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Liesel Tamouskш, her father's position in the Tamouska family was poor.

Living conditions were only slightly better than those of commoners.

Then something happened that changed all that.

She received a letter from her grandfather Norris, the most powerful member of the Tamouska family, ordering her to become a candidate for the position of queen to His Majesty Elias.

When Liesel heard that the reason she was chosen was because she was the "youngest" of her family, she was outraged at the terrible news.

Her parents, however, were pleased.

Even though she was a candidate, she would be the king's concubine.

As parents who wished for their daughter's happiness, they were very distressed that their daughter had to live a life similar to that of a commoner.

Liesel herself was not dissatisfied with her current lifestyle, as she disliked the ties between the royal families.

There was also a childhood friend who had a slight liking for her, so she was about to say no.

However, her parents did everything in their power to stop her.

The man who gave the order, Norris, was ruthless, and a poor refusal would have been a big problem.

He also convinced Liesel that she would be happy alone if she went to a side room.

She had no choice but to go to as a candidate for queen, and after receiving queenly education at his place, she was to go to the king.

Liesel wanted to at least say goodbye to her childhood friend, but in the end she had to leave home without being able to say anything to him.

The queenly education she received at Norris' place will be remembered as the worst day of Liesel's life.

A few days after Liesel ascended the castle, she met Elias.

Her first impression was nothing special.

To put it bluntly, "So this is the king."

Liesel herself was not interested in being queen, but as soon as she arrived at the castle, she heard that "Her Majesty Elias has a crush on Lady Eltia, and the rest is not in his mind.

When Liesel heard this story, she had a gut feeling that this was the real reason why she was chosen from among the family members as a candidate for queen.

She intuitively thought,

What do you think you are doing to people⁉ she said indignantly.

She decided to take revenge on Elias, whom she had met for the first time, for the worst queenly education she had received at Norris' place and for the mess he had made of her life.

She took out all her frustrations on him with the intention of making him disinterested in her in the future.

"Your Majesty Elias, may I ask you something that may be considered rude"

"Yes What is it ".

Liesel took a deep breath and said.

"I would like to make a statement, then.

This time, I have come to the castle as a candidate for His Majesty Elias'.

But I am not interested in His Majesty Elias.

Rather, I was forcibly chosen as a candidate from Tamouska.

In addition, I received the worst education, which is truly regrettable."

Everyone present, including Elias, was stunned.

Liesel continued.

"When I first arrived at the castle, the first thing I heard was that His Majesty Elias and Eltia are in love with each other.

I am here as a candidate for queen, but I do not want to force my way into His Majesty's favor.

I am only an candidate, and I am fine with being a side wife.

You will not have to worry about me in the future."

When Liesel finished, there was silence in the room.

She may be dropped from the list of candidates for queen.

It doesn't matter if it is an execution.

If that happens, she thought she might be able to give "those guys" a shot in the arm, and she was half-burned out of frustration.

A few moments of silence passed, and Elias was the first to speak.

But what he emitted was a loud laugh.

Liesel was taken aback by the unexpected reaction.

The people around her were similarly taken aback.

After laughing for a while, Elias said to Liesel in a curious tone,

"Liesel There are few people who can say such strong things as you.

I would love to have you by my side.

No matter what anyone says, I will accept you as a candidate for queen."

Liesel muttered a small "Yes ......" and then said.

"I am a ......

nonconformist, but I look forward to working with you."

She, Liesel, did not know.

It is the nature of men in power to want to catch women who resist .

Liesel had unintentionally "charmed" Elias in a way.


As the months passed since their meeting to the castle, Eltia and Liesel had become very close friends.

Liesel, who had only been in the castle for a short time, often struggled in the castle due to the queen's education, which was a second-hand one.

Also, for better or worse, she had caught Elias's interest, so she was isolated among the candidates.

It was Eltia who saw the situation for what it was and helped him out.

Eltia was also isolated because she was seen as a favorite of Elias.

As a result, it was inevitable that their interaction would deepen.

Elias's comings and goings also began to noticeably skew towards Eltia and Liesel.

It began to be said that one of them would be the queen in the royal family.

Just then, Liesel's pregnancy was discovered.

Elias and Eltia were pleased by Liesel's pregnancy.

They told her not to give up on the child.

Liesel then told them that she was not fit to be queen and that Eltia should be the one.

Eltia told her that she fit that role

Eltia gently scolded her, as if admonishing her.

"Liesel, you are not a queen because you have the capacity to be a queen.

The one who becomes a queen becomes the queen's vessel.

Don't worry, we will support you."

"Lady Eltia ......"

Supported by Eltia's words, Liesel became queen.

Her name was also changed to Liesel Renalute.

About a year later, Liesel gave birth to a baby boy.

He was named Lacis Renaloute.

After the birth of Lacis, some of the women who had been made concubines by the queen's candidates began to leave the castle.

Renalute's chambermaids could express their wish to continue as chambermaids if any of them bore the king's heir.

If their wishes are respected and approved, they can resign their position and leave the castle.

However, once they resign, they cannot return to the chamberlaincy unless the king requests it.

Usually, most of them remain in the chamberlaincy.

However, in Elias's case, he cares for both Liesel and Eltia.

Therefore, it was difficult for him to have the opportunity.

Elias promised to provide as much support as he could to those who expressed their intention to resign from the chamberlaincy.

Although the country had always provided support for those who resigned from the inner chamber, Elias made it even more generous.

This was largely due to the fact that Liesel told Elias about her dissatisfaction and how she had become a candidate for the queen's office.

In his own way, Elias did this out of a desire to repay the women who had become his candidates and chambermaids, even if only a little.

Elias, Liesel, and Eltia supported each other, and Lacis grew up healthy.

She thought it was smooth sailing.

However, something was about to happen that would gradually change Renaloute's fate 


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