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Chapter 862: She Could Evade Him

The Lin Xi Resort was an entertainment clubhouse in the suburbs of Jingdu.

Back in those years, the term clubhouse wasnt usually used, as it was generally considered vulgar.

The manor house-style courtyard housed a rest and entertainment area, as well as a golf course and other facilities both indoors and outdoors.

The Lin Xi had once been a derelict place, until it was bought by the Zhao family.

They raised the bar, making it only available for VIP customers.

Only those in the top echelons of society were able to gain admission to this place, so those who came were either successful businesspeople or those from the famous families.

The place was remote and secluded, yet equipped with every imaginable form of entertainment, which made it very popular among its patrons.

However, Yun Xi didnt expect to meet Jiang Henglin at the gates of the Lin Xi Resort.

Ever since Jiang Qilin had had his terrible legs injury, Jiang Henglin had been forced to take over the family business.

Both the old master and his wife had intentions to let him become the head of the entire Jiang family.

The title of heir of the family was indubitably a huge shackles for a good-for-nothing playboy like Jiang Henglin.

Yun Xi knew very well how much Jiang Henglin had liked to fool around in her previous life.

His playing was beyond the imaginations of any ordinary person.

He was involved in crazy wild events.

Things like the Playboy Mansion parties would be considered mere usual dinner parties for him.

He dabbled in everything from extravagant foods to gambling and prostitution.

With the Jiang family behind him, he had the power and capital to free himself from any worries about implications.

This was why when hed faced the old masters ultimatum of an arranged marriage, he had been willing to make the reluctant compromise to cooperate, and hed been putting on an act.

Unfortunately for him, he would most likely have to give up the title of the heir of the family now.

Without the title, he could have even more freedom and let himself loose even further.

But there was a condition to freedom.

Several businesspeople had come to the resort with him.

Yun Xi watched from behind a stand of bamboo in the resort as he got out of his car.

He was wearing an off-white casual outfit and his assistant was carrying a golf bag.

It seemed as if he was here to play golf.

As he was welcomed into the clubhouse by a crowd of people, Yun Xi planned to take a detour and go around them, but she was spotted by Jiang Henglin before shed managed to get away.

The group of people walking forward toward him saw Jiang Henglin suddenly stop in his tracks, so they stopped as well and looked in the direction where he was looking.

The assistant looked at Yun Xi was and said softly, “Boss Jiang, its Ms.


“I know, Im not blind!” Jiang Henglin muttered under his breath before glaring at the assistant, hinting at him to continue walking inside with the others.

Everyone there who wanted to do business with Jiang Henglin knew full well who Ms.

Yun was.

In fact, it was very unlikely that anyone in the entirety of Jingdu didnt know about the Jiang family second sons arranged marriage.

They were all people who knew how to judge the situation, so none of them said anything but continued to chat as they entered the clubhouse.

Yun Xi didnt want to interact with Jiang Henglin in the first place, so she tugged at Yumo and walked toward the door to meet up with Yun Yuanfeng and the others.

Zhao Yumo glanced at the man who was walking toward them and cooperatively quickened her pace.

“Yun Xi, stop right there!”

Just as Jiang Henglin walked over, Yun Xi hurried and rushed past him.

To him, the way she ignored him completely was seriously infuriating.

Yun Xi thought that since their arranged marriage had been called off, she had no more reason to have anything to do with him.

Even if she couldnt provoke him, she could at least evade him.

Seeing that she had no intention of stopping, Jiang Henglin was very angry, and he took big steps forward and grabbed Yun Xis arm.

Yun Xis brows instantly twisted and her teeth clenched.

She stopped and turned, forcefully pulling away her arm and looking toward Jiang Henglin.

Her gaze was as cold and calm as though she was staring at a complete stranger.

“Second master Jiang, anything I can help you with”

Yet her composed and impassive gaze felt like a jab at Jiang Henglins ego.

Since young, his face had been recognized everywhere, and every woman he knew fawned over him, yet this d*mned girl seemed like she had no idea who she was looking at.

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