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Chapter 902: Mu Feichi Sees Yun XiChapter 902

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“Lets discuss this when we get back to the training camp.

The organizing committee should have a way to contact them.”

Yun Xi nodded and turned to look at Yan Shuo.

Yan Shuo nodded in agreement.

“You two make a move first.

I will clean up this area and catch up soon.”

“All right!” Yun Xi and Li Zilan turned and left for the training camp together, while Yan Shuo stayed behind to remove all their traces from the scene.

When they arrived at the training camp, Li Zilan returned to her tent and quickly changed into a new set of clothes.

She then took Yun Xi and Yan Shuo to meet the organizers.

The organizing committee consisted of the Minister of Defense and several colonels of Country S.

They were all shocked and puzzled when Li Zilan brought in two strangers.

The organizing committee only believed Yan Shuos identity as an army officer after he produced his officer identity card.

They immediately gave orders to send a radio message to have the four teams that had been sent out for the competition return to the training camp.

No one seemed to have expected that there would be any nonparticipants in the rain forest, and also that there were even more than just the two of them.

In just half an hour after they had sent out the message, the four teams that were scattered and hidden in the forest rushed back to the camp.

They were unclear about the situation, but something must have happened for them to suspend the competition.

Slowly, the soldiers started arriving back at the training camp.

Jin Lei, who was the first to reach the base, was shocked to see Yun Xi and Li Zilan standing outside the organizers tent.

Jin Lei turned around and looked at Mu Feichi, who was conversing with Qi Yuan as he followed him into camp.

Suddenly, he shouted, “Commander!”

Mu Feichi turned his head and immediately recognized the person standing in front of the tent.

This person was dressed in a green camouflage top, rain boots, and long pants.

She looked bold and brave with her long hair tied up in a bun as she stood upright under the sun.

There was a moment when he thought his eyes were playing tricks on him.

So he couldnt help but look again.

When he confirmed that the person was Yun Xi, the stern expression on his face changed immediately.

He removed his weapons and gear as he walked and threw them toward Feng Rui.

Then, like a gust of wind, he walked over to Yun Xi with his giant steps.

Feng Rui, who caught the weapons and gear thrown at him, seemed frightened by Mu Feichis cold, stern aura.

Then, carrying all the things, he silently retreated to where Qi Yuan was standing.

Feng Rui rubbed his nose and said, “I feel like the Commander is going to be mad, and she is probably going to suffer his wrath.”

Qi Yuan chuckled softly and said with confidence, “I think our Commander will be reluctant to do anything to her or to reprimand her harshly.”

Everyone knew that Yun Xis sudden disappearance had been a massive blow to Mu Feichi.

They had also imagined all the possible scenarios when they met again.

When Li Zilan saw Mu Feichi coming toward them, she moved away a few steps and immediately went over to Qi Yuan, Feng Rui, and Jin Lei.

They were all ready to watch a good show.

Li Zilan had no choice but to move away, as she didnt want to get hit by the stray bullets.

Under the bright sun, Yun Xi quietly stood as she looked at the man walking toward her.

His features were sharp and defined, and there was an air of arrogance about him as he walked under the glaring sun.

His actions exuded an outgoing, strong personality that couldnt be concealed because of its dazzling brilliance.

After not seeing him for three months, Yun Xi felt as if the last shed seen him was a lifetime ago.

Yun Xi had that feeling when she saw Mu Feichi walk over from a group of soldiers who were frozen where they were.

No matter where Mu Feichi was, he will always be the center of attention.

With his mannerisms, he would always be the person that anyone could recognize at a glance.

At that moment, Mu Feichi looked at Yun Xi with a deep and concentrated expression, as if she was the only one around.

But when Mu Feichi got closer, Yun Xi could clearly see the anger and coldness in his eyes.

Though dazzling, his aura actually made her feel a chill down her spine.

Before Yun Xi could react, Mu Feichi reached out toward her and squeezed her shoulders as he looked at her intensely.

Yun Xi felt her world spin the next moment as Mu Feichi bent over and lifted her over his shoulders.

He then walked toward his personal tent.

The other four looked at each other and stood silently outside the tent.

No one dared to speak a word.

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