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Chapter 861: Neglected and Abandoned

Yun Xi gave Zhao Yumo a call asking her to arrange for the rooms at the Lin Xi Resort.

The moment Zhao Yumo heard that there was going to be a good show to watch, she didnt even ask about the details but immediately demanded to be allowed to follow along and watch.

Yun Xi watched through the window as Liang Xinyi and Chen Lixue left, supposedly with the excuse that they were going to buy swimsuits.

She chuckled a little to herself, and a sharp coldness flashed across her calm and tranquil eyes.

She had never forgotten about her mother disfiguring her face in her previous life.

Yun Yuanfeng had used her like an item, sending her to the beds of one man after another.

It was all still so vivid to her.

She had never felt even a tinge of warmth from this family, and her ultimate objective was to let it slowly rot and disappear with time.

The tea in her hands was already cold as she took a last sip.

Then she took out her phone and dialed Jiang Chenghuans number.

Jiang Chenghuan seemed to be surprised by her call, but now that Mu Feichi wasnt in Jingdu, she definitely needed to call him for help.

“Jiang, I need your help with something.” She didnt beat around the bush with him and got straight to the point.

Jiang Chenghuan was startled by how direct she was.

Her tone was exactly like a certain dictator he knew.

No wonder they were together.

“Oh d*mn, did the sun rise from the west today I remember Third Brother gave you the power to command all of his intel teams and even Jin Lei.

All of the biggest aces in the entirety of Jingdu are in your hands, why are you coming to me for help”

“Well, I dont want my family issues to be known by everyone, and you already know about them.” Jiang Chenghuan knew full well the situation in her family, whereas Jin Lei only knew part of it.

Although she had already guessed what Liang Xinyi wanted to do, she still couldnt bear the thought of being publicly humiliated like this.

“Oh, okay Based on what youre saying, theres seems to be a show about to take place.

All right, tell me what you want.

Since you didnt want to use Jin Lei, you probably have your reasons.

Ill help you deal with what you want done.”

It was a good thing that she was still in his good graces as shed cured his chronic illness back when shed first met him.

Now that she needed help, even if she hadnt been the woman who Mu Feichi fancied, Jiang Chenghuan would still have helped her for certain.

Yun Xi roughly told him what she wanted to do.

Although she didnt go into details, Jiang Chenghuan understood what she meant.

“The Lin Xi Resort Isnt that the Zhao familys territory So that girl will be going too”

Yun Xi smiled a little helplessly.

“She wanted to join in on the fun.

I couldnt stop her.”

“Got it.

Ill get someone to arrange everything.” Jiang Chenghuan agreed to her request.

He suddenly recalled the girl telling him about the game that she had set up in Jingdu, and he couldnt help but start laughing.

This was a truly massive game.

He was curious about where she got all her confidence.

“Ive heard that you want to support the Qiao family branch faction to rise in the ranks Thats a really daring and novel idea.

You need me, as your brother, to clear out any obstacles for you”

Yun Xi knew that when she told Zhao Yumo the whole thing, it was equivalent to telling Jiang Chenghuan about it.

After all, the three noble families had common interests.

Besides, she didnt plan to hide it from them anyway.

“Thanks in advance.

Ill look for you when I need help.

Right now all you need to do is help Yumo to grow and become stronger.

I can deal with the rest for now.

If all else fails, theres still the Young Commander.”

HMPH! Just look at this, all of her confidence was born from that impudent Young Commanders pampering.

Since she had finished, Jiang Chenghuan didnt say anything else more and just reminded her to be cautious and careful.

After she hung up, Yun Xi packed her backpack with a change of clothes and headed out.

The family car couldnt fit so many people, so she was going to meet Zhao Yumo and head there first.

Yun Yuanfeng would drive the others over later on.

Their car would just nicely fit five people.

As for Yun Chuhan, she again became the person who was neglected and abandoned in the end.

In this house, she had no presence at all.

No wonder she shocked everyone when she showed how ruthless she could be in Yun Xis previous life.

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