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Did something happen that Ye Chen didnt notify her, if thats the case, then it would be extremely troublesome for Dongfang Xiu.

“No, I have to trust him” Dongfang Xiu had to believe Ye Chen, she had to believe that Ye Chen would come and help her.

“This will be a great thing, all of you take a good look at the history that will be made today” said an elder to all present at this place.

“The emcee is the first elder, he is assigned to host the program and tell everyone in this place that they are going to make a new history.

a new history will be formed and witnessed by everyone in this place, it will be a great thing to do and to be seen by everyone in this place.

“time to use weapons” seemed to be the most appropriate time for Ye Chen to take out the weapons he had.

“Clanks .


.” The glass, thought, the table and various decorations around the place shattered, and started to fall.

“what happened” the invited guests were confused by what was happening, they all looked confused when they saw what was happening, what happened was quite strange.

“whats wrong” Hai Wan asked, he asked what happened, to be honest why is this place in chaos and many things suddenly destroyed.

The originally beautifully designed venue was starting to get a bit chaotic, this of course made the wedding ceremony a bit odd to look at.

After distracting everyones attention, Ye Chen sneaked in, he was about to turn on the projection screen and show the world what he had in his hand.

Everyone was focused on fixing the problem, they didnt know that Ye Chen made a move and started to wreak havoc in this place.

The mess created by Ye Chen has caused everyone to panic and fixed all the messes.

“ahh .


.” while everyone was fixing the mess, they heard a loud noise, everyone of course looked at the monitors.

On the monitor, they saw something shocking, they saw that Hai Ming was playing with two women, one was quite a beauty and one looked like a monster.

“what is that, she did things in such a way” everyone saw the strangeness, they could see that Hai Ming would rather play with female monsters than the beautiful woman next to him.

“he has an abnormality” all the invited guests saw that Hai Ming has an abnormality, he probably has an abnormality and mental retardation.

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,m The most shocked person was Hai Ming, Hai Ming saw a very shocking thing, he saw something he had never imagined in his life.

“what is that, it cant be me” Hai Ming couldnt believe it was him how could he play with a female monster.

Dongfang Xiu saw what was shown on the projector screen, she smiled when she saw this.

Dongfang Xong looked unhappy when he saw this, he didnt like when he saw what happened to Hai Ming.

Hai Wan didnt expect that this would happen, it threw the whole event into chaos.

“what the hell is going on, who did this” Hai Wan was so annoyed, who dared to do such a pitiful thing to Hai Ming.

“quickly turn it off.

.” Hai Ming ordered everyone to turn it off, he ordered all troops to destroy the projector screen that displayed anything inappropriate for him.

All the guards were trying to destroy the projector screen, they couldnt allow this matter to continue and tarnish Hai Mings name.

It was a shame that all of this was being broadcast throughout the God Realm, naturally everyone could see what Hai Ming was doing.

“ahhh .


.” everyone was blown away, they couldnt get close to the projector screen, there was a huge force blocking all of them from getting close.

“There is a big power that is blocking us, we cant get closer” the guard soldier tells that there is a big power that is resisting them.

Useless, get out of the way Hai Wan stepped forward, she smashed the projector screen using the waters extremely destructive power.


.” an explosion occurred, this powerful explosion instantly made an impact around this place, the wedding venue became even more chaotic due to the attack from Hai Wan.

“Hai Wan doesnt seem to care about the chaos, she doesnt care what happens, now saving Hai Mings face is more important than anything else.

This huge explosion should be quite powerful, the projector screen couldnt possibly withstand Hai Wans immense power.



.” sound can still be heard by everyone, everyone can still hear the sound from the projector screen.

“no way” Hai Wan couldnt believe what was happening, he couldnt believe it when he saw what was happening.

The super strong attack that he had was unable to destroy the projector screen, it was clear that the power that protected the projector screen was very strong.

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“Hai Wan what happened here, is that like your real son” Dongfang Xong said to Hai Wan.

“no way, someone must have done something to him” Hai Wan said to Dongfang Xong.

“Is that so but he seems to be enjoying it” Dongfang Xong said to Hai Wan.

“no way, I dont remember that” Hai Ming said to everyone.

Hai Ming had no memory of this, he had no recollection of what happened, to be honest he had no idea he would do such a thing.

As far as he could remember, last night he did that with Chun Linz and a much prettier woman, but why did he even play with a female monster, this clearly doesnt make any sense” Hai Ming said to himself.

“Hai Ming, I wont accept this, I dont want to be with you” Dongfang Xiu said to Hai Ming.

This was an extremely good opportunity for Dongfang Xiu, she could reject Hai Ming in front of everyone.

“wait, its not what you imagined, I can explain everything” Hai Ming said to Dongfang Xiu.

Hai Ming is trying to explain things to Dongfang Xiu.

“I dont need an explanation from you” Dongfang Xiu said to Hai Ming, Dongfang Xiu didnt need an explanation anymore, she didnt need an explanation from Hai Ming.

Dongfang Xiu took this opportunity to leave this place.

“stop right there” Hai Wan ordered the guards to stop Dongfang Xiu, Dongfang Xiu must not leave this place.

“Why did you guys stop me, I already refused” Dongfang Xiu said to Hai Wan.

“Everything has already happened, we can only move on.” Hai Wan had already lost enough face, so he couldnt afford to lose face again in front of his important guest.

If Hai Wan couldnt fix the mess, there would definitely be countless people who would look down on the Immortal Profound Sea Realm.

Hai Wan cannot allow others to belittle the Immortal Profound Sea Realm, he will keep the Immortal Profound Sea Realm shining.

“Shameless old man” Sun Xuanyin saw that Hai Wan was a shameless person, she was truly shameless after what happened.

“They have strength, it wouldnt be strange for them to ignore what happened” Ye Chen said to Sun Xuanyin.

“So what are you going to do, want to proceed to kidnap the bride” Sun Xuanyin asked Ye Chen.

“of course, I will start” Ye Chen said to Sun Xuanyin.

Ye Chen had made the Immortal Profound Sea Realm lose a lot of face, now was the time for Ye Chen to take Dongfang Xiu away from this place.

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