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Lapiz entered the huge ball with her glimmering gold dress, it was decorated with gold and diamonds, with a long lace tied as a ribbon, she was shinning in the ball made for her

[as I thought, this dress is too flashy]

she blushed a little while looking at the people who were staring, lapiz glanced over the young girls to see them screaming for some reason while gossiping

[hmm, whats going on there]

she thought to herself

sir khalid looks like a prince in a fairy tale


[wait what]

she turned around and saw some bunch of teens simping over khalids build

[woahhhhh, I didn expect him to have fan girls]

she glanced to khalid who was shinning even brighter than her

[well, I guess its expected]

[i should be glad that i am having such handsome man as my escort]

lapiz grinned a little, they stopped in the side of walls only to be surrounded by people

"lady lapiz Its nice to meet you"

"we have been waiting for the day when we can finally meet you"

"its a pity that your beauty has to be covered by the veil"

"hey what are you talking about, lady lapizs beauty can only be appreciated by her husband you know"

[what are these girls talking about]

lapiz thought to herself while being completely surrounded by young girls, she realized that she was separated from khalid in a glance by people swarming in

"haha you

e right"

lapiz replied to the ladys









[so that is the famous lazuli]

Aries thought to herself while leaning on the wall

[i wish her veil blew off so that i could see her face]

[guess its expected since she is the fiancé of that guy]

Aries continued sipping her wine only to be interrupted by a girl

"older sister"

a soft voice came from Aries side, she turned around to see Ariana, her little sister


"What are you doing in here"?

[the youngest daughter of my so-called father and also a holy saint]

[she is way too pure for a girl who is 13, but I guess thats a good thing]

"umm, I don have many friends in here, so I thought I stay with older sister"

[she isn good with socializing and envies her older sister, which is me]

[i guess she wants to learn from me]

"sure, do what you want"

[she will leave after a few questions]

"why isn sister approaching lady lazuli"

[there it is]

Ariana asked her older sister while glancing at the struggling lapiz

"I don know"?

"Maybe I am not interested"?

Aries brushed her question and closed her eyes

"I envy you"


Ariana looked down and started talking

"I always thought that sister was very cool, you were able to go against fathers words and do things on your own"

"you were able to make many friends, and they all throw themselves over you, unlike me who is afraid of fathers and bad at talking with people"

"when I saw sister leaving the mansion I wanted to come with you, but my body didn allow me to, because of that, me and my sister is not close as I wanted it to be"

"when the girls I talk to starts gossiping about sister, I notice how they know about you more than me, which is quite saddening"

she stopped and flinched


"i-i am s-sorry"

"i-i started saying weird things again"

Ariana ran away from Aries to the exit, while Aries watched it

"I am sorry, but I am not your real sister, but I am sure that the person you respect have heard what you said"

Aries walked to the balcony after placing her glass of wine on a side





[whats with these girls]?!

Lapiz was completely shunned by the girls, she did her best to leave, but it seemed like no one allowed her to

[huh whos that girl]

lapiz saw Aries walking to the balcony and stared sadly

[i wish i could walk around like that]

[but where is khalid]?!

Lapiz searched for khalid with her maximum effort but couldn do it

[ah [email protected] this stupid veil]

[i want to tear it down]

[but I can cuz maria will kill me]

lapiz slowly slipped through the people and made it out after minutes



lapiz screamed in happiness, and started looking everywhere

[where the heck is that guy]

she saw khalid dealing with people like a pro and gritted her teeth

[that guy look at him smiling so brightly when he was the one who told me not to go of his hand]

[whatever, i am going to the balcony]

she pulled her long skirt and walked to the balcony in a very unlady manner


[soo peaceful]

lapiz closed the door and the curtains and sat on the floor

[i wish no one will come inside]

she thought to herself and heard a voice coming from the other balcony

"I wish mobiles existed in this world"


[did i hear that right]

lapiz thought to herself

"what kind of world which has magic doesn have mobile phones"

Aries grumbled while lapiz heard everything



lapiz freaked out and had world war 3 on her head

[no wait Its impossible]

[i should look at who it is]

lapiz slowly glanced at Aries while kneeling

[isn she that lady i just saw few minutes ago]

[perhaps there are other people like me who got her soul separated or something]

"i wish i could see Ah ri"

Aries said sadly

"i wonder if she made it safely"


[isn that my name]

[No way]

lapiz suddenly stood up, which attracted Ariess attention

"huh, wait, there was a person here"?!

Aries freaked out, lapiz removed her veil and looked at Aries emotionally


"Its that you"



Hello author here thank you for reading this boring story but i still wanted to share it with everyone so yeah THANK YOU FOR READING THIS

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