serious face wearing a clear sign of warning.

“Shut up! If you cant talk properly, then shut your mouth!”

The way Liang Xiuqin only thought about herself was seriously ugly, and it could make him lose face.

Fortunately, they were at home.

If they had been outside and others heard her scolding her own daughter like this, what kind of a spot would that put him in

Whos the one with no brains here Absolutely foolish!

“Okay, Dad, Ill go upstairs and tell my friend about it so she can help me reserve the rooms.

Well go there this afternoon.”

Yun Xi couldnt keep up her facade in order to deal with these people any longer.

She turned and headed upstairs, her footsteps on the stairs light and lively.

It seemed that there was going to be a good show really soon!

As Liang Xinyi wished, Yun Xi had constructed the stage.

Whatever she or Chen LIxue wanted to do, Yun Xi was really looking forward to it.

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