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Lisa saw that he had finally succumbed to sleep, so she fetched a blanket from the side and gently covered him with it.

At this point, Alice happened to walk over.

Seeing that Gong Fan was asleep, she turned to look at Lisa and asked with concern, “Are you tired”

“No, Im not.”

“You sure You look rather tired to me.”

Lisa smiled.

“No matter how tired I am, Ill watch over him.

Dont worry.”

“Im not worried about that.

Im just afraid you might be exhausted.

But theres no other way, because this is a special time.

Youre the only one who can restrain him.” There was a pause, and then Alice said, her heart aching, “I know its been tough on you, Lisa!”

The girl shook her head.

“Not at all! I was the one who volunteered to stay by his side to take care of him and protect him.

Why would I find it tough”

“Alright then!” Alice added, “How about I make you a cup of coffee”

Lisa nodded.

Within moments, Alice had made a cup of coffee and brought it over.

Lisa took a sip.

Even though it tasted bitter, she forced herself to drink it.


The cabin lights were off, save for a wall lamp in the parlor.

Gong Fan was lying on the sofa underneath a blanket, sleeping soundly.

Lisa sat to one side, feeling bored.

The ten-hour flight was dull and long.

Yet she had to stay alert at all times.

She could not afford to be negligent.

Gong Fan was a dangerous person.

There was no doubt in Alices mind that another dangerous personality resided inside him.

She believed that firmly.

After all, no matter how hard she tried, she didnt want to believe that the real Gong Fan and Youyou would be so ruthless as to attempt to kill Yun Shishi.

She would have to wait until they returned to the Hurricane Group before she could come to a conclusion about his physical condition.

Alice found this tricky.

It was only because of Youyou and Gong Fan that she braced herself and decided to delve into this field.

Otherwise, she wouldnt bother to pay attention to the field of multiple personalities.

The world of split personalities and multiple personalities was filled with unimaginable fantasies! Even so, she wasnt all that interested.

However, because it was Youyou, for the sake of Yun Shishi and Gong Jie, he had to pay attention!

Alice went back to her room.

Before going to bed, she contacted several colleagues in the psychiatric department at the medical center.

Meanwhile, in the hospital, Yun Shishi woke up as the drug wore off.

As soon as she woke up, Little Yichen, who was guarding her, immediately stood up nervously.

“Mommy, youre awake!” He leaned towards her anxiously.

He took her hand carefully and tried to speak in a calm manner.

“How are you feeling Does the wound still hurt”

“Wheres… Youyou” She spoke with difficulty, but those few words came out muffled.

The painkiller was wearing off, and the wound was beginning to throb.

But she gritted her teeth and endured it.

The boys expression hardened when he heard this.

“Wheres Gong Fan” Yun Shishi looked troubled and uneasy.

“Where is he”

As she spoke, she tried to sit up on the bed.

As soon as she moved, the movement pulled at her wound and she immediately grimaced in pain!

Little Yichen pressed her back down on the bed, anxious to calm her.

“Youve just had your wound stitched up.

You cant move around yet.

What do you need Ill get it for you.”

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