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Chapter 872: A Green Hat

Being the first to become the target of Liang Xiuqin venting her wrath, Yun Xi looked innocently at Yun Yuanfeng, who was standing in the doorway.

Then she looked at Chen Lixue, who was standing over to the side, and who didnt appear to have even a scintilla of remorse.

She even appeared a little proud of what she had done.

Yun Xis gaze turned dark.

“Whats this got to do with me This is an issue among you adults.

Why involve us kids”

Yun Xi looked innocently at Yun Yuanfeng and asked him, “Dad, whats going on You and aunt…you guys…how did you guys get together”

“Get together” wasnt a very roundabout way of putting it, and the moment Liang Xiuqin heard it, her fury was once again ignited.

She rushed up and shoved Chen Lixue to the ground, and the two began tearing at one anothers hair.

“F*king whore! B*tch! How dare you seduce my husband Im going to kill you now!”

“No one seduced your husband.

We were meant for each other.

If you hadnt been so unscrupulous in the old days, I would be his wife now.”

“Shameless! B*tch!”


Yun Xi pulled Yumo aside and they hid in one of the side hallways.

From there, they watched the two fight on the ground like dogs.

By this time, the corridor had filled with bystanders watching the show.

Hearing what the two women were saying, they all quickly realized what was going on and started murmuring about it.

“Enough! Both of you stop now!” Yun Yuanfeng came out of the room in his bathrobe.

His brain had instantly cleared up when he saw the two women fighting on the ground.

He hadnt even been inaugurated yet, and already such a mess was swirling around him.

If this gets spread around, people would definitely use it against him as a director.

“If you have something to say, come in and talk.

Dont make a fuss out here and embarrass yourselves.” Yun Yuanfeng glanced at the people who were standing around watching them and squatted down to pull Liang Xiuqin up.

“What are you pulling at me for Are you still gonna protect this b*tch Dont forget that you just became a director…”

Yun Yuanfeng covered her mouth before she could complete the sentence.

Liang Xiuqins eyes widened as she struggled and her muffled voice was trying to get free.

She didnt notice the vicious expression in Yun Yuanfengs eyes at all.

“Yun Xi, get them out of here.” Yun Yuanfeng said as he dragged Liang Xiuqin into the room.

Liang Xinyi also helped Chen Lixue up from the floor.

Yun Xi nodded and casually waved at the people who were standing around them.

“Guys, nothing to see here.

Could you please move on.”

Just as she was saying that, she saw some familiar figures standing at the back of the crowd, and immediately her hands clenched inside her pockets.

She abruptly called out, “Uncle, you…what are you doing here”

Upon hearing what Yun Xi had just said, Liang Xinyi subconsciously turned her head.

She gasped and nearly choked herself seeing Liang Weimin moving toward her from among the crowd.

“Dad…dad what are you doing here” Liang Xinyi pulled on Chen Lixues arm as she stepped backward, her expression filled with helplessness and confusion.

Although she had schemed to create this whole scenario today, she had never thought that her dad was going to come to Jingdu.

This was completely not what she had expected.

In her initial plan, if the affair today was confirmed, she would come up with ways to greatly pressure Yun Yuanfeng.

As for her dad in the countryside, her mom would think of some way to settle with him.

However this scene today had been witnessed by her dad.

With such an incredibly shameful and embarrassing episode slamming into his brain, this whole issue was going to blow up beyond control, and no one would be able to settle it easily.

Chen Lixue was shocked as well when she saw Liang Weimin, and, before she had any time to react, shed been slapped right across the face by him.

When a usually soft man like Liang Weimin starts hitting people, it would definitely not be gentle.

Chen Lixue took the full force of the slap, and her whole body slammed into the wall.

“Wh*re!” Liang Weimin looked at the half-dressed Chen Lixue and then at Yun Yuanfeng who was watching him from inside the room, and a great flame of wrath started burning in his soul.

He knew that Chen Lixue had been up to no good coming to Jingdu.

She wouldnt even go home to celebrate the New Year.

She had definitely been enthralled and blinded by the glamorous life in the city.

It was just a coincidence that his superiors had decided to promote him.

He had been told to come to Jingdu for the conference and then he would get a position in the city based on his situation.

He had wanted to see his wife and daughter before the conference.

But he hadnt expected that this filthy, ugly, abominable scene would be the first thing he saw upon arriving.

A huge green hat1 had just come flying at his face, and he could barely breathe under its pressure!


1 Wearing a green hat is commonly used Chinese slang meaning to be cheated on.

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